Weekest Links November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013

Note from the editor: As much as I love puns and defunct British game shows, I’ll be renaming “Weekest Links” in the near future. 

LeVar Burton [Geordi!] on Google Glass: “It disturbed me.” [engadget

Metaio | Junaio Recap

  • Augmented Reality has changed the gaming universe [Augmented Reality Trends]
  • The Metaio Creator 3.0: A user’s experience [blog]
  • Xcope: Virtual & Augmented Reality Headset [Kickstarter]
  • Brendan Scully talks about how AR will revolutionalize maintenance and information transfer [video]

There are things that are happening

  • Smartphones + Smart Glasses: Augmented Reality to jump 333% by 2018 [VentureBeat]
  • Google Glass second-hand sales no longer disabled [SlashGear]
  • Six new technologies set to lift off in 2014 [StartupSmart]
  • Augmented Reality projection turns windshield into navigation screen [PSFK]
  • Google’s augmented reality game Ingress is coming to all Android owners next month [FastCompany]


  • Did you miss InsideAR 2013? Check out photos from the event and catch up on what you missed! [photos]
  • All the InsideAR presentations from Day 1 and Day 2 are available on Metaio’s YouTube page [youtube.com/metaioAR]

Pick of the week: Blow Up Traffic App

I’m sure some of you out there appreciate this. I’m looking at you, people who drive in Connecticut.

November 4, 2013: Weekest Links

November 4, 2013

Remember remember the fourth of November. 

I remember this from that one night in college.

Metaio | Junaio Recap

  • Augmented Reality: Ikea Catalogue and beyond [Econsultancy]
  • New Webinar: Learn all about the new features in the Metaio Creator 3.0 [video]
  • CastAR: A future in Augmented Reality and Videogames [blog]
  • InsideAR 2013: The Future of Wearable Computing [blog]
  • AR Dirt Podcast: InsideAR Recap [AR Dirt]

There are things that are happening

  • Google gesture patent would let Glass wearers “heart” real-world objects [engadget]
  • Virtual Reality: All you need to know about input devices for the bright new future of gaming [Gamasutra]
  • The rise of Augmented Reality in gaming [IQ Intel Blog]
  • Peering into the future of Augmented Reality Gaming [Gamasutra]


  • Trak Lord will present at this year’s Visual Media Alliance in San Francisco, “How to: Augment Reality into a Real Thing”, November 6 [event site]
  • Brendan Scully will participate in a panel on AR at the 7th GeoWeb Summit, November 7 in New York City [50% discount]
  • All the InsideAR presentations from Day 1 and Day 2 are available on Metaio’s YouTube page [youtube.com/metaioAR]

Pick of the week: Pixelstick – Light Painting Evolved

For those of you who don’t know about light painting, it’s basically twirling around gigantic light-saber type things to slow-capture large digital impressions on reality. Maybe not computer vision, but extremely creative and visually stimulating. Enjoy the video- more on their Kickstarter page.

Halloweekest Links

October 28, 2013

Something wicked this week comes.  

Junaio augmented reality in Apple Keynote

Boom! Junaio gets mentioned in the Apple Keynote! 

Metaio | Junaio Recap

  • Augmented Reality: Making the case for smart eyewear [Wired]
  • Event Report: Metaio’s InsideAR Conference hails the future of an Always On, Always Augmented Reality [Enterprise Irregulars]
  • Valpak integrates augmented reality for easier coupon discovery [Mobile Commerce Daily]
  • Metaio hosted the biggest InsideAR ever [Augmented Blog]
  • Metaio & Volkswagen launch XL1 augmented reality support service [Augmented Blog]

There are things that are happening

  • Samsung Glass targets not just startups and developers [Forbes]
  • Get ready for the Google Glass gold rush [VentureBeat]
  • The Google Glass of Motorcycle Helmets? [FastCompany]
  • Move over Google Glass, here comes a $300 competitior from France [Ars Technica]
  • Forget Google Glass and Samsung Galaxy Gear- the Tweeting Bra is here! [IntoMobile]


  • Metaio will be in Half Moon Bay next week at the 2013 Connected Enterprise [event site]
  • Check out Metaio at this year’s Visual Media Alliance in San Francisco [event site]
  • Check out Metaio’s presentation at this year’s GeoWeb Summit [50% discount]
  • Did you miss InsideAR 2013? Check out photos from the event and catch up on what you missed! [photos]
  • All the InsideAR presentations from Day 1 and Day 2 are available on Metaio’s YouTube page [youtube.com/metaioAR]

Pick of the week: “Box” Projective Augmented Reality

The people over at Creators Projects have outdone themselves. More than worth the watch!

