Weekest Links, 2014 Consumer Electronics Show Edition

January 15, 2014

CES and desist. 

Kobayashi-san of Epson

Kobayashi-san of Epson repairs the Mitsubishi Electric unit with augmented reality, and honor. 

We just came back from a riveting and harrowing 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). For those of you who have never attended, CES is a never-ending journey consisting of smoke-filled casinos, endless lines, iPhone cases, and strange and confusing conference food. But the chance to see many of the gadgets and technology that will be released later this year along with 150,000 other attendees keeps us going back year after year. And, in addition to a strong showing by augmented reality and wearable technology, CES was full of innovations like smart home tech, drones, robots, 3-D printing and more.

CES 2014 Wrap-Up:

  • 10 Innovations from CES you should know about [Business Insider]
  • 2014 CES: Hardware Startups are big at Consumer Electronics Show [LA Times]
  • Android dominates Apple at CES 2014 [Business Insider]
  • 5 trends we noticed at CES [Digital Trends]
  • CES 2014: Auto Tech Developers Getting Into the Fast Lane [Time Warner NY1]
  • CES 2014 proves that wearables are still a work in progress [TechCrunch]
  • The story of CES as told by Tweeted cries for help [Digiday]

Augmented Reality @ CES:

  • CES: Wearables break out all over the body [USA Today]
  • CES 2014: Best in Show [ZDNet]
  • Epson introduces new Moverio glasses with head-motion tracking and camera [engadget]
  • Metaio leads next-generation augmented reality on wearables at CES 2014 [blog]
  • Augmented Reality smart-glasses impress at CES 2014 [Mobile Marketing Watch]
  • Wearables with augmented reality are mind-blowing – and an ethical nightmare [CNET]
  • Metaio integrates 3-D augmented reality into Intel RealSense SDK [blog]

Upcoming Events

  • Back to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2014! Metaio will be in the App Planet once again- stay tuned for more!
  • South By Southwest Interactive 2014, Metaio’s Trak Lord will speak on a panel entitled “DIY Everything with In-Car Augmented Reality” [panel info]

Pick of CES: The AirDroid Pocket Drone

Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like. There’s still time to fund these guys on their Kickstarter page, but check out this video from the CES Expo floor.

In the hotseat: augmented reality user experience designer Q&A

May 10, 2013

Great to see companies like NGRAIN utilizing the Metaio SDK for complex industrial augmented reality experiences. Like Metaio, NGRAIN will be showcasing their projects at this year’s Augmented World Expo. If you plan on attending, use code AWE3META at registration to receive a 200.00 discount courtesy of Metaio.

If you’d like to learn more about industrial augmented reality solutions from Metaio, please visit http://metaio.com/products/engineer

High-precision Augmented Reality: Metaio Engineer Complements FARO Measuring ARM

May 3, 2013

Metaio supports the right to bear arms.

3-D Measurement technology provider, and longtime Metaio partners FARO recently wrote a post on their experiences with Metaio’s vertical solution software for the Industrial sector, the Metaio Engineer. We thought we’d share it with our readers as well, just in case any of you missed it.

In case some of you didn’t know (or forgot), Metaio began as an enterprise to provide industrial solutions to manufacturing and automotive firms, and it’s really only since the dawn of the smartphone that Metaio has seriously pursued marketing and advertising use-cases for AR.

For greater insight on Metaio’s industrial history, you can watch this Industrial AR video playlist, read the Metaio Engineer Whitepaper or scan past blog articles featuring industrial augmented reality. In the meantime, enjoy FARO’s post, and make sure to visit their website for more information on state-of-the-art 3-D precision and measurement technology. And if you want to see FARO first-hand, don’t miss the 2013 InsideAR Conference in Munich, October 10-11.

Thanks again to FARO, and enjoy the post!


Augmented Reality means to enrich and enhance the user’s view of the real world with additional digital information, e.g. a virtual 3D-model that originates from CAD.

This content is made visible on a monitor, a tablet PC, within the user’s field of view using a head-mounted display or projected onto the respective area. Virtual and actual realities merge in the most natural manner that is possible.

metaio Engineer is software that brings Augmented Reality to the industrial field. And it is a perfect complement to an existing measuring arm. The best of both worlds is combined: a quick and direct visualization with the precision of a measuring arm.

With the new release of metaio Engineer 5.0, an interface to support FARO measuring arms is already built-in. All necessary features are integrated by default, from calibration to functions that support your daily tasks.

Previously, in case of quality control every relevant point had to be measured to discover deviations between the CAD model and the related assembly part. metaio Engineer and Augmented Reality accelerate this process by identifying errors and selectively measuring deviations.

These are the basic steps to set up an Augmented Reality system based on the FARO Edge:

  1. Mount an industry camera with available adapters onto the grip of the measuring arm
  2. Calibrate camera and spatial relation between camera and measuring arm
  3. Determine position of the arm in relation to the subject of analysis
  4. Visualize a CAD model onto the existing model, part or product
  5. Compare planned vs. actual state, measurements and more features

Metaio Nominated for 18th Annual Global Mobile Awards

February 4, 2013

We’re pleased to announce that Metaio has been nominated for the prestigious 2013 Global Mobile Awards for the 2013 Mobile World Congress in the category of Best Mobile Service or Product for Automotive. As Metaio has strong roots in augmented reality applications for the car industry, we’re very proud to have the chance to present with our partner, Audi AG in Barcelona this year.

