Metaio unveils thermal imaging R&D for future use in wearable augmented reality headsets

May 23, 2014

Yesterday we announced a very new technology, a never-before-seen user interface that combines thermal imaging with augmented reality. We prepared a video illustrating potential applications of  Thermal Touch interface along with current examples of the working prototype.

“Everyone is talking about wearable computing eyewear like Google Glass,” said Metaio CTO Peter Meier, “but no one is talking about the best way to actually use those devices. We need natural, convenient interface to navigate the technology of tomorrow, and that’s why we developed ‘Thermal Touch’.”

Consisting of an infrared and standard camera working in tandem and running on a tablet PC, the prototype registers the heat signature left by a person’s finger when touching a surface. Metaio’s AR software then supplements the experience with AR and computer vision to allow the user to interact with digital content in all-new tactile way.


Turn your world into a touchscreen!

The best graphic user interface (GUI) for wearable headsets has yet to be determined – device makers have so far experimented with voice navigation, companion devices and even projection, but in order for consumers to adopt new technology on a massive level it needs to be convenient and, above all, accessible in countless scenarios.


Thermal Touch: Read a magazine and directly interact with the real objects in a virtual world.

With “Thermal Touch”, a wearable headset user could turn any surface into a touch-screen: Imagine pushing directions to your device simply by touching a static map in a shopping mall, building complex or airport; children could bring play to new levels and launch digital content directly from their toys; design professionals could visualize their digital and 3-D creations on their real world counterparts; and service technicians could pull up information just by touching an object in real life.


Thermal Touch: An endless variety of possibilities.

“Thermal Touch” is a prototype and far from everyday usability. Metaio released the demo to educate the community on the possibilities of computer vision. It is likely that in 5-10 years infrared cameras may join a multitude of advanced sensors being integrated into devices everyday, including the wearable augmented reality headsets of the near future.

We will display the “Thermal Touch” prototype at the 2014 Augmented World Expo in Santa Clara, May 27-29. Though “Thermal Touch” may be 5 years away from reality, attendees to AWE will nonetheless get the chance to see the latest automotive, consumer and enterprise AR apps that are driving innovation and value in 2014. To learn more about Augmented World Expo, visit the AWE website and in case you haven’t registered yet, we are offering a 200.00 discount with code METAIO4AWE at registration.


Get your tickets now!


The Thermal Touch prototype will be also presented at 2014 InsideAR -the Augmented Reality conference – in Tokyo (8th of July), Beijing (5th of September) and at InsideAR Munich 29th/30th of October). Wearable eyewear and other technologies will be the focus of the conference this year, including the latest 3D optics and Augmented Reality applications. See you at InsideAR! You can already register for your tickets now.


Metaio to Unveil First Hands-Free Car Manual on Google Glass, New 3-D Tracking Technology and optimized wearable augmented reality platform at InsideAR 2013

September 17, 2013
Munich & San Francisco, 17 September 2013: Metaio, world leader in augmented reality (AR) software and solutions, today announces the development of the first-ever hands-free, marker-less augmented automotive manual using Google Glass. Metaio will additionally update and optimize its core technology and leading augmented reality platform to accommodate the major wearable device providers like Epson, Google and Vuzix, all of which will be presented October 10-11 in Munich at Metaio’s annual technology conference,

The hands-free interactive car manual prototype developed by Metaio will be the first time that augmented reality on wearable computing will be shown to be productive and commercially viable.Metaio R&D developed this new prototype as a proof-of-concept of the capabilities of its AR platform on wearable devices. A new type of 3-D tracking and recognition technology engineered by Metaio utilizes CAD models to recognize and overlay 3-D content onto the real world counterpart. Since no markers, GPS or point clouds are required, the stability of the augmented reality experience increases dramatically, while remaining almost immune to variable lighting, glare, position, and other environmental factors that tend to interfere with vision-based experiences.