ISMAR: Best Poster Award for Metaio

October 8, 2013

An Outdoor Ground Truth Evaluation Dataset for Sensor-Aided Visual Handheld Camera Localization

Say that three times fast. Go on. I’ll wait. 

ISMAR 2013, the International Symposium of Mixed and Augmented Reality, invited us to join them in Adelaide, Australia. We are very proud to receive the Best Poster Award for our research on “An Outdoor Ground Truth Evaluation Dataset for Sensor-Aided Visual Handheld Camera Localization” and congratulate the authors from Metaio: Daniel Kurz, Peter Georg Meier as well as Alexander Plopski and Gudrun Klinker!

Hey- we’ve won something at ISMAR before…


What does this all mean?

We introduced the first publicly available test dataset for outdoor handheld camera localization comprising over 45,000 real camera images of an urban environment, captured under natural camera motions and different illumination settings. For all of these images the dataset not only contains readings of the sensors attached to the camera, but also ground truth information on the geometry and texture of the environment and the full “six degrees of freedom” ground truth camera pose. This poster describes the extensive process of creating this comprehensive dataset that we have made available to the public. We hope this not only enables researchers to evaluate their camera localization, tracking algorithms and frameworks on realistic data objectively, but also to stimulate further research. Check out the video below:


On our Research page we offer download links to our evaluation dataset consisting of an environment model, intrinsic camera parameters, and 125 camera sequences with corresponding sensor readings. Furthermore, we provide the ground truth poses of selected sequences and offer the evaluation of localization results against ground truth for the remaining sequences.


If there are any questions concerning this study or the dataset and its interpretation, please contact us via our R&D contact form. And don’t forget- you can see exciting R&D like this at InsideAR in just two days!


We wish to thank Darko Stanimirovic for his help on the recovery of ground truth camera orientations, and FARO Europe for providing us with the laser scans. This work was supported in part by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi, reference number 01MS11020A, CRUMBS).

Disney Research to Present AIREAL at InsideAR 2013

September 13, 2013

You want thingamabobs? We’ve got plenty

You may have already heard about Disney AIREAL haptics project  from the interview that Trak Lord of Metaio  did with Raj Sodhi of the Disney Research team on Bloggercamp.tv.

If not, it’s an incredibly ingenuous approach to adding haptic (re: touch) interfaces to virtual or immersive experiences.

And even more exciting, Raj Sodhi will now present the AIREAL project on stage at InsideAR 2013, October 10-11 in Munich.

These AIREAL devices (pictured above), patented and supported by Disney, are essentially a collection of 3-D printed parts and work a bit like amplifying speakers. The components create a vortex (kind of like a smoke ring, but just air) that gets forced out at variable rates, alerting the user and combining with a gesture-based, augmented reality or otherwise virtual experience.

The trick is to then incorporate and program these bursts of air into immersive experiences- like simulating the fluttering of wings, hitting a soccer ball, or falling water- for enhanced gaming or even augmented reality applications.

At one point Raj mentioned that the AIREAL team constructed devices that propelled vortices big enough and with enough force to knock over a full-grown adult. Compare that to the standard video-game controller “rumble pak” and imagine how that could impact gaming experiences down to the road.

Check out the video below for more, and don’t forget to register for the most exciting Augmented Reality conference in the world, InsideAR!

Hacking Hands Free: Epson and Metaio Host Hackathon for Moverio

August 29, 2013

Everybody’s hacking for the weekend. 

epson hackathon

Metaio ventured to Long Beach, California, home of Epson America, to take part in a weekend-long hackathon for Moverio devices. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a “hackathon” is when a bunch of devs and techies get together, break off into groups and build nifty new stuff with whatever tools they were given or assigned- which in this case was the Epson Moverio BT-100 head mounted display device and the Metaio Augmented Reality SDK.

In this case, 7 teams competed for the $1000 grand prize, while Epson and Metaio raffled off special prizes. Before the winners were even judged, lucky participants walked away with a full license for the Metaio SDK, 1 year of full Metaio Cloud services and a bunch of other fun stuff. In the meantime, the teams worked hard to polish their ideas and presentations for the final judges presentation.

