AR Weekly – Mid September

September 15, 2014

AR-2 D-2?

The Apple Watch - Image Courtesy of Apple

The Apple Watch – Image Courtesy of Apple

Metaio | Junaio Recap

InsideAR Speaker Spotlight: Alissia Iljaitsch presenting BMW INNOVATION LIVE for Google Glass [Augmented Blog]

AR Community for Open and Interoperable Augmented Reality Experiences meets in Munich [Augmented Blog]

Augmented Reality 101 [VMA Storyboard]

Augmented Reality News

Researchers turn smartphones into augmented reality props []

Augmented reality glasses unveiled by Sony in prototype form [Mobile Commerce News]

Virtual artwork on Broadway begins this weekend [Business Journal]

Peter’s picks: Virtually, anything is possible [Aquila Style]

WATCH: Re-engineering Sight [Science Alert]

Oculus CEO Announces $31M Donation to Build a Virtual Reality Lab aat His Alma Mater, UMD [InTheCapital]

Gear Blink From Samsung Will Rival Google Glass [Load The Game]

United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and EON Reality Partner to Create Augmented Reality Training Applications for Ethiopia [Marketwired]

While You Weren’t Looking, Dell Made Android Tablets Interesting Again [Gizmodo]

Samsung Gear Blink arriving next year to take on Google Glass [Phones Review]

Will Apple’s smartwatch mean the premature death of Google Glass? [The Boston Globe]

Augmented reality makes its way into the “home of the future” [Mobile Commerce News]

Oculus Rift SDK2 headsets to feature at Digital Nationz []

Newsbyte: SAP to Showcase New Augmented Reality Apps at Super Mobility Week Powered by CTIA [MarketWatch]

Augmented Reality: Perfecting and Preserving Surgical Skills []

Wearable tech Turns Fiction into Sensational Reality [iQ]

Upcoming Events

InsideAR Munich, October 29 -30th [Register Here]

Pick of the Week

Smartwatch this, smartwatch that, everyone is talking about the Apple Smartwatch and whether or not it will break or make the smartwatch industry. While the whole array of new Apple products is very cool, we’re much more excited about the Dell Venue 8 7000 that was announced last week. It may not have the most. . . original name, but it does boast a world-facing Intel RealSense depth camera. With a world-facing depth camera, even more powerful Augmented Reality applications can be created, including a stronger SLAM and real-time 3D occlusion. The video below provides a good overview of the device. We can’t wait to see what this tablet and Intel RealSense cameras can do with Augmented Reality!

InsideAR Speaker Spotlight: Alissia Iljaitsch presenting BMW INNOVATION LIVE for Google Glass

September 15, 2014

InsideAR Munich 2014

Welcome to our fifth edition of our InsideAR Speaker Spotlight series.

Alissia Iljaitsch, Executive Director Vectorform

Alissia Iljaitsch, Executive Director Vectorform

For our fifth edition on the InsideAR Speaker Spotlight we are proud to present Alissia Iljaitsch, Executive Director at Vectorform. Alissia’s career has taken her to the headquarters of leading automotive brands and with Vectorform she works closely with the design and development team tailoring digital experiences for companies such as Volkswagen AG, BMW AG and Microsoft Deutschland.

In the Speaker Spotlight she will talk about her latest project with Google Glass and her experiences with Augmented Reality. Let’s have a closer look!

Alissia, what are you going to present at InsideAR 2014?

Alissia Iljaitsch: I am very proud to be able to present our BMW INNOVATION LIVE. augmented reality case study for Google Glass. The object recognition of the BMW i8 was realized with the Metaio SDK. My presentation will allow a look behind the scenes of the design, development and project management process of the highly innovative experience.

Have you ever attended InsideAR before and what was the most exciting part for you at previous events?

AI: It will be my second time attending the InsideAR here in Munich. In August 2013 Vectorform started development for Google Glass and I was inspired by the opportunities the Metaio SDK offered for the new hardware. After the event our engineers and user experience specialist started evaluating the possibilities that would allow us to create a world class augmented reality experience for our clients. The BMW i8 product presentation in combination with Google Glass was the perfect fit for demonstrating the capabilities of the new device to the public audience.


What is the next challenge in AR that you would like to see overcome?

AI: With the introduction of data glasses augmented reality has the chance to take a big leap ahead, since the physical barrier of the mobile device is eliminated and the experience will feel more natural. However, it will be becoming more and more important that the user experience design is perfectly adjusted to the user´s environment to prevent a gimmicky look and feel of the superimposed content. In my speech at the InsideAR conference I will present Vectorform´s design principle of the Natural User Environment (NUE), which is a concept that focusses on factoring in the environment into wearable application design.

What is your personal vision of the future of AR? What Application do you wish you had today?