For more information about Metaio Augmented Reality solutions for the Automotive industry, check out “VW Augmented Reality service of the future” [video]

Metaio and Audi AG worked together to develop the Audi eKurzinfo augmented reality assistant app. New Audi A1 owners can download the app for iOS devices and get introduced to their car in just a few minutes- no manual necessary. Through the app, the user can use Metaio’s visual search and recognition technology to identify insignia throughout the vehicle and receive immediate feedback on how to use that particular feature of the new Audi.

The first iteration of the Audi eKurzinfo app was purely image recognition, as showcased in the above video. For 2013, Audi will release the brand new version of the app featuring real-time visual graphics and advanced augmented reality interactions. Audi intends to roll out this service beyond the A1, starting with the A3 but with the potential for future models as well.

If you’re attending the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year, please come visit us! In addition the Awards Ceremony, Metaio will be in Hall 8.1 at the App Planet, showcasing the latest in augmented reality and 3-D technology. We are fortunate to also have amazing partners like Intel, Imagination Technology and ST-Ericsson, at whose booths you can see how Metaio’s technology works with some of the best chipset platforms and handsets out there. For more information, visit our Mobile World Congress page- and feel free to set up a meeting!

For more on the Global Mobile Awards, check out the GSMA Press Release:

4 February 2013, London: The GSMA today announced nominees for the 18th annual Global Mobile Awards. The winners will be presented on Tuesday, 26th February at the GSMA Mobile World Congress, in an afternoon ceremony hosted by one of the UK’s best-loved writers, actors and comedians, David Walliams. In total, 158 nominees have been shortlisted for this year’s Global Mobile Awards; the full list of nominees and awards categories can be found at www.globalmobileawards.com/nominees-2013/

“The GSMA warmly congratulates all the nominees announced today. The competition this year was of an exceptionally high quality, breaking all previous records,” said Michael O’Hara, Chief Marketing Officer, GSMA. “Our judging panel has assessed well over 600 entries and nominations for the 37 awards, the largest ever number of honours to be presented at the Global Mobile Awards. It is a tremendous achievement to have been shortlisted and we look forward to recognising the winners at Mobile World Congress next month.”

For 2013 the GSMA introduced several enhancements to the awards, such as the addition of the inaugural ‘Connected Life Awards’, and notable developments in the ‘Best Mobile Technology’ and ‘Apps of the Year’ categories. Thirty-two awards will be presented during the afternoon ceremony, which will begin at 2.30 pm in Hall 4, Conference Village, Auditorium 1, and will be open to all Global Mobile Awards nominees, Mobile World Congress Platinum, Gold and Silver Pass conference attendees and accredited press and analysts attending the Congress.

Also being awarded on Tuesday 26th February are the expanded Government Leadership Awards, which recognise governments from around the world for their innovation and leadership in use of mobile technologies in the public sector; the presentation of these awards will take place at the Government Mobile Forum. The GSMA’s prestigious Chairman’s Award 2013 will be presented at the Leadership Summit on Monday 25th February.

The award for the ‘Best New Mobile Handset, Device or Tablet at Mobile World Congress 2013’ will be identified and selected from those on show at the event. The shortlist for this award will be announced on both Mobile World Live TV and the Global Mobile Awards website on 27th February, with the winner being honoured in a live presentation on Mobile World Live TV the following day.

The Global Mobile Awards 2013 host David Walliams shot to fame through his work, with co-creator Matt Lucas, on the television series “Little Britain” and later “Come Fly With Me.” “Little Britain” has won numerous international awards including three BAFTAs and has been shown in more than 100 countries. In addition to a wide variety of television, stage and film roles, David has worked tirelessly for various charities raising over £7 million, and in September 2011, he swam the length of the River Thames (140 miles) for Sports Relief, raising £1 million in the process. He has also authored a number of best-selling children’s books and is a judge on “Britain’s Got Talent.”

To select the nominees for the 2013 awards, more than 160 independent analysts, journalists, academics and subject matter experts throughout the world participated in the judging process. In addition, the chief technology officers of 14 mobile operators took part in judging the ‘Outstanding Overall Mobile Technology’ award, including CTOs from 3, Etisalat, KT, M1, Movistar, MTN, NTT DoCoMo, Optus, SK Telecom, Telefónica, Telstra, T-Mobile,  VimpelCom and Vodafone.

2013 Global Mobile Awards sponsors include: McAfee (Apps of the Year), Myriad (Social & Economic Development) and Telmap (Connected Life Awards and Best Mobile Services). Market data for the ‘Best Mobile App for Consumers’ and ‘Best Mobile App for Enterprise’ categories was provided by Distimo.

Full information on the Global Mobile Awards can be found at www.globalmobileawards.com.

