InsideAR and What’s so amazing about it – Highlights of this Year’s Most Exciting AR Conference

October 21, 2014

InsideAR Munich 2014 is just around the corner! If you haven’t read anything about it yet, you’ve come to the right place. Let me give you the grand tour of everything this conference has to offer:

insideAR2013-7First and foremost, let’s cover the basics! InsideAR was founded eight years ago as a small company event by Metaio. The fundamental goal of the event was informing customers and employees about ongoing projects and the current standards of Augmented Reality. Nobody would have guessed that not even ten years later, InsideAR would evolve into the world’s most exciting AR conference. After two very successful conferences in Beijing and Tokyo this year, we are expecting more than 1000 attendees at InsideAR Munich.

Now let me blow you away!

Highlights at InsideAR Munich:

Never before have we had so many renowned companies speaking at InsideAR: Volkswagen, Audi, Daimler, Cisco, DHL, Intel, NVIDIA, Vectorform and BMW are just a few of our valued partners who will be joining us. Famous speakers (this year almost 60!!), fascinating topics, captivating workshops and mind blowing demos will all be waiting for you on two fully dedicated stages.

One thing is certain – you won’t be bored in those two days.

Emerging Technologies, New Sensors, Smart Homes, Hyper Reality and Privacy

On the morning of Day 1, Metaio’s Thomas Alt and Peter Meier will kick off the event by giving you the newest information on teaching devices to understand reality. A big part of this year’s focus will be on wearables and their importance for AR. Wearable technologies made a huge step forward this year, and AR has grown in popularity and use in the last couple of months (just take a look at the Gartner Hype Cycle) because of that.  Be the first to know how to use those hands-free technologies in your favor by attending Annette Zimmermann’s  speech about wearables and the new business opportunities they provide. Additionally, Cisco’s Dirk Schlesinger will talk about the ‘Internet of Things’ as a stepping stone for future innovation.

Our keynotes will give answers to questions regarding diverse industries,including AR in medicine, Industry 4.0, retail, advertising, logistics, education and more. For example: Jaguar’s Artur Grzybowski will be presenting one of the most exciting AR innovations for the automotive industry, and you’ll have to be at InsideAR Munich to see it!

If you ever wondered, what exactly the word ‘Hyper Reality’ contains, be sure to attend Keiichi Matsuda’s speech about “Hyper Reality and the Future of Information Environments.”  Be part of Dorothea Martin’s workshop on AR Storytelling and learn what it takes to turn any AR application into something unique and engaging. Or learn “How to build the ultimate shopping scanner” in our workshop on Wednsday.

Since a theoretical approach always needs a practical follow-up, we are proud to present over 30 different AR demos in our exhibition area. Key among them will be an original BMW i8 with an AR application on Google Glass. Yes that’s right, a BMW i8 and Google Glass.We know it as the BMW i8 INNOVATION LIVE case study by Vectorform, and you can experience it first hand at InsideAR Munich.


The future is now: What’s next for Augmented Reality?

What is the status quo of AR? What will AR look like 5, 10, even 20 years from now? Will Augmented Reality be the user interface of our everyday life? Mary Lynne Nielsen and Christine Perey will present their answers to these questions at InsideAR Munich. Joining them is Fast Future’s Rohit Talwar, who will also address the future of AR in his keynote about emerging technologies and their impact on Augmented Reality.

Let’s not forget Ronald Azuma presentation about Intel’s famous flying whale, Leviathan, or how Tim Last got aliens to attack a London bus shelters not too long ago.

For those who have an appetite for classical musics, we have something special in store for you. The FH Düsseldorf will present their PavARotti project, which enables you to experience the music of the virtuoso in a whole new way. How exactly? Well, you’ll need to be there, to find out! Additionally, Professor Geiger and his students will show you what happens when you augment a beer brewery. To answer the question on your mind right now: yes, you will be able to drink it. After all, what would Munich be without its famous beer?

