Weekest Links, 2014 Consumer Electronics Show Edition

January 15, 2014

CES and desist. 

Kobayashi-san of Epson

Kobayashi-san of Epson repairs the Mitsubishi Electric unit with augmented reality, and honor. 

We just came back from a riveting and harrowing 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). For those of you who have never attended, CES is a never-ending journey consisting of smoke-filled casinos, endless lines, iPhone cases, and strange and confusing conference food. But the chance to see many of the gadgets and technology that will be released later this year along with 150,000 other attendees keeps us going back year after year. And, in addition to a strong showing by augmented reality and wearable technology, CES was full of innovations like smart home tech, drones, robots, 3-D printing and more.

CES 2014 Wrap-Up:

  • 10 Innovations from CES you should know about [Business Insider]
  • 2014 CES: Hardware Startups are big at Consumer Electronics Show [LA Times]
  • Android dominates Apple at CES 2014 [Business Insider]
  • 5 trends we noticed at CES [Digital Trends]
  • CES 2014: Auto Tech Developers Getting Into the Fast Lane [Time Warner NY1]
  • CES 2014 proves that wearables are still a work in progress [TechCrunch]
  • The story of CES as told by Tweeted cries for help [Digiday]

Augmented Reality @ CES:

  • CES: Wearables break out all over the body [USA Today]
  • CES 2014: Best in Show [ZDNet]
  • Epson introduces new Moverio glasses with head-motion tracking and camera [engadget]
  • Metaio leads next-generation augmented reality on wearables at CES 2014 [blog]
  • Augmented Reality smart-glasses impress at CES 2014 [Mobile Marketing Watch]
  • Wearables with augmented reality are mind-blowing – and an ethical nightmare [CNET]
  • Metaio integrates 3-D augmented reality into Intel RealSense SDK [blog]

Upcoming Events

  • Back to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2014! Metaio will be in the App Planet once again- stay tuned for more!
  • South By Southwest Interactive 2014, Metaio’s Trak Lord will speak on a panel entitled “DIY Everything with In-Car Augmented Reality” [panel info]

Pick of CES: The AirDroid Pocket Drone

Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like. There’s still time to fund these guys on their Kickstarter page, but check out this video from the CES Expo floor.

Augmented Reality and Security – 5 Fascinating Use Cases

July 12, 2013

Introducing Emily Wachelka, the newest contributor the Augmented Blog

Augmented Reality has nearly infinite possible fields of application: Education, gaming, mobile commerce, product presentation, art, and so much more. Using AR technology to increase security effectiveness is a great example of the versatility of the technology. Here are some examples of creative uses of Augmented Reality in security:


Image via TU Wien, Copyright: Patrycja Bosowski, Universität Aachen

1. Firefighter helmet equipped with Smart Glasses – TU Vienna

As part of the project PROFITEX, an EU project to increase work safety for fire fighting interventions,  Researchers at the TU Vienna have developed a concept for a fire fighting helmet with smart glasses.  The glasses are equipped with 3-D and infrared cameras to provide better orientation, visibility, and safety for firefighters. Infrared sensors can pinpoint unseen hotspots in a fire, and 3-D modeling can map a building as the firefighters make their way through, sending information outside to additional helpers as a guide. Researchers hope to make use of Infrared Laser technology to enable firefighters to locate people trapped in a fire even when smoky conditions make normal vision impossible.  A promising, fascinating use of AR technology.

Visit the Website of the  TU Wien.

2. CrowdOptic Security – Enhanced Security Vision

crowdoptic cluster

CrowdOptic’s clustering technology, visualized

CrowdOptic has specialized in apps that use sensor data from smartphones, augmented reality glasses and archival media file metadata to calculate user sightlines and sightline intersections – highlighting so-called “crowd hot-spots”. Using this technology, CrowdOptic then “applies complex algorithms to detect sudden shifts and anomalies in crowd attention patterns that could potentially signal disruptions or threats – alerting response personell to security threats.” According to this article, this could also potentially help in disaster response situations. It looks like we are still away from an ideal solution, but this application is a potentially powerful use of crowd sourced data combined with Augmented Reality technology.

