AR Weekly – Late October

October 20, 2014

Excited for InsideAR? We certainly are!

Image Courtesy of Augmented Marketing and YouTube.

Image Courtesy of Augmented Marketing and YouTube.

Metaio | Junaio Recap

InsideAR Speaker Spotlight: Rohit Talwar, CEO of Fast Future Research [Augmented Blog]

Niantic’s Fascinating New (Tr)Endgame [Augmented Blog]

InsideAR Speaker Spotlight: Martin Vesper of digitalSTROM [Augmented Blog]

Here are the winners of the ‘AR Toys Competition':  Once upon an AR time. . . [Augmented Blog]

Augmented Reality News

SAP applications support Vuzix’ M100 smart glasses [Financial News]

Augmented reality may triumph virtual reality for work and play [San Jose Mercury News]

Silicon Valley’s next disruption: Reality! [Computerworld]

Using virtual reality to desensitize troops [Yahoo! News]

SAP Teams With Vuzix on New Apps for Video Eyewear [eWeek]

The Intel Experience Opens Exclusively in 50 Best Buy Stores [Financial]

Augmented reality frees games from TV [TribLive]

castAR bets big on its augmented reality hardware with move to Silicon Valley [Engadget]

Research and Markets: The Office of the Future – Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, and Wearable Devices [Business Wire]

All shades up: Honeywell’s new Google Glass app allows hands-free control on business jets [Phoenix Business Journal]

The Intel Experience Opens Exclusively in 50 Best Buy Stores [Business Wire]

Startup Builds Business Software for Google Glass, Smartwatches [CIO Journal]

Augmented Reality World Created Once Again Through Google Mobile Game [Mobile Commerce Press]

Heads-Up Displays: Technologies and Global Markets [PR Newswire]

Can It Be Real? Augmented Reality Melds Work, Play [ABC News]

Do We Want An Augmented Reality Or A Transformed Reality? [Science 2.0]

‘The Walking Dead’ Campaign take Vienna with augmented reality-digital signage campaign [Digital Signage Today]

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InsideAR Munich, October 29th, 30th [Register Here - There's still time!]

Pick of the Week

While we’re excited to see Technical Illusions come to Silicon Valley, this week’s Pick of the Week goes to the Walking Dead campaign that occurred in Vienna not too long ago. It’s very reminiscent of the Pepsi MAX campaign and brings a little more excitement to an otherwise dead part of town. With Halloween just around the corner, maybe we’ll get some more Augmented Reality scares.

AR Weekly – End of September

September 29, 2014

Today’s Weather: cloudy with a chance of thund-AR

Step 1: Insert Brain Step 2: Augment (Image Courtesy of Gizmag)

Step 1: Insert Brain Step 2: Augment Step 3: ???? Step 4: Profit! (Image Courtesy of Gizmag)

Metaio | Junaio Recap

InsideAR Speaker Spotlight: John Murray of Seebright [Augmented Blog]

InsideAR Speaker Spotlight: Annette Zimmermann of Gartner Reserach [Augmented Blog]

Augmented Reality News

Discover Global augmented reality market that is expect to grow at a CAGR of 132.2% to 2018 [WhaTech]

National Lottery to Offer Augmented Reality Scratchcard [World Lottery]

Windshield could be the display screen [Automotive News]

Sony Xperia App Updates: Lifelog API, Ninja AR Effect And Info-Eye Detection On Products And Logos [International Business Times AU]

5 Of The Coolest Gesture Control Devices [Benzinga]

Apple Watch May Best Google Glass [Liberty Voice]

This Sony researcher wants to put you in someone else’s head [CNET]

2015 Ford Mustang Owners App is Awesome – and Free [TorqueNews]

The Virtual Reality Pioneer that You Have Never Heard Of [MarketWatcb]

Sony releases ‘AR fun’ Augmented Reality Camera App for Xperia Smartphones []

The Tesla Suit: Feel What You Play [Yahoo! Screen]

Airbus looking at virtual reality helmets for stressed passengers [Gizmag]