The Mobile World Congress 2013 will be held 25th- 28th February at the Fira Gran Via in Barcelona. For further details please visit www.mobileworldcongress.com.

Working For Metaio: Gülcan Ucbek

November 28, 2012

In something that will probably happen more often than it has in the past, we will be regularly interviewing Metaio team members and sharing some insight as to what it’s like to work here (spoiler alert: it’s awesome). So next up is the newest member of our Industrial Team, Gülcan Ucbek!


Gülcan, how did you get to Metaio

In June this year I received a contact E-Mail from Metaio explaining what the company is doing and that there are some open positions which I might be interested in.

Firstly I made the quick search on Metaio’s website and then I started to read more about Augmented Reality. I got so excited while I was reading that I just grabbed the telephone and called Metaio to find out more. We exchanged some information and met each other couple of times. And now here I am :)


What do you like most about working for Metaio?

I really enjoy getting to know the whole metaio team with so many different people and their interesting backgrounds. I can truly say that Metaio has a great and rich “culture”.

woman standing on a hill with mountains in the background


What do you do when you’re not Augmenting Reality?

As I am a person who gets easily inspired, I always want to do many things at the same time but end up doing the same things in the end ;)

I love the nature! So I go hiking (even in the winter), mountain biking, walking etc.


Tell us a secret.

Ok, now you know it all: I love my Snoopy Slippers.


Aaaand we have a shot of that: 

Thanks again to Gülcan for being such a good sport, and once again a huge welcome to her as one of our newest members. Want to join up? Visit http://metaio.com/career and maybe we’ll see your face up here.

Catch you on the flipside…..

insideAR: Industrial Augmented Reality and the Metaio Engineer

September 19, 2012


Gabe Weiss of Mitsubishi and Tobias Eble of metaio visualizing 3-D models overlaid on trunk of Audi Wagon

Visit us at insideAR 2012 and see how the all-in-one strategy of metaio Engineer can increase industrial efficiency 

Join Us at insideAR 2012

hand holding industrial camera "arm"

metaio Engineer 5.0 – AR in Engineering

on the Next Level


We proudly present a brand-new release of metaio’s most powerful Augmented Reality tool. After integrating additional modules for calibration and alignment, metaio Engineer provides every function for adjusting AR analyses. This applies especially to set-actual comparisons in product development, based on tracking with a measuring arm.
Here are the most sophisticated new features of metaio Engineer 5.0:

Integrated high precision camera calibration

Instead of the Sextant Calibration with a chessboard pattern, now you can chose the Extended Sextant Calibration based on a 3D AICON panel.

Efficient high precision off-set calibration

The offset between a camera and an external tracking sensor – like a measuring arm – now can be determined based on a 3D AICON pattern.

Alignment without external help

For finding out where an external tracking sensor is located in relation to the real object that has to be analyzed, no more external measurement tool is necessary.

interior of car with 3-D models of automotive components overlaid on to the real object

Amazing engineering demonstrations

at insideAR 2012


metaio and its partners will showcase many impressive use cases for AR in engineering, including:

AR Window-to-the-World

Large area auditing of manufacturing quality based on Infrared Tracking by ART

AR Remote-Rendering

Creating a detailed 360° environment from huge 3D models on mobile devices with RTT

Projective AR

Displaying different designs right on the surface of real objects with EXTEND3D


… and many more. Register for insideAR 2012 – today and join us October 1-2 in Munich!

Letter from CEO Thomas Alt: insideAR, IKEA and more

August 29, 2012

CEO of metaio, smiling at insideAR 2010 with two other employees

Dear metaio ecosystem,

We invite you join us at insideAR 2012, October 1-2 in Munich, Germany! With ARM, STEricsson, Intel and Imagination as sponsors,  metaio unveils the latest advances in the exciting field of Augmented Reality (AR). Business and technology professionals come from all over the world to see the newest industrial installations, the latest mobile app developments, wearable computing prototypes and futuristic projects straight from the R&D labs of metaio and its partners.  Find out all about it: http://www.metaio.com/insidear/

Highlights of insideAR 2012 include:

  • Presentations by AR Industry Luminaries including LEGO, NVIDIA, Beijing Institute of Technology, Volkswagen and many more
  • The world’s biggest AR live exhibition with showcases such as AR for Digital Marketing, Retail, print & publishing, Industrial solutions and the Augmented City
  • Free Seminars & workshops hosted by metaio and its partners to share best-practice AR solutions and help developers getting started with the new metaio AR solutions

InsideAR 2012 brings together the AR industry and customers from all over the world to give you a 360° view on the state and future of Augmented Reality!

Aerial view of the 2011 insideAR Augmented Reality conference by metaio

Other news:

Everyone’s talking about the new 2013 IKEA Catalogue:


Augmented reality revenues to surpass $600 billion by 2016

ABI Research – Augmented Reality Eyewear Is Interface of Future, But Google’s Project Glass Won’t Take Us There Yet


metaio newsletter: Augmented Reality optimized hardware



We look forward to seeing you at insideAR 2012!

- Thomas Alt, CEO metaio 


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