3. Metz XS 180° Firetruck Ariel

Scan this picture with Junaio

Scan this picture with Junaio

Metz has created a junaio channel to present the amazing functionality of its brandnew 180° rotatable firetruck ariel. “What’s special about the Metz XS is its innovative articulated boom: The pivot point on the ladder moves inward, like a jack knife. The ladder sections open to a distance of three rungs. That enables the articulated section to be lowered at an angle, achieving a new dimension on maneuverability despite the additional 900 mm length of the cage boom.”

The AR channel showcases great range of the XS ariel boom on even very narrow streets.  A great way to visualize technology that would otherwise be difficult to present. Developed by Otterbach.

4. Improving Construction Safety – Michigan Engineering University

Professor Vineet Kamat of Michigan Engineering University is developing an augmented reality technology for visualizing construction sites, enabling contractors to make changes in plans and to test various scenarios before they actually start building. Not only would this technology prevent wasted resources, it would also increase safety for both workers and future occupants by avoiding potential errors before construction even begins.

5. Augmented Government – the Deloitte Report

deloitte airport security

an example of AR being used for airport security

A recently published report by Deloitte – GovLab details the ways in which Augmented Reality is used by the government, and envisions future scenarios where AR could improve efficiency and offer new opportunities in areas such as airport security, border protection, emergency management, and government training, among others. This video summarizes the report’s fascinating (and occasionally chilling) vision for the future. The report can be downloaded here – or watch the summary video here.

P.S.: Read the Forbes article by John Nosta: “‘OK Glass, Save A Life.’ The Application Of Google Glass In Sudden Cardiac Death” to see how Google Glass could help saving lives.


Weekest Links July 1 – July 7

July 8, 2013

It’s like bro do you even weekest

Google Glass Fight Capture

Explorer records first fight using Google Glass in Jersey; no one is surprised, via CNET

Metaio | Junaio Recap

  • Enterprise to drive $2.5 Billion Augmented Reality Market, according to ABI Research [ZDNet]
  • Check out the new “Street Drum Corps” Las Vegas Junaio channel [website][blog]
  • Sappi “Print &” Highlights Augmented Reality for Print Media [blog]
  • Junaio channel “Penguin Navi” wins Silver at Cannes Lions Festival [blog]
  • Working for Metaio: Emily Wachelka [blog]

There are things that are happening

  • The first arrest filmed on Google Glass? [CNET]
  • Using Google Glass: A series of awkward encounters [Apple Insider]
  • Google Glass gives Tesla Owners a new remote control [PC Mag]

  • How Augmented Reality Ads could change everything [CNET]
  • Sony’s crazy “The Playroom” Playstation 4 demo comes pre-loaded on the system [engadget]
  • Ok Glass, Save a Life: The application of Google Glass in sudden cardiac death [Forbes]


  • 30 Events in Augmented Reality, but only one InsideAR [Mashable]
  • Check out Metaio at the 2013 SIGGRAPH conference at NVIDIA’s theater, July 23 [event]
  • Don’t miss Metaio at the 2013 ISMAR conference, Adelaide Australia, Oct 1-4 [event]
  • There’s no place like InsideAR, there’s no place like InsideAR, there’s no place like InsideAR [Oct 10-11]

Rick of the week: Playstation 4 “Playroom”

Every PS4 might not ship with the Playstation “Eye”, but the demo is preloaded. Could be interesting, but shouldn’t we be focusing on AR interfaces outside of the couch?


Weekest Links, Solstice Edition

June 24, 2013

*Translated from Japanese.

Augmented Penguins with Junaio

It seems AR navigation app that penguins us to guide to Sunshine Aquarium. I want to use!* [article]

Metaio | Junaio Recap

  • Metaio wants to bring Augmented Reality everywhere [Mashable]
  • Trak Lord discusses the impact of AR on everyday life in this short documentary on the Augmented Reality industry [video]
  • What’s up with Metaio? [Wired - Beyond the Beyond]
  • Augmented Reality as a maintenance and service tool for BOSCH [Junaio blog]
  • Augmented Reality made easier with the Metaio Creator [Moosylvania]