AI: The latency of object recognition is still a caveat. Users love an instant and quick response, but the speed for object recognition depends on a lot of external factors as light conditions, battery-life and processing power of the device. As the device capabilities improve we see huge steps towards providing the best experience for the end user.

The concepts for superimposing additional contents are infinite. Starting from the simple use of map applications for orientation to massive gaming scenarios.

Vectorform currently develops the “Nargoo” application for spatial orientation of dementia patients. I believe that these augmented reality applications will make true impact on society in the future, especially the medical space offers endless possibilities.


Thanks Alissa! We are looking forward to welcoming you at InsideAR Munich! Want to see Vectorform’s Google Glass demo? Watch the video below!

 InsideAR Munich takes place on October 29th and 30th, 2014 at the Kleine Olympiahalle in Munich. Learn more at

Need a ticket? Early Bird registration ends on 30th of September. Register here:

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AR Community for Open and Interoperable Augmented Reality Experiences meets in Munich

September 9, 2014

ISMAR 2014 Munich

In conjunction with ISMAR 2014 hosted by TU Munich this week the AR Community for Open and Interoperable Augmented Reality Experiences will meet in the Metaio offices on Saturday, 13th of Sept. The face-to-face community meetings are designed to promote the discussion among ecosystem stakeholders for the development of open and interoperable AR content and experiences.

The community innitiated by Christine Perey is working together actively to reach its main goal of the advancement of an open and interoperable AR. As it is a grassroots initiative, there is no formal administrative structure for this community. All those who are currently working towards open Augmented Reality content and experiences are invited to present the status of their activities and participate in this active global community. Additionally, companies and individuals who are interested or wish to contribute their projects to the advancement of interoperable AR are welcome.

To get more information about the AR Community and to join the meeting in Munich you will find more details on Christine Perey’s website. Session descriptions and speakers are available on the meeting agenda page.

Here is a quick preview for the programme on Day 1 and Day 2:



AR Weekly – Early September

September 8, 2014

Think and wonder, wonder and think.


Experience the power of the bookbook™! (Image Courtesy of IKEA and YouTube)

Metaio | Junaio Recap

InsideAR Speaker Spotlight: Gina Chung [Augmented Blog]

InsideAR Beijing – A Quick Preview [Augmented Blog]

Join our next webinar: “Engine Creative and Tesco Discover – AR Publishing for Brands” [Augmented Blog]

Augmented Reality News

Developers react: What it’s like to be making games for Gear VR [Gamasutra]

Meet the Scientists: Dr. Josh Kvavle [Armed With Science]

Watch out Google, Sony’s coming at’cha with its Smart EyeGlass AR specs (hands-on) [Pocket-lint]

Prettify yourself in Panasoic’s augmented reality mirror [WIRED UK]

Apple’s iPhone-based augmented reality navigation concept has ‘X-ray vision’ features [Apple Insider]

New Wedding Dress App Uses ‘Augmented Reality Technology’ for Virtual Try-Ons [ABC News]

Augmented reality – how can it enhance the future of football? []

Mobile app designed for Google Glass reads facial expressions [Mobile Commerce News]

Optinvent ORA-1 Developer Edition smartglasses hit Kickstarter [SlashGear]

Cotton On Launches Global Augmented Reality Inititative [Power Retail]

Augmented Reality, Other Trainers for Complex Disease [Mimic Technologies Blog]

‘Smart packaging’ solutions for connected shoppers [Sys-Con Media]

Mobile games are coming to Google Glass [Mobile Commerce News]

Could these augmented reality headsets be the future of theme parks? [Daily Mail Online]

Revamping Content with Augmented Reality [SFAMA]

The War for Our Digital Future: Virtual Reality vs. Integral Reality [WIRED]

Upcoming Events

No webinar this week folks!

Thomas Alt at Intel’s IDF14 – Creating Immersive Augmented Reality Experiences on Android Mobile Platforms Based on Intel Architecture using Metaio SDK [IDF14 San Francisco]

InsideAR Munich, October 29th – 30th [Register Here]

Pick of the Week

When it comes to technological innovations, no other company breaks down barriers like IKEA. With their latest product, the bookbook™, IKEA stands to break ground in the tech industry in ways that we could only have imagined. Check out their latest innovation in the video below and get excited for that they have in store!

#innovation #tech #siliconSweden #dohashtagsevenworkonWordpress?

InsideAR Speaker Spotlight: Gina Chung

September 8, 2014

InsideAR Munich 2014

Welcome to our fourth edition of our InsideAR Speaker Spotlight series.

Meet Gina Chung!

For our fourth edition of the InsideAR Speaker Spotlight, we are happy to introduce Gina Chung, Project Manager, DHL Trend Research at Deutsche Post DHL. Gina has been working with DHL’s innovation division since 2012 where she is currently leading the Augmented Reality initiative with the purpose of identifying and evaluating the potential of Augmented Reality across the supply chain. She works closely together with DHL’s leading customers, industry partners and research institutes in order to drive innovation topics within DHL. She also scouts new trends and supports the Trend Research partner network.