Be the first…

Metaio6-700x525v2You will be the very first to get deep insight into Metaio 6. With brand-new features and state-of-the-art technologies, you don’t want miss the chance to explore the alterations and innovations yourself before everyone else. And only at InsideAR Munich!

We will also exhibit our visionary Thermal Touch, our award-winning edge-based tracking, and our improved face recognition. You will be able to try it all yourself – No strings attached.

The list goes on and on. If you need any additional reason to join us for InsideAR, visit our webpage and take a look at the full program.

InsideAR will be on a whole different level of AWESOME this year and you’d seriously miss out if you miss this opportunity!  Get your tickets here and hurry – there are only a few more days left!

We’ll see you at InsideAR Munich on 29th and 30th October!


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AR Weekly – Mid October

October 13, 2014

We’re Back!

We're just doodling.

We’re just doodling.

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Upcoming Events

InsideAR Munich – October 29th, 30th [Register Here]

Pick of the Week

While we were at Adobe MAX last week, Microsoft released a new proof of concept, video game projector setup that turns your living room into an interactive gaming environment. The setup uses 6 depth-sensing cameras and projectors to map out the space and then project a game on the upper surfaces. The concept looks amazing as users can use controllers or their bodies to interact with the full virtual environment. Check out the video below for the current concept.

InsideAR Speaker Spotlight: Valerie Riffaud Cangelosi of Epson Europe

October 6, 2014

InsideAR Munich 2014

Meet Valerie Riffaud Cangelosi of Epson Europe!

Meet Valerie Riffaud Cangelosi of Epson Europe!

Welcome to our ninth edition of our InsideAR Speaker Spotlight series!

For our ninth edition of the InsideAR Speaker Spotlight, we are happy to introduce Valerie Riffaud Cangelosi, New Market Development Manager of Epson Europe. Valerie focuses on Head Mounted Displays and Sensing technologies, but her long history at Epson Group has brought her from her early work as a Product Manager for the French subsidiary in 2002. Before that she served as a Marketing Manager for the French startup, Future Sound Technologies. There she worked with the team that developed the first connected HIFI device aimed at streaming music.

What are you going to present at InsideAR 2014?

Valerie Riffaud Cangelosi: This Spring, Epson introduced the first Android–based see-through, binocular augmented reality glasses – the Moverio BT-200. We will use the event as an opportunity to explain how Epson developed this advanced device and why we feel it will unlock the potential AR has to change the way companies work.


Real "see-through" AR on the Epson Moverio BT-200

Real “see-through” AR on the Epson Moverio BT-200

Have you ever attended InsideAR before and what was the most exciting part for you at previous events?

VRC: Last year I attended InsideAR for the first time and was impressed by the profile and know-how of the attendees; they worked in a multitude of major industries and are already taking their first steps into the world of AR.

What is the next challenge in AR that you would like to see overcome?

VRCAR represents one of the largest opportunities to completely change the way companies work. With the emergence of smart glasses, it’s time to rethink how information is provided and accessed. The Moverio BT -200 projects an image centered in the user’s field of view, and using them turely demonstrates how devices such as this can unlock the huge possibilities inherent in AR applications.

In the case of AR applications, less is more. It’s about reshaping the entire way we design apps to remove unnecessary information and display only the most crucial content, while at the same time making the information accessible in the most natural and efficient way.

What is your personal vision of the future of AR? What Application do you wish you had today?

VRCI envision a future where smart glasses will allow the integration of and interaction with AR all around us, without us even noticing. My vision is a future where AR blends with the real world and is integrated into aspects of our personal and work lives, effortlessly providing us with the right information at the right time, without hassle.

As Valerie said, her talk “Hands free Augmented Reality Merging the Real and Digital Worlds” will explore the Moverio BT-200 (which is super exciting) and how Augmented Reality will work in the future with the Moverio and other futuristic devices.

That’s it from us for this week – be sure to visit our previous spotlight and if you’d like to watch some of the presentations from last year’s InsideAR event, check out our InsideAR YouTube playlist.


