junaio developer brief

March 18, 2010

Out now and nothing to add. Er, I mean, isn´t the indoor navigation part brilliant? Or… OK, stop it. Here´s Peter:

One more thing, definetely worth to add: Music by http://www.homemade-marmelade.de/

Where Mobile Augmented Reality is Headed: Real 3D*

January 21, 2010

Here´s a really nice read with the above title from the “Mobile Innovation Exchange”. The author David Pringle* interviewed me some days ago and assuming from his questions I thought, this could lead to a quite interesting article. Obviously he did more research in this field, than watching the latest youtube video… A quote: “Metaio’s ultimate goal is for junaio to provide “augmented vision”, enabling users to view 3D images very precisely registered at a specific location in the real-world, so you could, for example, walk right round a dinosaur and view it from every angle.” In order to reach this goal, an integrated augmented reality software platform where development in all the possible areas – industrial, design, web, mobile, research, … – is prolific for every field to which AR is implemented, helps a lot!

Augmented Kingdom

August 14, 2009

Once upon a time, there was this information kingdom, ruled by hype cycles and catchy videos. Speed was the currency, quantity was the drug and image was everything. It was the time of virtual birds, twittering the news and rumours in a 15 seconds of fame (and attention) pulse through the venes of the newswires. Some even called it a war when it came to a certain point where the world as it has been known was on it´s way to change. I mean, the way this world was seen. In these times even the most deliberate knights, the warhorses of this visual battle were forced to use the ultimate measure: a demo video !  (drum roll, rolling thunder, pathetic music). And this is the story I want to tell you today…


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