  • If you’re in San Francisco this week, don’t miss Metaio at the 2013 Mobile Commerce World [event]
  • Check out Metaio at the 2013 SIGGRAPH conference at NVIDIA’s theater, July 23 [event]
  • There’s no place like InsideAR, there’s no place like InsideAR, there’s no place like InsideAR [Oct 10-11]

More AWE 2013 stuff

  • Metaio CTO Peter Meier presents on the AREngine and the importance of form factors [video]
  • Director of Metaio R&D Ben Blachnitzky talks about the Metaio SDK at AWE 2013 [video]
  • Jacob Ervin of Metaio discusses proper content management at AWE 2013 [video]
  • Live demo of Clandestine Anomaly, an amazing augmented reality game from Zenfri built on the Metaio SDK and Unity [video]
  • Founder of Zenfri, Corey King’s presentation at the 2013 Augmented World Expo [video]
  • Gabe Weiss of Mitsubishi Electric presents the most outstanding enterprise application of AR, powered by Metaio [video]
  • Naomi Kawase of NGRAIN showcases their 3-D industrial visualization solution, powered by Metaio tracking & recognition [video]

There are things that are happening

  • In the shadow of Google Glass, an Augmented Reality industry revs its engines [The Verge]
  • Could Google Glass be the next iPhone? [CNET]

Pick of the week: Infinity AR Concept Video

Remember that creepy dystopian-future-of-augmented-reality video, Sight? This is like that, but through rose-colored glasses.

Congrats to Helen and her team on the 1.5M views. 

In the hotseat: augmented reality user experience designer Q&A

May 10, 2013

Great to see companies like NGRAIN utilizing the Metaio SDK for complex industrial augmented reality experiences. Like Metaio, NGRAIN will be showcasing their projects at this year’s Augmented World Expo. If you plan on attending, use code AWE3META at registration to receive a 200.00 discount courtesy of Metaio.

If you’d like to learn more about industrial augmented reality solutions from Metaio, please visit http://metaio.com/products/engineer

High-precision Augmented Reality: Metaio Engineer Complements FARO Measuring ARM

May 3, 2013

Metaio supports the right to bear arms.

3-D Measurement technology provider, and longtime Metaio partners FARO recently wrote a post on their experiences with Metaio’s vertical solution software for the Industrial sector, the Metaio Engineer. We thought we’d share it with our readers as well, just in case any of you missed it.

In case some of you didn’t know (or forgot), Metaio began as an enterprise to provide industrial solutions to manufacturing and automotive firms, and it’s really only since the dawn of the smartphone that Metaio has seriously pursued marketing and advertising use-cases for AR.

For greater insight on Metaio’s industrial history, you can watch this Industrial AR video playlist, read the Metaio Engineer Whitepaper or scan past blog articles featuring industrial augmented reality. In the meantime, enjoy FARO’s post, and make sure to visit their website for more information on state-of-the-art 3-D precision and measurement technology. And if you want to see FARO first-hand, don’t miss the 2013 InsideAR Conference in Munich, October 10-11.

Thanks again to FARO, and enjoy the post!


Augmented Reality means to enrich and enhance the user’s view of the real world with additional digital information, e.g. a virtual 3D-model that originates from CAD.

This content is made visible on a monitor, a tablet PC, within the user’s field of view using a head-mounted display or projected onto the respective area. Virtual and actual realities merge in the most natural manner that is possible.

metaio Engineer is software that brings Augmented Reality to the industrial field. And it is a perfect complement to an existing measuring arm. The best of both worlds is combined: a quick and direct visualization with the precision of a measuring arm.

With the new release of metaio Engineer 5.0, an interface to support FARO measuring arms is already built-in. All necessary features are integrated by default, from calibration to functions that support your daily tasks.

Previously, in case of quality control every relevant point had to be measured to discover deviations between the CAD model and the related assembly part. metaio Engineer and Augmented Reality accelerate this process by identifying errors and selectively measuring deviations.

These are the basic steps to set up an Augmented Reality system based on the FARO Edge:

  1. Mount an industry camera with available adapters onto the grip of the measuring arm
  2. Calibrate camera and spatial relation between camera and measuring arm
  3. Determine position of the arm in relation to the subject of analysis
  4. Visualize a CAD model onto the existing model, part or product
  5. Compare planned vs. actual state, measurements and more features


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