Xenium Digital: Augmented Reality made in India

July 30, 2014

xenium-logoXenium Digital, a Metaio Certified Developer  from India, is constantly researching and developing new ways that Augmented Reality can be used to enhance consumer experience in the Indian Market. Thus, it is not a surprise to see many well-known clients from industries such as medicine, automobile, real estate and entertainment team up with Xenium to create AR on ground activations and mobile apps for their end consumers.

AR Therapy for Cancer Patients

AR_therapy_2The interactive “AR Therapy for Cancer Patients”  app is a perfect solution for medical professionals who are trying to promote their anti-cancer drugs at medical conferences. This dedicated AR app was designed with the Metaio SDK for the iOS platform, and is targeted at highly qualified doctors. The idea was to communicate the story behind the medicine in a better way and to provide the patients with a simpler way of understanding the way these anti-cancer drugs would affect them.

The app augments a mannequin -with an ID marker – into a real patient and uses case studies to illustrate the different diseases. Then, 3D models of the drugs were presented to demonstrate their efficacy at suppressing the disease.

From 3-D oil in action to TIGERTRAC

With regards to Augmented Reality in the automotive industry – an AR app using the Metaio AR platform was developed for Castrol. The app exclusively targets dealers and sales representatives to help them promote Castrol’s recently launched product, the Magnatec Start-Stop Engine Oil.

The AR app features the new 3D oil in action. First, through the help of 3D animation, the app brings the idea behind Castrol’s new label design to life. When the label of the oil bottle is scanned with an Android powered device, the app shows the special molecules that the oil is made of with Augmented Reality. It then follows up with a video of the product’s brand story. The app is designed to work perfectly on high-end devices.

Xenium Digital, along with Lakshya Media, also created a live augmented reality activation for TVS Tyres. Their objective was to promote their latest product, the AGRI RADIAL TYRE – TIGERTRAC, at the REIFEN 2014 fair in an innovative way.

The idea was to create an AR activation featuring the Royal Bengal Tiger walking among the tires and audience members. The tigers’ movements around the AGRI RADIAL TYRE were well choreographed so to provide realistic interaction with the visitors. The visitor could also take pictures with the tigers, which were later shared with them. Created with the state of the art Metaio SDK for AR and enhanced with realistic graphics and audio, the activity effectively captivated the audience.


Lekar Hum Deewana Dil

With the release date of the movie “Lekar Hum Deewana Dil” quickly approaching, Eros International – with the expertise of Xenium Digital – wanted to promote it in the most interactive way possible. Their objective was to create a unique AR engagement platform for the audience to experience special moments with the actors. The end result was an on ground activation – created with the Metaio SDK – called Groove with Armaan and Deeksha. Visitors to Mumbai malls were able to show off their dance skills alongside the movie’s lead actors, Armaan and Deeksha, to the song “Khalifa”.

Watch the video here:

re:publica 2013 – Europe’s Biggest Digital Conference

May 9, 2013


From 6th till 8th of May the re:publica, Europe’s biggest conference on digital and social media, took place in Berlin. More than 5,000 attendees discussed over three days internet policy, network neutrality and the future of social media campaigns. The most controversial topic at the moment in Germany are the plans of the Deutsche Telekom, which announced already in the beginning of May, that they will choke the speed of the internet in the nearest future. The hosts of the re:publica, Markus Beckedahl, Johnny (@spreeblick) and Tanja Häusler (@elektrotanja) as well as Andreas Gebhard, called up the participants to appeal to their government to anticipate these plans: “Avoid that the Telekom introduces a 2nd class internet!” Tanja Häusler said: “If we can now afford limitations for the sake of commercial interests, if there are no more protests against these limitations, we have to realize, in fact, that the digital society is growing continously, but still, has no power to public opinion.”

IN/SIDE/OUT – The link between online and offline

The motto of this year reminds of the difficulty to connect people from the online and the offline world: “With this in mind, the motto IN/SIDE/OUT can be read as an upending of the digital society: Facebook is reaching one billion users, established newspapers are folding to the net-based competition, and Twitter, which was once the tool for alternative civilian war correspondence, is being utilised by militaries to communicate their combat targets. While we were always sure that at some point everyone would use the mechanisms offered by Web2.0, the question remains: Who profits in the end? Will citizens embrace obligations of governments and businesses to become more transparent, while at the same time tolerate the non-transparency of those companies which form the structures of the internet? Or will we soon pull the plug and return to a place where privacy is tangible again? Will we replace the INternet with an OUTernet?”

rp13_5 dueck_2
Lobo_3 rp_abend

Sascha Lobo: Who’s afraid of Augmented Reality?

