Weekest Links 3/26 – 4/1

April 2, 2012

Warning: tomfoolery below. 

Just mad doggin’ it.


metaio | junaio recap:

Augmented Minds becomes the first junaio Certified Developer to become a metaio Mobile SDK Certified Developer [blog]

Take a photo with War Chief Tecumseh in this junaio experience [blog]

Elena Kathryn Parker wonders if Augmented Reality makes you fat [blog]

Students from the #HIST5702X Graduate Seminar in Digital History at Carleton University write about their junaio adventure [blog]


Upcoming Events

Make sure to join us at the Augmented Reality Event in Santa Clara, CA, May 8-9! Use our discount code, METAIO375 when you register [event site]

Trak Lord will be speaking at the O’Reilly Media 2.0 Where Conference April 3 (tomorrow!) in San Francisco, “Building The Augmented City”. If y0u’d like to attend, use the discount code METAIO at registration [event site]

Pick of the Week: Fools! 

It’s that time of the year again when the Internet gets all silly even though everyone knows it’s going to happen. I’ve collected some of my favorites for your enjoyment.

Warby Barker is proud to introduce the all new Canine Collection of eyewear [video]

The voice of Hulu has a rough day in the ad reels [video]

Atlassian bitbucket develops more “productive” method of coding [video]

And my personal favorite- Google releases 8-Bit Maps game for the NES. I would actually play this. Google, please release a browser based full version of this game.





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