And what a great turnout, too! All seven teams worked hour upon hour, going through conceptual stages to business plans and finally proofs of concept. After a very tough decision, the judges (who included Metaio’s Trak Lord and Epson’s Anna Jen, and Steve Sereboff from SoCal IP), decided upon 3 teams:

  • Runner-up Team Lazy Chef, a voice-activated object-recognition assistant for hands-free cooking.
  • Runner-up Team Showgment, an event services concept for modular in-booth and showfloor enhancement service
  • And Grand Prize Winner, Team Torch, a social approach to friendly and competitive running, utilizing computer vision to project graphics onto the real world in order to motivate runners.

We’d like to thank Epson once again for inviting us along to participate. Metaio was thrilled to see all the creative and determined people working with our SDK to make very compelling and though-provoking hands-free experiences for the Moverio BT-100s. We look forward to the next opportunity to work with Epson. Special thanks to Eric, Anna, Michael and Eric for all of the hospitality. Congrats to the winners and we wish the best to all of the teams who participated!

Don’t forget to check out some of the media coverage and the photos below to learn more about the event. And here’s a screenshot from Team GUI Notes’ project, an experience that allows the user to tag and later identify things in the real world:

Epson Dangles $1,000 bounty to attract augmented reality apps, Engadget

Epson aims to take on Google Glass with Moverio Smart Glasses, LA Times

Epson Moverio Reportage: Augmented Reality is so cool!

Photos (reposted from above link)

This team's project centered around theme park installations

This team’s project centered around theme park installations

Group Photo! What a good turn-out

Group Photo! What a good turn-out!

Winners Team Torch give their pitch

Winners Team Torch give their pitch

Showgment explains how hands-free AR can help events

Showgment explains how hands-free AR can help events

Trak Lord (Metaio) and Eric Mizufuka (Epson) check out Lazy Chef's tech

Trak Lord (Metaio) and Anna Jen (Epson) check out Lazy Chef’s tech

Judges (l to r) Trak Lord (Metaio), Anna Jen (Epson) and Steve Sereboff (SoCal IP)

Judges (l to r) Trak Lord (Metaio), Anna Jen (Epson) and Steve Sereboff (SoCal IP)

Weekest Links On The Road

August 5, 2013

I’m reasonably certain you could train a parrot to use Google Glass to consistently talk to itself. 

Newt is about to give that woman the bird.

New Gingrich goes to the Zoo with Google Glass [Newt Gingrich]

Metaio | Junaio Recap

  • IKEA Catalog Has Augmented Reality (Part II) [blog]
  • IKEA’s new AR App superimposes furniture into your empty room [Digital Trends]
  • Snipp powers newest issue of Student Talk Interactive [press release]
  • Elecnor-Deimos releases Argos AR & VR with Metaio SDK [blog]
  • National Bank of Kuwait gives 360 degree augmented reality yacht tour [Luxury Daily]
  • Only a short time remains to register for the Junaio developer competition! [blog]

Microsoft patents gaming augmented reality glasses

There are things that are happening

  • Augmented Reality: Microsoft Holography Patent [Wired: Beyond the Beyond]
  • Disney’s crazy invention lets you feel phantom floating objects in the air [Co.Design]
  • Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality market will reach $1.06 Billion by 2018 [press release]
  • Mercedes-Benz integrating Google Glass Into its cars [Fox News]
  • O.K., Glass: Confessions of a Google Explorer, by Gary Shteyngart [New Yorker]
  • The joy of glogging [Computerworld]
  • Google Glass Redesigned [Mashable]
  • SIGGRAPH 2013: 3-D Printing, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & 4k [Bright Side of News]
  • Towards a blended reality: Interview with Augmented Reality pioneer Thad Sterner [ZDNet]


  • WWWhat’s New offers 50% discount for InsideAR contest winners [wwwhatsnew]
  • Mobilbranch.de gives away five 50% vouchers for InsideAR to readers [mobilebranche.de]
  • Global Augmented Reality Summit, Shanghai, September 10-11 [Event]
  • ISMAR, Adelaide Australia, October 1-4 [Event]

Pick of the week: Disney AIREAL

Look at this phone / Isn’t it neat? 

Wouldn’t you think / my sensors complete? 

I would, except for the whole not-having-a-haptic-airgun issue.


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