What are you going to present at InsideAR 2014?

Gina Chung: I will be talking about DHL’s research & innovation activities as well as why we are interested and excited about Augmented Reality. I will also cover some of the areas where we see Augmented Reality having the potential to transform logistics processes.

Have you ever attended InsideAR before and what was the most exciting part for you at previous events?

GC: I haven’t had the chance to attend before so I am very much looking forward to this event.

What is the next challenge in AR that you would like to see overcome?

GC: I would like the future generation of AR glasses/HUDs to be robust enough for the tough logistics environment – stronger materials, less wires (from external battery packs and processors) and higher resolution cameras that can also work in dark settings.

What is your personal vision of the future of AR? What Application do you wish you had today?

GC: In the near future, I envisage that AR smart glasses/HUDs are used widely, not by everyday consumers, but by workers in industries where hands-free operations are advantageous. As for an App I wish I had today? I have so many, you’ll have to ask me at the conference to explain all of them!

Be sure to check out Gina’s presentation “Augmented Reality & Logistics – A Perfect Match?” at InsideAR Munich where she’ll be discussing DHL’s innovation unit and trends they’re researching including Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, 3D Printing, and of course, Augmented Reality. There will also be an overview of DHL’s latest report “Augmented Reality in Logistics” that you can read up now and discuss at the event!

That’s it from us for this week – be sure to visit last week’s spotlight and if you’d like to watch some of the presentations from last year’s InsideAR event, check out our InsideAR YouTube playlist.


 InsideAR Munich takes place on October 29th and 30th, 2014 at the Kleine Olympiahalle in Munich. Learn more at

Need a ticket? Register here:

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InsideAR Beijing – A Quick Preview

September 4, 2014

InsideAR Beijing present

As with many industries, the Chinese market for AR has been rapidly growing – both in terms of industrial interest and consumer adoption. Looking at Junaio use alone, we have noticed huge surge in usage since it was localized to the Chinese version known as Moyan (or, “Magic Window” in English). It certainly appears that Augmented Reality is gaining traction in the world’s most populace nation. With the newest edition of InsideAR beginning tomorrow, we decided to put together a quick preview of the event:

Expo Floor

The Marriot Beijing City Wall features a large conference hall for our keynote speakers and presentations. With the Expo Hall a quick walk away, you can be sure that you won’t miss any of the action. Demos include Metaio 3D tracking on a automobile, next-gen AR furniture apps, Metaio face tracking and much more.Check out the full demo list and expo floor here.insideAR Beijing expo floor


Metaio's Nicoleta Notova will be leading the morning charge.

Metaio’s Nicoleta Notova will be leading the morning charge.

InsideAR Beijing features 21 speakers who will cover a vast range of topics surrounding the Augmented Reality industry. Partners and friends from the likes of ARM, VW Shanghai, and Chengdu Economic Daily, will join us and speak about various aspects of Augmented Reality. Key topics include Augmented Reality Hardware, Industrial Augmented Reality, Augmented Reality in Print,and  Augmented Reality in Marketing. In addition to our full speaker roster, there are a series of workshops for both AR newbies and seasoned technical folk. Check out the full list of speakers here.


With 10 hours of planned programs, keynotes, demos, and seminars, you can expect InsideAR Beijing to be packed from beginning to end. Check out the full day program here.

That’s it! InsideAR Beijing begins tomorrow and we can’t wait to show everyone all the cool things that we’ve prepared. Hopefully we’ll see you there!

Join our next webinar: “Engine Creative and Tesco Discover – AR Publishing for Brands”

September 3, 2014

Using Augmented Reality for printing products is nothing new. However, many brands have recently begun to recognize that AR technology can indeed bring additional value to catalogues, brochures and product packaging. Experimenting over the last several years, they have realized that the technology is now stable, fast and affordable -even for companies with smaller marketing budgets. With augmented catalogues and well thought-out AR applications, the technology can cover a wide range of possibilities: from delivering additional product information to costumers, to directly integrated online stores. Moreover, brands could easily turn their print material into an interactive showroom.

Engine Creative, a UK based company, created a very great example for Tesco, a multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer. The Tesco Discover App enhances several Tesco printing products via Augmented Reality and brings them to life. Engine Creative’s Chris Dun and Matt Key will join our next webinar this Thursday and will discuss the Tesco Discover platform in relation to their continued development with Metaio’s workflow and features. They will be approaching from both a technical and creative viewpoint; looking at the use and development of AR for brands. As examples, we will cover four AR campaigns from 2014 that have been developed to drive in-store shopper engagement, on packaging and across Tesco Publications.

Join us for the webinar this Thursday, September 4, 8am PDT/ 5pm CET and register here: Metaio Developer Portal.


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