Metaio to Celebrate 10 Years of Augmented Reality at InsideAR 2013

September 5, 2013

InsideAR_10In a little more than a month, hundreds of attendees from around the world will gather in Munich, Germany at the Kleine Olympiahalle on October 10th and 11th, to get a glimpse into the future of mobile augmented reality technology. Celebrating the first and the next 10 years, Metaio will highlight the latest in developer projects and consumer apps while showcasing the future of innovation in the form of wearable computing and enterprise projects that drive the industry. With speakers from all over the world and break-out workshops for attendees, this will be the most illuminating InsideAR to date and will show that “Always On, Always Augmented” is more than just a vision.


Though InsideAR 2013 will cover all aspects of the AR industry, this year Metaio will highlight the overwhelmingly successful enterprise applications that brought augmented reality to the forefront while looking to the future to the wearable computing that will determine the future of user interfaces. Arriving just a short time after the release of major international projects like the 2014 IKEA Catalog, the McDonald’s McMission app and the Audi eKurzinfo interactive user manual, InsideAR will feature these projects and more on stage and on the show floor.

InsideAR_5Thought-leaders and professionals from all over the world will journey to InsideAR this year to share their insight, including representatives from IKEA, Ball Packaging Europe, Constellation Research, Audi, Intel, Mitsubishi Electric, APX Labs, Volkswagen, NVIDIA, Disney, Deloitte, Epson, Vuzix, ABI Research and more.

Attendees are encouraged to participate in select workshops where they can learn from experts and discuss strategies and best-practices in development, marketing and enterprise environments.InsideAR_1

Metaio will also present the winners of the first-ever Metaio International Developer Competition, with the Best AR Solution, Best AR Game, Best AR Content and Best Junaio Channel all announced on-stage.

“InsideAR is more than just a technology conference,” said Dr. Thomas Alt, CEO & Co-Founder of Metaio. “It’s truly an opportunity to learn the past, present, and most importantly, the future of Augmented Reality.”

For more information, and to register for InsideAR 2013 please visit the conference website at

For exhibitors, speakers or sponsor inquiries, please contact insideAR(at)

InsideAR_9 InsideAR_7 InsideAR_6 InsideAR_4 InsideAR_2 InsideAR_11

Weekest Links, Solstice Edition

June 24, 2013

*Translated from Japanese.

Augmented Penguins with Junaio

It seems AR navigation app that penguins us to guide to Sunshine Aquarium. I want to use!* [article]

Metaio | Junaio Recap

  • Metaio wants to bring Augmented Reality everywhere [Mashable]
  • Trak Lord discusses the impact of AR on everyday life in this short documentary on the Augmented Reality industry [video]
  • What’s up with Metaio? [Wired - Beyond the Beyond]
  • Augmented Reality as a maintenance and service tool for BOSCH [Junaio blog]
  • Augmented Reality made easier with the Metaio Creator [Moosylvania]


  • If you’re in San Francisco this week, don’t miss Metaio at the 2013 Mobile Commerce World [event]
  • Check out Metaio at the 2013 SIGGRAPH conference at NVIDIA’s theater, July 23 [event]
  • There’s no place like InsideAR, there’s no place like InsideAR, there’s no place like InsideAR [Oct 10-11]

More AWE 2013 stuff

  • Metaio CTO Peter Meier presents on the AREngine and the importance of form factors [video]
  • Director of Metaio R&D Ben Blachnitzky talks about the Metaio SDK at AWE 2013 [video]
  • Jacob Ervin of Metaio discusses proper content management at AWE 2013 [video]
  • Live demo of Clandestine Anomaly, an amazing augmented reality game from Zenfri built on the Metaio SDK and Unity [video]
  • Founder of Zenfri, Corey King’s presentation at the 2013 Augmented World Expo [video]
  • Gabe Weiss of Mitsubishi Electric presents the most outstanding enterprise application of AR, powered by Metaio [video]
  • Naomi Kawase of NGRAIN showcases their 3-D industrial visualization solution, powered by Metaio tracking & recognition [video]

There are things that are happening

  • In the shadow of Google Glass, an Augmented Reality industry revs its engines [The Verge]
  • Could Google Glass be the next iPhone? [CNET]

Pick of the week: Infinity AR Concept Video

Remember that creepy dystopian-future-of-augmented-reality video, Sight? This is like that, but through rose-colored glasses.