Update Metaio AR-Platform

Metaio will update its leading augmented reality platform to include the incredible new tracking technology presented in the demo, in addition to adding support for major wearable computing devices, including Epson Moverio, Google Glass and Vuzix M-100. And looking toward a wearable ecosystem, Metaio will upgrade 3-D and 2-D visualization to include programmable shaders and other camera optimizations that will allow for more robust tracking and an overall more realistic user experience.

InsideAR attendees will get the chance to try the demo on Google Glass, along with many other wearable demos that feature hands-free augmented reality. Developers and non-developers alike can learn how they can use the Metaio AR platform to build next-generation wearable apps, with the Metaio SDK, Creator and Cloud services.

“We’re going beyond one-off passive viewing experiences,” says Metaio CTO Peter Meier. “Metaio is taking all the necessary steps to ensure an always on, always augmented future, and we’re beginning that journey in a big way at this year’s InsideAR in Munich.”

More images of the experience are available on our press page

To learn more and register for InsideAR, October 10-11 in Munich, please

To learn more about augmented reality software and services by Metaio, please visit

About Metaio

The worldwide leader in Augmented Reality (AR) research and technology, Metaio develops software products for visually interactive solutions between the real and the virtual world. Based on the Metaio Augmented Reality platform, digital and 3-D content can be integrated seamlessly into the user’s camera view looking upon the real world. Serving over 50.000 developers and powering over 1,000 apps for enterprise, marketing, retail, publishing and industrial cases, over 30 Million consumers use Metaio’s AR software. Learn more at

Weekest Links On The Road

August 5, 2013

I’m reasonably certain you could train a parrot to use Google Glass to consistently talk to itself. 

Newt is about to give that woman the bird.

New Gingrich goes to the Zoo with Google Glass [Newt Gingrich]

Metaio | Junaio Recap

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  • Elecnor-Deimos releases Argos AR & VR with Metaio SDK [blog]
  • National Bank of Kuwait gives 360 degree augmented reality yacht tour [Luxury Daily]
  • Only a short time remains to register for the Junaio developer competition! [blog]

Microsoft patents gaming augmented reality glasses

There are things that are happening

  • Augmented Reality: Microsoft Holography Patent [Wired: Beyond the Beyond]
  • Disney’s crazy invention lets you feel phantom floating objects in the air [Co.Design]
  • Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality market will reach $1.06 Billion by 2018 [press release]
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  • SIGGRAPH 2013: 3-D Printing, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & 4k [Bright Side of News]
  • Towards a blended reality: Interview with Augmented Reality pioneer Thad Sterner [ZDNet]


  • WWWhat’s New offers 50% discount for InsideAR contest winners [wwwhatsnew]
  • gives away five 50% vouchers for InsideAR to readers []
  • Global Augmented Reality Summit, Shanghai, September 10-11 [Event]
  • ISMAR, Adelaide Australia, October 1-4 [Event]

Pick of the week: Disney AIREAL

Look at this phone / Isn’t it neat? 

Wouldn’t you think / my sensors complete? 

I would, except for the whole not-having-a-haptic-airgun issue.

Weekest Links July 8 – July 14

July 15, 2013


Image courtesy of the entire internet.

Metaio | Junaio Recap

  • M2M, 3-D Printing & Augmented Reality: High-Tech Sectors with Room to Grow [SeekingAlpha]
  • Augmented Reality and the move to large-scale [MediaPost]
  • Only a few short weeks to sign for the Metaio International Developer Competition- sign up today for a chance to win a free trip to Munich for InsideAR! [contest site]

There are things that are happening

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  • 30 Events in Augmented Reality, but only one InsideAR [Mashable]
  • Check out Metaio at the 2013 SIGGRAPH conference at NVIDIA’s theater, July 23 [event]
  • Don’t miss Metaio at the 2013 ISMAR conference, Adelaide Australia, Oct 1-4 [event]
  • There’s no place like InsideAR, there’s no place like InsideAR, there’s no place like InsideAR [Oct 10-11]

Rick of the week: Sharknado

Did you really expect this not to show up here?

