Developer Contest on junaio

March 30, 2010

Attention, although you are enthusiastic about AR, here´s a perfect combination: living at the cutting edge of technology and earning money there. Doesn´t that sound fantastic? Well, let me quote the related metaio newsletter article here: “With junaio’s open API, developers can create state of the art augmented reality applications. You don’t need any experience in programming for embedded systems. Challenge your imagination and contribute to junaio’s exciting world with AR Mashups, multiplayer games and scavenger hunts, interactive, indoor and outdoor exhibitions, tours with animated 3D characters or location independent gaming. All you need to do as a developer is to register for an API key and start challenging your creativity.” In addition to money, fame, a visit at the Oktoberfest (create an app for that event!) and a new longterm business model for developers, of course the best ideas will also be featured here. I am looking forward to seeing what you are believing in. Below you will find some inspiration…


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