Shark-diving is way scarier in virtual reality than on a big screen [VentureBeat]

Smart Glasses vs. Smart Phones: Which Augments Reality Better? [U.S. News]

Struggling Sony Reveals Is Answer to Google Glass [Entrepreneur]

Rockwell Unveils Augmented Reality Orientation System [PCB Design 007]

Microsoft’s Kinect aids in ‘augmented reality sand’ mapping tool for Marines, Army [Marine Corps Times]

Why does Augmented Reality boost sales? [AR Blog]

Why Samsung’s Google Glass Rival “Gear Blink” Is a Terrible Idea [The Motley Fool]

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Adobe MAX, October 4th – 8th [Info Here]

InsideAR Munich, October 29th – 30th [InsideAR 2014]

Pick of the Week

Recently, Yahoo! released a FutureVision video covering the Tesla Suit (here it is again). The Tesla Suit is being created by a UK company called Tesla Studios (no association with that one Elon Musk company), and, in concept, looks pretty cool. The ability to feel virtual interactions will create an even more immersive experience, so we’ll have to see how this turns out. You’ll find their video below, but be warned, it is a little. . . strange to say the least.

AR Weekly – Late September

September 23, 2014

What’s a pirate’s favorite technology?

. . . .


Puurrrrty please? Image courtesy of Nokia and YouTube.

Puurrrrty please?
Image courtesy of Nokia and YouTube.

Metaio | Junaio Recap

Comcast Eyes Augmented Reality Tech [LightReading]

Timetraveler App Allows You To See The Berlin Wall Story In Augmented Reality [TechCrunch]

Augmented Reality Provides Window into the Past with Berlin Wall Timetraveler App [Augmented Blog]

What to expect at this year’s InsideAR Munich? [Augmented Blog]

Featured Channel: Bologna Bus To Go by Yoomee Technologies [Junaio]

My Augmented Reality [YouTube]

InsideAR Munich 2014 Augmented Reality Conference [Youtube]

Augmented Reality News

Augmented Reality Glasses From Sony To Ship In March 2015 [Mobile Commerce Press]

Can’t afford Google Glass? Here’s Optinvent Ora at $300 [the Indian Express]

Investing in Virtual and Augmented Reality [Tech Investing Daily]

Kickstart This iOS-Powered Virtual Reality Headset [TechnoBuffalo]

Comment: What is the waearables reality [Electronics Weekly]

Do-It-Yourself Google Glass: Here’s Augmented Reality, the Open Source Way [Business 2 Community]

Where Are Virtual And Augmented Reality Going? [VR World]

Architecture Graduate Turns Iconic London Building Into An Augmented Reality Game [Techly]

Sony Unveils Google Glass Alternative; Asks Developers to Make Apps [NDTV Gadgets]

Maryland purses virtual reality technology with new grant money [The Diamondback]

Parliament uses augmented reality technology to bring Westminster Hall to life [Digital By Default]

Augmented Reality Digital Headsets Get Real [Information Week]

Meta 1 Augmented Reality Glasses Are Dragging Us Into A VR Future [TechCrunch]

Researchers Use Oculus Rift and Augmented Reality To Put Facebook On Your Wall [Gizmodo AU]

Discover Global augmented reality and virtual reality market that will be worth $1.06 billion by 2018 [WhaTech]

Preview: Skully AR-1 Augmented Reality Motorcycle Helmet [Me and MyConnie]

Google Glass makes doctors better surgeons, Stanford study shows [VentureBeat ]

Sega Augmented Reality Sandbox: Terramapping [technabob]

Sega’s created the project-mapped kids’ sandbox of the future [Engadget]

Augmented reality glasses unveiled by Sony in prototype form [Mobile Commerce News]

3-D reality hits ‘home’ [Home Accents Today]

Upcoming Events

Mixed and Augmented Reality Reference Model Overview and Use Examples []

Adobe MAX, October 4th – 8th [Information Here]

InsideAR Munich, October 29th – 30th [Register Here]

Pick of the Week

I really wanted to give it to this video (because, well, cats) but Always On, Always Augmented > Always On, Always Connected, just saying. Instead, the Pick of the Week goes to the video below showcasing some incredible SLAM. The maps are dense and do show some great reconstructions. It doesn’t look like the mapping overlay is done live, but the set up does paint the planes fairly well. Hopefully we’ll see some applications in the near future!

