Two Weeks of Weekest Links

April 16, 2012

Something weekest this way comes. 

“The Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge”, Anon., ca. 1937, last known giant Ubermensch pictured. After installing the bridge, he sank back into the ocean, never to be seen again except for Oktoberfest every year.

In the world of metaio and junaio:

junaio 3.6 is now available for iOS and Android! [post]

MEDIA Magazine, “Augmented Reality Comes to Mobile”, by Trak Lord [article]

Circa – The Evolution of Image (a Kickstarter Project built with the metaio Mobile SDK) [kickstarter page]

Steve Bull is debuting a new Art Installation powered by junaio [blog]

We welcomed Digital Delta Design as junaio Certified Developer [post]

CityView AR mobile app preserves past and present of quake-afflicted Christchurch, NZ [blog]

Certified Developer Augmented Minds covered in gizmag, “Augmented reality brings jigsaw puzzles to life” [article]

Learn more about metaio and junaio’s affiliation with the VENTURI project [post 1] [post 2]

Business 2 Community, “10 Mind-Blowing Augmented Reality Campaigns” [article]

junaio used for Location-based NYC Documentary [video]

Media & Entertainment Technologies, “Metaio 3D Augmented Reality” [article]

If you want to check out the best Augmented Reality conference in the US, register for ARE 2012 with this nifty discount code (on us!): METAIO375 [event site]

Google’s Project Glass Recap

As you all know, Google released its “Augmented Reality” Project Glass concept video: 

What followed was total internet chaos. Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together- mass hysteria. Amid the internet detritus, blog flotsam and various OMG WTF’s, I have curated a list of well-written and (mostly) educated responses. 

Gene Becker, “Google’s Project Glass Is A New Model For Personal Computing” [blog post]

Christine Perey,”Project Glass: The Tortoise and The Hare” [blog post]

Blair MacIntyre, “Oh no, Google, why that video?” [blog post]

Sally Applin, “Google Glasses? Heads up!” [post]

Wired, “Google Glasses Face Serious Hurdles, Augmented-Reality Experts Say” [article]

L.A. Times, “Google’s Project Glass: Feedback rolls in … ouch!” [article]

The Atlantic, “Google Glasses and the Myth of Augmented Reality” [article]

Search Engine Watch, “6 Funny Google Project Glass Parody Videos [article]

Semantically Augmented Reality Pick of the Week

Let’s not split hairs, but this is definitely one way to go about A-ing the R. Hats off to TNT for being so creative in launching their Belgian channel.

Weekest Links 2/13-2/19

February 20, 2012

This is pretty week. 

Ravensburger + Augmented Minds = some pretty cool puzzles

metaio / junaio recap: 

A letter from our CEO and Co-Founder, Dr. Thomas Alt regarding metaio and the Mobile World Congress next week [Blog post]

Heading to Mobile World Congress? Check out our MWC page [website]

junaio introduces 3 more Certified Developers from all over the world [Blog post]

A preview of things to come: Live Demo of the metaio Creator from insideAR 11 [Video]

From the metaio R&D labs: Virtual Object Occlusion [Video]

What, allegedly, stops junaio from taking over the world [Article]

Certified Developer Augmented Minds launches 3-D Puzzle Project with Ravensburger [Article] (see photo above)

An open letter to Augmented Reality, penned by Clark Dever of Vuzix and posted on Wired [Article]

From all ARound: 

“Houston, we have a problem- Lt. Johnson and I have been frozen in Carbonite, over.”

CAMDASS system could help untrained astronauts perform complex medical procedures- in space [article] (image above)

iPhones & Augmented Reality Apps: The Future of Gaming? [Article]

Vuzix STAR Augmented Reality Glasses are Adopted for Concept Demo of “Cloud-Enabled Glasses” by NEC BIGLOBE [Press Release]

Augmented Reality Glasses from Vergence Labs Have World Changing Potential [Article]

App’s glowing arrows guide you around a new building [Article]

Remove objects in real time from your camera view with Scalado [Video]

Non AR Pick of the Week: Niki & The Dove – The Fox

A lot of words come to mind- whimsical, psychedelic, messianic, epic – but this may be one of those “you just have to see it” kind of things.

Enjoy your week- and stay tuned for some exciting news coming across the wire in the next few days *wink*

Mobile World Congress & metaio: A letter from CEO Dr. Thomas Alt

February 15, 2012

Dear metaio ecosystem,

With Augmented Reality getting more and more traction in the smart-phone domain, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is becoming increasingly important for metaio and our eco-system. For this year’s Congress we have teamed up with a number of industry leaders from the chipset industry to showcase our technology. Also we have lined up a number of exciting product and technology announcements for the show – we will inform you on this prior to the show.

As for now – please make sure to plan us in for your visit at the Mobile World Congress 2012 and learn how metaio enables the mobile AR ecosystem !

We have created a special landing page for MWC at

You can meet us and see our technology at the following locations:

-                 Texas Instruments – Hall 8, A84

-                 ST Ericsson partner zone – Hall 7 D45

-                 ARM – Hall 1 C01

-                 Intel – Hall 8 B192

-                 metaio booth – Hall 2.1 C60

We would like to invite selected partners to visit us in our private metaio lounge – only 10 minutes from the MWC Venue. If you are interested to see the latest and greatest in AR, please write an email through the MWC site above.

Check out the latest press coverage about metaio: 

Engadget: Taking next-gen augmented reality for an ARM-powered walk around the block:

Wired: An open letter to augmented reality:


Dr. Thomas Alt, CEO metaio



Augmented Reality On Every Smartphone by 2014

October 5, 2011

If you haven’t heard from TechCrunch, Dexigner, or, this year’s insideAR brought some very significant developments for metaio. To sum it up, we made three important announcements to over 450(!) attendees:

  • The release a free version of the Mobile SDK, soon to be integrated with a game engine
  • The release of an AR-publishing tool, junaio Creator, to enable virtually anybody to create AR content for junaio
  • Strategic partnerships with the leading chipset IP supplier ARM and mobile platform developer ST-Ericsson on joint R&D

What this means for the industry

Mobile SDK is now free

This is a big deal. AR is a young industry- we want to see it into adulthood. We want developers, researchers, students, newcomers etc to be able to test the limits of their imaginations and creativity with one of the most comprehensive and advanced mobile AR solutions out there. I can’t wait to watch these independent developers shape the future of AR applications in their endeavors.

The junaio Creator

User interface and workflow are two of the most important things that any software provider must consider- we want both of these aspects to be more streamlined, more convenient, more natural- and that’s why we announced the junaio Creator. It’s tool that takes all of the image recognition, the natural feature tracking, and the complex algorithms of junaio and reduces that magic to two simple words: point and click. Whether  you’re creating a junaio channel or utilizing our junaio Plugin to add a feature to an existing app, the junaio Creator allows you to do this without a single line of code. Check out the demo in the TechCrunch article and see for yourself.

Formal Collaborations with ARM & ST-Ericsson

I’ve been saying this for years: the surest way to enable the smoothest most immersive AR experiences is to ensure the optimization of the hardware. Though we’ve already been optimizing our software for these wonderful mobile devices that pepper our lives, metaio can now work directly with these processing and chipset providers to find the best way to ensure that mobile devices are AR-ready before they hit the shelves.

In closing



We have a genuine passion for what we do.  It may seem as though we ‘re making bold statements, but please understand that it comes from a shared excitement, an almost child-like fascination in its innocence at seeing dreams becoming reality, not just 3D and digital content (though we do that too).

Augmented Reality on Every Smartphone by 2014- It will be magic.



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