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October 1, 2013
Clandestine Poster

Danger, Will Robinson. Danger! Danger!

Can’t stop the signal.

Metaio recently announced the winners of the 2013 Metaio Developer Competition who displayed some spectacular use of augmented reality. Today we’re featuring Clandestine: Anomaly, developed by ZenFri Inc. and winner of the GamAR category.

What is Clandestine: Anomaly?

Clandestine: Anomaly is an AR-based, or Emergent Reality, science fiction game that incorporates tower defense and RPG elements as a way to create a captivating gaming experience that evolves as you play.  The game begins as your smart device is “hacked” by a crashing alien ship seeking your help. Once you find a safe place for the crash site the game opens up its RPG elements and gives you a choice to begin defending the crash site from alien attack or search for building resources called “nanobots.”

I don't think we're in Canada anymore.

Welcome to Canada.

Clandestine takes full advantage of the Metaio SDK GPS tracking methods and places the battleground right in your backyard. The game features two ways to view the world: tactical or “isometric” viewing for a real-world map with the game overlay and the recon view for watching all the live, AR elements interact with the real world.

Regular readers will remember the inception of Clandestine: Anomaly from the original Kickstarter that we covered earlier this year. As a result, Zenfri even joined us at our booth at the 2013 Augmented World Expo in Santa Clara, where they were nominated for an “Auggie Award”.

It’s not from this world, Clark.

For more information about the game, be sure to visit their website and watch the video of the prototype below. As a reward for winning, Executive Producer Corey King received a free license for the Metaio SDK as well as a round-trip flight to Munich to present the game at InsideAR 2013! So purchase your ticket for the event now, and be sure to check out when Corey and the other winners of 2013 Metaio Developer Competition along with tons of other content.

Strap yourselves in boys.

Announcing the winners of the 2013 Metaio Developer Competition

September 11, 2013

Metaio is thrilled to announce the winners of the first ever Metaio International Developer Competition. First off- a huge thanks to the hundreds of dedicated augmented reality developers from over 40 (!) countries who took the time over the last few months to build amazing projects, experiences and content. All your hard work is greatly appreciated, and Metaio feels fortunate to have such a passionate ecosystem.

Saying that it was a tough decision would be a gross understatement- Metaio personnel and developers debated and discussed the entries for hours and hours before finally deciding on a winner for each category. Without further ado, here are the grand prize winners who all win software licenses and a 3-day trip to Munich, Germany to present at the world-famous InsideAR augmented reality conference!

A work of ARt


Winner: Alexey Chebykin; Kaliningrad, Russia.

Project: “Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mechanisms”

Description: Inspired by the Genius of Leonardo Da Vinci, artist & architect Alexey Chebykin created an incredible renaissance tapestry tracking image to deploy an interactive (and perhaps even educational) augmented reality experience.



Winner: Corey King / Zenfri Inc.; Winnipeg, Canada

Project: “Clandestine: Anomaly

Description: Clandestine: Anomaly has been hailed as “one of the most ambitious AR games ever attempted”. More than just a mobile game, C:A brings together elements of location-based gaming, augmented and alternate reality in an immersive Sci-Fi epic.

Got heARt?


Winner: Rafael Alves Roberto; Brazil

Project: “Animar”

Description: Designed as a solution for animators and storyboard artists, “Animar” simulates onionskin paper by allowing the artist to hand-draw multiple scenes easily and conveniently, eventually displaying the full animation for review.



Winner: Ryo Takahashi, AR Planner ERBA Holdings (doAR); Japan

Project: Penguin Navi

Description: The first Junaio channel to ever win a silver medal at Cannes Lions, “Penguin Navi” combined actual motion capture technology to present the most realistic behaving virtual penguins that lead the user on a GPS guided tour straight to the local Aquarium

In the next few days we’ll be highlighting individual entries with video, photos and more. Stay tuned for more news and updates about augmented reality, and especially InsideAR, October 10-11 in Munich!

Weekest Links, Solstice Edition

June 24, 2013

*Translated from Japanese.

Augmented Penguins with Junaio

It seems AR navigation app that penguins us to guide to Sunshine Aquarium. I want to use!* [article]

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  • If you’re in San Francisco this week, don’t miss Metaio at the 2013 Mobile Commerce World [event]
  • Check out Metaio at the 2013 SIGGRAPH conference at NVIDIA’s theater, July 23 [event]
  • There’s no place like InsideAR, there’s no place like InsideAR, there’s no place like InsideAR [Oct 10-11]

More AWE 2013 stuff

  • Metaio CTO Peter Meier presents on the AREngine and the importance of form factors [video]
  • Director of Metaio R&D Ben Blachnitzky talks about the Metaio SDK at AWE 2013 [video]
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  • Live demo of Clandestine Anomaly, an amazing augmented reality game from Zenfri built on the Metaio SDK and Unity [video]
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  • Gabe Weiss of Mitsubishi Electric presents the most outstanding enterprise application of AR, powered by Metaio [video]
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There are things that are happening

  • In the shadow of Google Glass, an Augmented Reality industry revs its engines [The Verge]
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Pick of the week: Infinity AR Concept Video

Remember that creepy dystopian-future-of-augmented-reality video, Sight? This is like that, but through rose-colored glasses.

Congrats to Helen and her team on the 1.5M views. 

Weekest Links 5/5 – 5/13

May 13, 2013

There’s…something on the…week! 

clandestine anomaly capture

Back “Clandestine Anomaly” on Kickstarter

We always like to highlight incredible work built on our software, which is why we’re thrilled to tell you about this awesome project from Winnipeg-based Zenfri, “Clandestine Anomaly”. This will be the first mobile game that utilizes vision-based augmented reality, GPS, and actual real-world elements. Check out their video on Kickstarter and help support the launch of this amazing augmented reality game!

Metaio | Junaio

  • Seeing things differently: are brands missing the boat with Augmented Reality? [The Drum]
  • Developer Sander Veenhof merges 3-D printing with Augmented Reality in the Ultimarker [blog]
  • Ever play Jenga? Ever play Jenga….on Augmented Reality? [JengAR video]
  • Cronovizor: The AR Time Viewing Machine (powered by Junaio) [video]
  • Nimlok utilizes Metaio software to visualize custom exhibits in 3-D [whitepaper]
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There are things that are happening

  • APX Labs mods Epson Moverio BT-100, adds camera mic and motion sensors for improved AR [Endgadget]
  • Google Glass: this isn’t and never will be a consumer device [VentureBeat]
  • Yahoo experimenting with Google Glass, says CEO Mayer [CNET]
  • Google Glass Augmented Reality Apps are a possibility [Ubergizmo]


Registration is open for the Augmented World Expo, June 4-5 (formerly ARE). Use code AWE3META to get a special discount, courtesy of Metaio. Come see Metaio deliver unmatched insight on the industry along with the latest and greatest of AR demos, including the brand-new AREngine! [registration]

Meet Metaio at the Augmented Reality Summit, June 20th in London [event site]

Interested in speaking, sponsoring or attending InsideAR, the most exciting event in the augmented reality industry? Contact us! [event site]

Pick of the week: Oculus VR used to simulate death by guillotine

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