Okay, one more: What’s a pirate’s favorite vegetable?

. . . .


I’ll be here all week, folks!

InsideAR Speaker Spotlight: Alissia Iljaitsch presenting BMW INNOVATION LIVE for Google Glass

September 15, 2014

InsideAR Munich 2014

Welcome to our fifth edition of our InsideAR Speaker Spotlight series.

Alissia Iljaitsch, Executive Director Vectorform

Alissia Iljaitsch, Executive Director Vectorform

For our fifth edition on the InsideAR Speaker Spotlight we are proud to present Alissia Iljaitsch, Executive Director at Vectorform. Alissia’s career has taken her to the headquarters of leading automotive brands and with Vectorform she works closely with the design and development team tailoring digital experiences for companies such as Volkswagen AG, BMW AG and Microsoft Deutschland.

In the Speaker Spotlight she will talk about her latest project with Google Glass and her experiences with Augmented Reality. Let’s have a closer look!

Alissia, what are you going to present at InsideAR 2014?

Alissia Iljaitsch: I am very proud to be able to present our BMW INNOVATION LIVE. augmented reality case study for Google Glass. The object recognition of the BMW i8 was realized with the Metaio SDK. My presentation will allow a look behind the scenes of the design, development and project management process of the highly innovative experience.

Have you ever attended InsideAR before and what was the most exciting part for you at previous events?

AI: It will be my second time attending the InsideAR here in Munich. In August 2013 Vectorform started development for Google Glass and I was inspired by the opportunities the Metaio SDK offered for the new hardware. After the event our engineers and user experience specialist started evaluating the possibilities that would allow us to create a world class augmented reality experience for our clients. The BMW i8 product presentation in combination with Google Glass was the perfect fit for demonstrating the capabilities of the new device to the public audience.


What is the next challenge in AR that you would like to see overcome?

AI: With the introduction of data glasses augmented reality has the chance to take a big leap ahead, since the physical barrier of the mobile device is eliminated and the experience will feel more natural. However, it will be becoming more and more important that the user experience design is perfectly adjusted to the user´s environment to prevent a gimmicky look and feel of the superimposed content. In my speech at the InsideAR conference I will present Vectorform´s design principle of the Natural User Environment (NUE), which is a concept that focusses on factoring in the environment into wearable application design.

What is your personal vision of the future of AR? What Application do you wish you had today?

AI: The latency of object recognition is still a caveat. Users love an instant and quick response, but the speed for object recognition depends on a lot of external factors as light conditions, battery-life and processing power of the device. As the device capabilities improve we see huge steps towards providing the best experience for the end user.

The concepts for superimposing additional contents are infinite. Starting from the simple use of map applications for orientation to massive gaming scenarios.

Vectorform currently develops the “Nargoo” application for spatial orientation of dementia patients. I believe that these augmented reality applications will make true impact on society in the future, especially the medical space offers endless possibilities.


Thanks Alissa! We are looking forward to welcoming you at InsideAR Munich! Want to see Vectorform’s Google Glass demo? Watch the video below!

 InsideAR Munich takes place on October 29th and 30th, 2014 at the Kleine Olympiahalle in Munich. Learn more at

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AR Weekly – Late August

August 25, 2014

Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is anothAR one.

I shall call him Squishy, and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy. (New baby lion cubs, Image courtesy of BBC)

I shall call him Squishy, and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy. (New white lion cubs, Image courtesy of BBC)

Metaio | Junaio Recap

InsideAR Speaker Spotlight: Kavin Andi [Augmented Blog]

InsideAR Speaker Spotlight: Court Westcott [Augmented Blog]

And hey, have you checked out our new website?