 InsideAR Munich takes place on October 29th and 30th, 2014 at the Kleine Olympiahalle in Munich. Learn more at

Need a ticket? Register here:

 Interested in becoming a speaker? Get in touch with our team via:

Want to join us as a journalist or become a media partner? Send us an email:

What to expect at this year’s InsideAR Munich?

September 19, 2014

InsideAR Munich 2014

The 8th InsideAR Munich – organized by Metaio – is coming closer and we would like to invite you to join us for the most exciting AR conference worldwide.

After the huge success from last year’s InsideAR we expect more than 1.000 attendees from the Augmented Reality eco system on the 29th/30th October 2014. We are very happy to announce that Intel will support us this year as Platinum Sponsor. We are also pleased to welcome NGRAIN and Epson as Gold Sponsors. More than 35 speakers from 28 countries will give you a deep insight into the current state, and future of AR.

The main focus of InsideAR Munich 2014 is on wearables and new sensors including the latest 3D optics. Don’t miss the presentations and demos of Metaio’s Thermal Touch as well as Augmented Reality applications for enterprise and industrial fields. We offer exciting keynotes, discussions and workshops to you as well as an exhibition space where the latest examples of AR technologies can be experienced firsthand. The program for InsideAR 2014 is now available on our website.

In the Welcome Keynote, Dr. Thomas Alt (CEO Metaio) and Peter Meier (CTO Metaio) will present Metaio’s Roadmap and provide insights into our latest R&D projects. With pleasure we also welcome Dr. Ronald Azuma from the Intel Labs, who will be speaking about Leviathan – a series of AR demonstrations that Intel showed at CES 2014, with the support of Metaio.

Meet our partners who will present keynotes and show exciting demos in the huge expo area of InsideAR:

InsideAR Munich will be fully covered by top international media sponsors, such as Gizmodo, ZDNet, Brandwatch and many others. Just like last year, we will have live interviews streamed exclusively from the conference by


To register for InsideAR Munich, please click here. We extended the Early Bird period to September 30th. Use this chance to complete your registration for €295* and save €100!

Please also note that we offer the Metaio AR Creation & Platform Training right before InsideAR Munich – Oct. 27th – 28th. When you book this training you will receive a 10% discount on your InsideAR Munich ticket.

The whole Metaio team looks forward to seeing you at InsideAR Munich!

AR Weekly – Beginning of September

September 2, 2014

ARen’t you glad I didn’t say it’s Monday?

Courtesy of YouTube and IKEA

Courtesy of YouTube and IKEA

Metaio | Junaio Recap

InsideAR Speaker Spotlight: Ronald Azuma [Augmented Blog]

Introducing Metaio Advanced Partner: 3D Studio Blomberg [Augmented Blog]

Don’t have 3D models? Try 2.5D! [Augmented Blog]

Augmented Reality News

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Leap Motion’s next sensor is designed specifically for virtual reality [Mashable]

Marketing a product that doesn’t exist yet []

Epson Welcomes JBKnowledge to Moverio BT-200 Smart Glasses Developer Program [Herald Online]

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Virtual Reality Could Help Teach Sustainable Habits, Change Long Term Behavior [Huffington Post]

A Headset Meant to Make Augmented Reality Less of a Gimmick [MIT Technology Review]

A Smart Helmet That Gives Riders Eyes in the Back of Their Heads [Entrepreneur]

Augmented Reality Untethers SAP [SAP Events]

Upcoming Events

Webinar – Engine Creative and Tesco Discover – AR Publishing for Brands [Register Here]

SXSW Panel Picker – HoloGramma: How Tech Can ‘Bring Back’ Our Departed [Vote Here]

InsideAR Beijing, September 5th [Info Here]

InsideAR Munich, October 29 – 30th [Register Here]

Pick of the Week

As one of the most iconic uses of Augmented Reality, the IKEA Catalog App recently released its third iteration. Check out the video below to see the update in action and be sure to try it out for yourself through Google Play and iTunes.