AWEsome Weekest Links

June 11, 2013

See what I did there? 

Thomas Alt, CEO of Metaio at AWE 2013

CEO Thomas Alt talks to AWE TV about the updates to Metaio’s Augmented Reality Platform [video]

News from the 2013 Augmented World Expo

  • Metaio & Vuzix to showcase AR-Ready Smart Glasses at the 2013 Augmented World Expo [press release]
  • Metaio announces 50,000 developers, updates to products and international developer contest [press release]
  • Trak Lord talks to AWE TV about the AR engine and the future of the industry [video]
  • Brendan Scully talks about enterprise augmented reality to AWE TV [video]
  • Check out photos of the Metaio booth in the Major Sponsors Pavilion at AWE [photos]

We threw a party!

For the first time ever, Metaio hosted an InsideAR event in the US, and with over 200 registrations it was a smashing success! Attendees witnessed the latest in augmented reality demos, and were treated to presentations by co-founders Thomas Alt and Peter Meier. And not forgetting that it was a beautiful summer evening in Santa Clara, everyone got a chance to enjoy the night with refreshments, colleagues and friends.

We collected some great photos from the event for everyone to enjoy- check them out on our Facebook page! [photos]

If you missed it, here are the slides from Thomas & Peter’s presentation [slides]

In lieu of a “pick of the week”, here’s a video of the Metaio team jumping in the pool after everyone left.

The pool was just sitting there- begging us to celebrate. Click the photo for the link to the video :)

Weekest Links 5/5 – 5/13

May 13, 2013

There’s…something on the…week! 

clandestine anomaly capture

Back “Clandestine Anomaly” on Kickstarter

We always like to highlight incredible work built on our software, which is why we’re thrilled to tell you about this awesome project from Winnipeg-based Zenfri, “Clandestine Anomaly”. This will be the first mobile game that utilizes vision-based augmented reality, GPS, and actual real-world elements. Check out their video on Kickstarter and help support the launch of this amazing augmented reality game!

Metaio | Junaio

  • Seeing things differently: are brands missing the boat with Augmented Reality? [The Drum]
  • Developer Sander Veenhof merges 3-D printing with Augmented Reality in the Ultimarker [blog]
  • Ever play Jenga? Ever play Jenga….on Augmented Reality? [JengAR video]
  • Cronovizor: The AR Time Viewing Machine (powered by Junaio) [video]
  • Nimlok utilizes Metaio software to visualize custom exhibits in 3-D [whitepaper]
  • Toshiba & Concepteers Augment Living Rooms [blog]
  • re:publica 2013: Europe’s biggest digital conference [blog]
  • Working for Metaio: Alexander Oser [blog]
  • In the hotseat: Augmented Reality user experience design Q&A [NGRAIN blog]
  • Augmented Reality in education [blog]

There are things that are happening

  • APX Labs mods Epson Moverio BT-100, adds camera mic and motion sensors for improved AR [Endgadget]
  • Google Glass: this isn’t and never will be a consumer device [VentureBeat]
  • Yahoo experimenting with Google Glass, says CEO Mayer [CNET]
  • Google Glass Augmented Reality Apps are a possibility [Ubergizmo]


Registration is open for the Augmented World Expo, June 4-5 (formerly ARE). Use code AWE3META to get a special discount, courtesy of Metaio. Come see Metaio deliver unmatched insight on the industry along with the latest and greatest of AR demos, including the brand-new AREngine! [registration]

Meet Metaio at the Augmented Reality Summit, June 20th in London [event site]

Interested in speaking, sponsoring or attending InsideAR, the most exciting event in the augmented reality industry? Contact us! [event site]

Pick of the week: Oculus VR used to simulate death by guillotine

Just a little off the top. S’il vous plaît.


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