Augmented Reality News

Google Glass & Lookalikes Find Niches [EE Times]

Two Ways That Augmented Reality Could Change the Nature of Desk-Less Work [Tech the Future]

Ralph Lauren’s “smart polo shirt” shows the problem with wearable tech [PandoDaily]

Next Galaxy Corps Partners with Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce to Host The Business Innovation and Growth (B.I.G) Summit at the New World Center [CNN Money]

5 Ways Virtual and Augmented Reality Are Changing Medicine [Wall St. Cheat Sheet]

Could virtual reality convert skeptics into environmentalists? [Mother Nature Network]

Google Glass emotion detection makes wearable empath [Slash Gear]

Indoor Rock Wall Incorporates Projected Graphics for Augmented Climbing [PSFK]

Selling houses in the days of ‘virtual reality’ [Silicon Republic]

Google Glass Used To Broadcast A Live Surgery [Mobile Commerce Press]

Can Oculus Rift end virtual reality’s thirty-year struggle? [Expert Reviews]

Mercury Inpress ramps up augmented reality publishing activity [Kidscreen News]

Kerala ‘hacker’ makes $75 Google Glass copy [Emirates 24/7]

Google May Be Working On A Way To Make Google Glass Actually Look Normal [Business Insider AU]

Bosses to provide robots, drones and ‘augmented reality’ believe workers []

Smiles for Desserts: Augmented Reality Makes It Possible [Plaza Dental Group]

Pinlight Displays [Vimeo]

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InsideAR Munich – October 29, 30 [Register Here]

Webinar – Metaio Trivia: Content Edition [Register Here]

Pick of the Week

Are you guys familiar with David Pogue? He’s essentially one of the Yahoo’s coolests nerds offering the latest reviews and trends in technology. Just last week, he gave a review of one of our favorite devices: the Epson Moverio BT-200. He explores the pros and cons of the glasses and gives an overview of some of the cool applications already available. Check out the full article here and watch the video here.

But hey David, if you’re reading this, don’t forget to add Junaio to the list next time! :)


Weekest Links – Beginning of August

August 4, 2014

From AR to VR, from VR to AR, fun things are every-R!

Editor’s note: This is the last week of Weekest Links (at least in name). Don’t forget to vote for the new name in the poll below and enjoy this week’s week of augmented news!

And we’re back–


Image Courtesy of Tech Times

Metaio | Junaio Recap

Metaio Brings Augmented Reality to the Smartwatch [EE Times]

Xenium Digital: Augmented Reality made in India [Augmented Blog]

Real Estate Set To Tap Into New Form Of Augmented Reality [Opp Connect]

Augmented Reality News

Researchers Develop Augmented Reality System for Rock Walls [ActionHub]

Augmented Reality May Be Game Changer for Vehicle Interiors [WardsAuto]

HI-TECH BMW, Toyota Introduce Augmented Reality [The Gleaner]

Augmented Reality’s First Step Forward Might Be More Blue Collar Than You Think [TechCrunch]

New Wearable and Mobile Applications of Augmented Reality for Construction Announced by JBKnowledge, Inc., Makers of Smart Reality [InsuranceNewsNet]

Mind Tripping – “RE:MIND” Opens at USC Fisher Museum [Digital Journal]

Flying colours: How Epson smart glasses are passing the test for EasyJet [Information Age]

Tesco and P&G unite for mobile AR activity around new Alton Towers attraction [The Drum]

3DTouch – Computer Mouse Vanishes [QBurst]

Google Glass was banned from certain Comic-Con program rooms [Mobile Commerce News]

Property Tech Hangout with Lino Hilario [James Dearsley Blog]

I’m With The Band . . . And We’re At Office Depot [Mobile Insider]

Augmented Reality – changing the way we see logistics [DHL Whitepaper]

Why trucking needs to care about augmented reality [FleetOwner]

New Infrared iPhone Case Lets You See Behind Walls [Forbes]

Why Augmented Reality is Doing You a Disservice [PI World]

Augmented reality to change learning in classrooms [Deccan Chronicle]

8 things you need to know about Google’s Project Tango [Stuff]

