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April 23, 2012

Brief. Not “briefs”. 

Sascha was mid-moose impression when this photo was taken.

metaio + junaio 

Exclusive interview with Sascha Kiener from the junaio team at The Gadget Show [article]

Circa – The Evolution of Image (a Kickstarter Project built with the metaio Mobile SDK) [kickstarter page]

junaio has a new Certified Developer, Digital Delta Design [post]

Developer Mark Skwarek is at it again with arOCCUPY MAY DAY [post]

The metaio San Francisco team moved to a new office! [photos]


upcoming events

There is still plenty of time to register for The Augmented Reality Event, May 8-9 in Santa Clara, CA. It’s the largest AR conference in the states, with plenty of opportunities to see the newest AR hardware and software, and the chance to network with AR professionals and insiders. Sign up today, and enjoy a discount code on us! Just enter METAIO375 at the [registration page]

metaio’s insideAR is coming- if you want to see the latest and greatest in the field of Augmented Reality in the beautiful city of Munich with the backdrop of Oktoberfest, then there’s really no other choice for you is there? [event page]


Non-AR Pick of the Week

“Stupidity Captured at 2500 Frames Per Second”


Watermelon + Fireworks is always a great equation.


Two Weeks of Weekest Links

April 16, 2012

Something weekest this way comes. 

“The Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge”, Anon., ca. 1937, last known giant Ubermensch pictured. After installing the bridge, he sank back into the ocean, never to be seen again except for Oktoberfest every year.

In the world of metaio and junaio:

junaio 3.6 is now available for iOS and Android! [post]

MEDIA Magazine, “Augmented Reality Comes to Mobile”, by Trak Lord [article]

Circa – The Evolution of Image (a Kickstarter Project built with the metaio Mobile SDK) [kickstarter page]

Steve Bull is debuting a new Art Installation powered by junaio [blog]

We welcomed Digital Delta Design as junaio Certified Developer [post]

CityView AR mobile app preserves past and present of quake-afflicted Christchurch, NZ [blog]

Certified Developer Augmented Minds covered in gizmag, “Augmented reality brings jigsaw puzzles to life” [article]

Learn more about metaio and junaio’s affiliation with the VENTURI project [post 1] [post 2]

Business 2 Community, “10 Mind-Blowing Augmented Reality Campaigns” [article]

junaio used for Location-based NYC Documentary [video]

Media & Entertainment Technologies, “Metaio 3D Augmented Reality” [article]

If you want to check out the best Augmented Reality conference in the US, register for ARE 2012 with this nifty discount code (on us!): METAIO375 [event site]

Google’s Project Glass Recap

As you all know, Google released its “Augmented Reality” Project Glass concept video: 

What followed was total internet chaos. Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together- mass hysteria. Amid the internet detritus, blog flotsam and various OMG WTF’s, I have curated a list of well-written and (mostly) educated responses. 

Gene Becker, “Google’s Project Glass Is A New Model For Personal Computing” [blog post]

Christine Perey,”Project Glass: The Tortoise and The Hare” [blog post]

Blair MacIntyre, “Oh no, Google, why that video?” [blog post]

Sally Applin, “Google Glasses? Heads up!” [post]

Wired, “Google Glasses Face Serious Hurdles, Augmented-Reality Experts Say” [article]

L.A. Times, “Google’s Project Glass: Feedback rolls in … ouch!” [article]

The Atlantic, “Google Glasses and the Myth of Augmented Reality” [article]

Search Engine Watch, “6 Funny Google Project Glass Parody Videos [article]

Semantically Augmented Reality Pick of the Week

Let’s not split hairs, but this is definitely one way to go about A-ing the R. Hats off to TNT for being so creative in launching their Belgian channel.

Kickstart Circa – the Evolution of Image

April 13, 2012

A wild call-to-action appears!

I ain't afraid of no ghostings.

We’ve posted about this on our Twitter and Facebook pages, but we wanted to write something special about this awesome Kickstarter project that just launched yesterday, built on the metaio Mobile SDK.

Circa Mobile LLC, started by developer Mark Skarulis, is trying to raise money for a mobile application that will let you place and remove digital content in the real-world in a process he has dubbed “Ghosting”. Ghost the image in, Ghost the image out- freely experiment with reality by placing historical, contextual, relevant or artistic information in actual space, wherever you are!

Mark used the powerful metaio Mobile Software Development Kit to assist him in creating this great experience. We’re very proud to be mentioned in the video and we wish Mark and Circa Mobile LLC the best of luck in raising money for their app! Visit the link above, back the project, and help bring this new Augmented Reality user interface “Ghosting” to life!

Yes, I realize the inherent irony of what I just wrote. Lay off.  

In the meantime, check out the great video that Mark and Circa Mobile LLC produced for their Kickstarter Project, as well as the press release that has received all sorts of local and national coverage:



Circa is the evolution of images. Currently, evocative photography is lost in a sea of mundane portraits and filtered pictures of food. We can now be more creative with our images through Circa! Circa returns fidelity and depth to digital imagery so you not only see photos, but also connect to that moment, feeling as if you are there!

With our patent-pending technology, all images are pasted onto reality for others to experience that moment as it truly occurred, natural to the eye. We call this ghosting. A skateboarder can ghost a photo performing a trick. Architects can ghost future plans, Graffiti artists can ghost creations to walls without destroying physical property. Anyone can ghost artwork, virtual signage, or even create their own augmented reality world using photographs, images and more.

Circa also provides a new way to explore documentary, presenting our history as it occurred. Circa connects us with our past in an new unique way. Anyone with an iOS device can soon witness and recall history as experiences, firsthand. Circa Mobile LLC is excited to be working with local Historical Societies in Los Angeles to return archived photos to their origin for all to witness in context. Participating organizations include The Los Angeles Public Library, Redondo Beach Historical Museum, Hermosa Beach Historical Society, Manhattan Beach Historical Society, Redondo Beach ELKS, USC Digital Library and local photographer Robi Hutas. Circa will ghost over 300 historical photographs along the coast to be launched later this year.

Over the next month, we invite the public to back the project on Kickstarter so that we can bring the Circa App to the App Store in late 2012 for every hometown to enjoy. Circa Mobile LLC has partnered with Regard Inc. (www.regard.com) to develop the Circa App Pilot using the Metaio Mobile SDK. (www.metaio.com) We can currently ghost photos and view them in scale at any location. However, we need to refine the app and release it so millions of users can create independently. When readers fund the project on Kickstarter, they will be the first group to beta test the app on iOS Devices before its release on the App Store later this year.

For more information, visit our website circaapp.com

To fund the Circa App on Kickstarter visit



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