AR Weekly – Mid August

August 18, 2014



Baaahhh, I’m a moose (Image Courtesy of Digital Signage Today)


Metaio | Junaio Recap

ISMAR 2914 Comes to Munich! [Augmented Blog]

Junaio – Now Available For A Moverio BT-200 Near You [Junaio Blog]

Metaio Launches Junaio Augmented Reality Browser for Epson Moverio BT-200 Data Glasses [Telepresence Options]

Augmented Reality News

Mini Babybel launches Halloween gaming app [Talking Retail]

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Is Kobe Bryant’s Projection-Augmented Court the Future of Basketball? [Motherboard]

A display of amazing power [SaskNews]

ImmersiON-VRelia Launches Virtual Reality Commercial Entertainment Division [Broadway World]

Augmented reality motorcycle helmet now available to buy from Skully [Mobile Commerce News]

To Receive Your Message, This App Makes You Travel to a Real Location [Mashable]

This is what Microsoft’s augmented reality glass could look like: Google Glass killer? [Tech Times]

Augmented reality a hit with outdoor advertisers [ProPrint]

Augmented reality digital signage brings the Serengeti to the streets of Hong Kong [Digital Signage Today]

VividWorks Featured in Gartner’s Augmented Reality Vendor Market Guide [Broadway World]

European Wearable Technology Market – Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2013 – 2019 [Market Watch]

Office Depot Integrates BTS Promos Via Augmented Reality, Mobile, And Social [Retail Solutions Online]

UC reopens remediated and renamed Registry building [Scoop]

zSpace and NGRAIN Partner to Develop Virtual Reality DICOM Viewer for Immersive Medical Visualization [Digital Journal]

Augmented reality tech aimed at keeping soldiers safe [WNCN]

This is Samsung’s VR headset [The Verge]

Epson Announces Moverio Developer Program and App Market at SIGGRAPH 2014 [Broadway World]

IT Employee Confidence in Construction [ConstrucTech]

Regular Pilots Can Now Have Superhuman Augmented Reality Fighter Pilot Vision [CoEXIST]

The Skully Smart Motorcycle Helmet Sharpens Your Senses On The Road [TechCrunch]

Tamiko Thiel: Excited New Digital Artwork Augmented Reality At The Shard [Artlyst]

Augmented and Virtual Reality Market Estimated to Be Worth $1.06 Billion by 2018 [Virtual Strategy]

Is Reality Ready For Augmentation [Torque]

What These Banks Learned About Wearable Devices, Augmented Reality [American Banker]

Upcoming Events

Vote for the HoloGramma: How Tech Can ‘Bring Back Our Departed SXSW Interactive 2015 Panel, featuring Peter Meier! [Vote Here]

InsideAR Beijing, September 5th [Register Here]

InsideAR Munich, October 29, 30 [Register Here]

Webinar – Designing for Augmented Reality Applications [Register Here]

Pick of the Week

There is some amazing face tracking technology out there, and a few days ago this video was posted using real-time face tracking and projections to portray “living makeup.” The project features some incredibly robust tracking and animations. Check out the video below and read more about it on Slash Gear and The Verge.

Junaio – Now Available For A Moverio BT-200 Near You

August 14, 2014


Some amazing news out for Junaio!

Originally posted on junaio Blog:

moverio_junaioYesterday Metaio announced that Junaio became the first Augmented Reality browser to become available on the Moverio BT-200 Apps Market! By using the Moverio’s transparent display technology with Junaio Mirage edition, you can experience one of the purest forms of Augmented Reality.

As one of the most widely used Augmented Reality browsers in the world, Junaio brings a big audience to the Moverio platform. With the “see through” capabilities enabled, Junaio and the Moverio BT-200 make the perfect pair. As Mr. Atsunari Tsuda, General Manager of HMD Business Management Department, Epson, put it “Epson is excited to have one of the most popular AR browsers debut on the Moverio Apps Market. By onboarding the Junaio developer ecosystem, we are confident that the Moverio platform features some of the best and most innovate Augmented Reality content available today.”

For more information on the Epson Moverio BT-200, check out Epson’s website. For more…

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