Augmented Reality Glasses Patent Filed By Microsoft [Mobile Commerce Press]

Three Ways Wearable Tech Will Help Start-Ups [Cloudtweaks]

Epson’s New Smart Glasses Provide Pilots with Smart HUDs [Gizmodo]

We Try on the Augmented Reality Motorcycle Helmet [Popular Mechanics]

Lenovo aims down the sights at Google with its own version of Glass called C1: Is it better than Glass? [Tech Times]

Tech talk: Bertie Walkins, director, CoLab Theatre [The Guardian] app augments reality to put artwork on your wall [The Unofficial Apple Weblog]

Virtual Reality: Advertising’s Next Big Things? [AdvertisingAge]

Touchscreen desks and augmented reality: Lenovo predicts the future of education [Education DIVE]

Upcoming Events

Webinar – Augmented Reality at the Agency Level: Who to Target, What to Sell, & How to Build [Register Here]

InsideAR Beijing, September 5th [Register Here]

Pick of the Week

Do you ever got that nostalgic feeling where you just want to sit in a classic arcade system and play some OutRun? Some researchers decided to take that feeling and created a driving version of OutRun that uses a custom augmented reality system to read the road and transpose it into the virtual game. That’s right, your driving the same road in OutRun as you are in real life. At the same time. You’re virtually driving a real road. You’re reality driving a virtual road. You’re. . . ah forget it, you get the idea. Check out the video below and this article and that article for more information.

Where we’re going we don’t need roads. . . or reality for that matter. 

Vectorform shows visionary sales application for Google Glass

July 24, 2014


Hardly any technology in recent times has been as controversial to society  as Google Glass. Many have opinions, yet few have actually had the opportunity to experience the device first-hand. When it comes to “true” Augmented Reality, what is Glass really capable of? Vectorform – one of the leading agencies for technology and design  has for some time now been hard at work developing applications for mobile devices such as data glasses.

In association with Mediaplus and Serviceplan, Vectorform has become the first company in Germany to develop an AR vehicle exploration tool. Launching on the BMW i8 hybrid supercar,  the Augmented Reality technology powered by Metaio (SDK) combined with Google Glass allows users a first-hand look at the super-cool BMW i8 like never before:

“While the social acceptance often lags behind in new technologies, companies need to seize the opportunity early in order to remain competitive. The Google Glass technology here makes use of new approaches and perspectives for marketing, service, production and sales, “said Alissia Iljaitsch, Executive Director Vectorform EMEA. “Pioneering new technologies are often the automobile manufacturers. In the sale of modern vehicles, the revolutionary glasses offers exactly to the important framework to highlight specific features into focus and to emphasize the innovation of the vehicles.””


Identify internal and external values ​​with Google Glass

When promoting a vehicle to new buyers, companies often only have a short window of attention to present new and unique features. As such, innovative communication methods are always valuable. Google Glass combines the actual car exploration experience with the digital world in order to offer prospective buyers a completely new way of seeing the i8.

Here’s the application at a glance: Distributed around the vehicle are various “touch points” where Google Glass recognizes the contours of the car using Metaio 3D tracking technology. The first touch point demonstrates the new laser headlights by projecting virtual light beams right out of the car’s lamps. Subsequent touch points  illuminate the inner workings of the chassis or illustrate drive-train components with an  “X-ray” view. In addition, the aerodynamic shape of the vehicle is demonstrated using a virtual wind current that smoothly curves and swirls around the car’s bodywork. This “augmented reality” experience accompanies the buyer in a special way during the customer journey and delivers an innovative sales tool for an equally innovative vehicle.

Framework thought as an important element

During the development of the Google Glass App, the implementation of an appropriate content management system played an essential role. This allows Vectorform to easily update and support content (such as images, videos and texts) directly by the company itself. This ensures the application brings added value on an ongoing basis, rather than being a one-off demonstration.

We would like to congratulate Vectorform and their partners on this excellent application. We are very proud that our software encourages developers and creative agencies like you to create such great Augmented Reality!



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