Congrats to Helen and her team on the 1.5M views. 

Vote For Metaio for the 2013 Auggies!

May 17, 2013

Sorta reminds me of this.

It’s that time of year again, as the Augmented World Expo has renewed and expanded the annual award for the best of the best in the augmented reality industry, the “Auggies”. Previously consisting of only a single award, the competition now has 6 categories, and Metaio and its partners are competing in 4 of them!

For the next two weeks, awards will be open to public voting in order to narrow down the entries for each category to just 5 finalists. We’re competing against some of the best and most creative apps in the world, we’d love your support. Please take a moment to vote for our entries (individual links are listed below), or just click on one of the category buttons below to go straight to the entry.


And while you’re at it, we’d love for you to support our amazing partners working with our technology:

Here’s a look back at the our winning submission from the 2012 Auggies, 3-D object recognition and tracking:

Once again, thanks for your support in making Metaio the best Augmented Reality Company out there!

South by Southwest 2013 – Vote for Augmented Reality!

August 14, 2012

Way more important than real voting. 

metaio augmented reality south by southwest software solutions


It’s that time of year again when voting begins for all of the panels everyone has submitted to South by Southwest Interactive. Even if you’re not planning on attending South by Southwest Interactive, you can still support metaio by making your voice heard in the community voting!

Take a quick minute to create a PanelPicker account (if you don’t have one) and then link straight to these two great panels that feature metaio projects and use-cases:



How A Virtual Pop-Star Sold Her First Car featuring Lisa Murphy of metaio! 

In order to engage with a younger, tech-savvier audience, Toyota launched an integrated marketing campaign for the 2012 Toyota Corolla that featured emerging technology like 2-D print activation and vision-based mobile augmented reality to leverage its existing yet scarcely-downloaded mobile app, the Toyota Shopping Tool. It also features an entirely digital open-source anime pop-star sensation named Hatsune Miku.

Toyota saw huge successes as a result: Corolla leads jumped 30% the week of the lauch; Toyota Shopping Tool mobile app downloads increased 600%; website traffice for the first week increased 167% and continued at an all time high for the next seven weeks.

In this proposal, learn how the interactive director of a multicultural agency and the project lead for an augmented reality company worked together to make this campaign a huge success for Toyota, culminating in a Multicultural Excellence Award.



Hot Housewives Getting Augmented At Home featuring a project developed with the metaio Mobile SDK

The lady of the house is often the one picking the décor and design at home. If she can see a ductless system in her house virtually, thanks to augmented reality, sales rise — and have they ever. Using custom mobile apps integrated with emerging technology, such as augmented reality and a custom app store, Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating is revolutionizing the way its sales channel members do business. Tools in hand, Mitsubishi Electric is projecting an increase of $30 million in revenue next year, while simultaneously decreasing future costs for printing and distributing product catalogs by millions of dollars.

Mitsubishi Electric’s products can save homeowners 30-percent on their energy bill, but most just want to know, “What is it going to look like in my house?” Augmented reality is Mitsubishi Electric’s most visual tool in its custom app store that will deploy 11 new enterprise apps for a variety of specific needs in its sales channel.


Voting starts today and continues to the end of the month, so tell your friends!

Share on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, Digg, Myspace, Friendster, IRC….basically whatever you want.

While you’re at it, vote for anything else you think is cool!

Outside voting counts for 30% of the selection process, so help us get to SXSW so we can bring these great panels to life!


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