Lobo is one of Germany’s most established digital avantgardists, working as an author, columnist and speaker on digitial issues and net politics. He held his keynote on Monday not without mentioning an amazing technology such as augmented reality is. He is fascinated in AR, but honestly understands the fear of people, who don’t know what to expect about it: “It’s like the radioactivity of Internet. There has to come up a lot of awareness training on augmented reality in the future. At the moment it provokes fear on this invisible, unknown power. There is still an anxiety for the merge of the digital and real life.” He himself is enthusiatic about Ingress, an augmented reality game produced by NinanticLabs, which he played passionately in the last weeks: “It’s the most ‘nerdy’ game one can imagine.” Unfortunately, Ingress “guzzles” a lot of energy, but is lot of fun, he said.

Francesco Lapenta: A Critical look on Augmented Reality

Yesterday I’ve visited Francesco Lapenta‘s presentation with the amazing title “Mediated Life after Virtualization. A Critical Look at the Scenarios Forecast by New Wearable Augmented Reality Visualization Technologies.” He agreed so far with Lobo, that there is still a huge insecurity according to new wearable devices which are visualizing information. People usually have six senses and he imagines that all these senses should be combined in one mobile (augmenting) device such as for example Google Glass and giving real added value to people: “Our Augmented Reality device could interact with these machines, and there could be competetional power of different senses which could interact with your vision and offers you help to learn more.” But what does it really mean for us? He asked: “What will follow the inevitable technological peak and demise of old communication technologies such as the mobile and the screen? If the mobile embodied the newly acquired freedom from the constrained spaces of earlier mediated communications? New “seamless” and “immersive” technological evolutions will acquire social, cultural and market dominance while cannibalizing previous technological milestones very much like television did with photography, radio and cinema, and the computer did with them all. what are the consequences of a technology that does not pretend anymore to “simulate” reality or its visualization but now “naturally” creates the way we see the world and experience it?”

If you want to see the whole presentation, please watch the video:

I still feel overwhelmed by all these very great sessions at the re:publica and would like to recommend the #rp14 to you taking place on the May 5 – 7, 2014 in Berlin.

There was not enough time for me to attend in all events and if you are interested as well, we can also follow the re:publica YouTube channel with all presentations and keynotes.

presse_logos-07_thumb rp_5

Weekest Links Return

July 16, 2012

Where do week go from here? 

metaio Augmented Reality software SDK 3-D Object Tracking mediagrand

Batteries pictured are actual size.


metaio | junaio recap

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there are things happening

New patent shows Apple’s interest in its own “Project Glass” [article]

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Pick of the week

SCIENCE FACT: Robots argue in dubstep.

Augmented Diversity

March 4, 2011

Aloha. I am not participating in Carnival, nor have I been on vacation or partying the UEFA (European Football Association) 5-years ranking to hard, where Germany finally succeded over Italy, yeah! No, we are completely revamping our website and several other channels and while this was and is keeping me pretty busy I was also working on some of  the cases, which I want to share with you in a plain list this time. Please take my apologies, but I bet some of you appreciate more info and less talking anyway…

Have a nice weekend!

junaio and Augmented Reality to Revolutionize Print Advertising

November 15, 2010

Sausalitos together with Coke zero of Germany just launched their Augmented Reality campaign on junaio this week. Traditional advertising is losing traction and people often pay little attention to commercial messages found in newspapers and magazines. Now, the much talked about Augmented Reality (AR) technology as available within the smartphone AR browser junaio may change all that. junaio`s highly sophisticated image recognition and object tracking capabilities make it possible to recognize a print ad and call up additional digital content to delight the viewer and draw renewed attention to a sponsor`s message.

junaio is capable of recognizing images as seen through the camera. This works not only on print ads, but also on billboards, product packaging, flyers, coupons or any other predetermined image. Once recognized junaio will fetch via internet any available multimedia content and overlay it dynamically onto the camera view. Not only will junaio recognize an object on the image, but is then capable of virtually “gluing” for example a 3D model onto the object in the right proportion and scale. As you move the camera, so the 3D model will follow accordingly. Of course other types of digital augmentation may be triggered by the ad as well, such as an engaging game, an opportunity to integrate response elements like coupons or any other interactive exchange with the viewer. Mobile AR technology allows combining different media, making the borders between print and digital become permeable, just like it is already on the internet. We´ll keep you updated, because there are already some more campaigns in the pipeline…

Augmented Reality Showreel – beta

March 25, 2010

Gosh, what a week. It needs a lot of distraction, when I do not even have the time to write a single blog entry…But as you can see in the video below we have been working on some cool cases. What is even more important: there is a lot more to come. And now, back to something completely different. Kind of.


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