Xenium Digital: Augmented Reality made in India

July 30, 2014

xenium-logoXenium Digital, a Metaio Certified Developer  from India, is constantly researching and developing new ways that Augmented Reality can be used to enhance consumer experience in the Indian Market. Thus, it is not a surprise to see many well-known clients from industries such as medicine, automobile, real estate and entertainment team up with Xenium to create AR on ground activations and mobile apps for their end consumers.

AR Therapy for Cancer Patients

AR_therapy_2The interactive “AR Therapy for Cancer Patients”  app is a perfect solution for medical professionals who are trying to promote their anti-cancer drugs at medical conferences. This dedicated AR app was designed with the Metaio SDK for the iOS platform, and is targeted at highly qualified doctors. The idea was to communicate the story behind the medicine in a better way and to provide the patients with a simpler way of understanding the way these anti-cancer drugs would affect them.

The app augments a mannequin -with an ID marker – into a real patient and uses case studies to illustrate the different diseases. Then, 3D models of the drugs were presented to demonstrate their efficacy at suppressing the disease.

From 3-D oil in action to TIGERTRAC

With regards to Augmented Reality in the automotive industry – an AR app using the Metaio AR platform was developed for Castrol. The app exclusively targets dealers and sales representatives to help them promote Castrol’s recently launched product, the Magnatec Start-Stop Engine Oil.

The AR app features the new 3D oil in action. First, through the help of 3D animation, the app brings the idea behind Castrol’s new label design to life. When the label of the oil bottle is scanned with an Android powered device, the app shows the special molecules that the oil is made of with Augmented Reality. It then follows up with a video of the product’s brand story. The app is designed to work perfectly on high-end devices.

Xenium Digital, along with Lakshya Media, also created a live augmented reality activation for TVS Tyres. Their objective was to promote their latest product, the AGRI RADIAL TYRE – TIGERTRAC, at the REIFEN 2014 fair in an innovative way.

The idea was to create an AR activation featuring the Royal Bengal Tiger walking among the tires and audience members. The tigers’ movements around the AGRI RADIAL TYRE were well choreographed so to provide realistic interaction with the visitors. The visitor could also take pictures with the tigers, which were later shared with them. Created with the state of the art Metaio SDK for AR and enhanced with realistic graphics and audio, the activity effectively captivated the audience.


Lekar Hum Deewana Dil

With the release date of the movie “Lekar Hum Deewana Dil” quickly approaching, Eros International – with the expertise of Xenium Digital – wanted to promote it in the most interactive way possible. Their objective was to create a unique AR engagement platform for the audience to experience special moments with the actors. The end result was an on ground activation – created with the Metaio SDK – called Groove with Armaan and Deeksha. Visitors to Mumbai malls were able to show off their dance skills alongside the movie’s lead actors, Armaan and Deeksha, to the song “Khalifa”.

Watch the video here:

Become a Beta tester for Junaio on Android

July 25, 2014

junaio-on-android-devicesBeginning today anyone can become a Junaio Beta tester – no legal papers necessary – and for free. We publicly publish Junaio Beta releases (for Android) on a regular basis within the beta tester group before the releases are submitted into the Google play store.

How can You Join?

Simply join our Junaio Google+ Group and as soon as you are accepted as member of group you can request access to the beta testing group here. Note: we recommend that the Google + account matches your Google Play account.

Why should every Junaio developer participate?

As a member of our group you get early access to all Junaio Beta releases and learn about new features, improvements and bug fixes in advance.
Use the chance to test your current projects with upcoming releases/features to avoid any surprises with the official release.

Help us improve the stability and robustness of upcoming releases by identifying bugs and errors as early as possible.

We are looking forward to welcoming you as a Beta tester for Junaio!



Come on baby, light my fire: Light switches in a new dimension

April 7, 2014

The release of the BUSCH-JAEGER light switch application magically projects virtual light switches onto the walls of your home. 


Do you want to experience the light switch of your choice on your wall even before it is installed? Now, that’s possible with the new BUSCH-JAEGER light switch app. The new 3D-LiveView transforms a marker tacked to the wall into a deceptively realistic light switch. You can then look at the three-dimensional switch from different angles – amazingly believable. In addition to the 3-D-visualization of the complete BUSCH-JAEGER light switch line, the app also uses location based AR to determine and display sales partners in the area.  2

The marketing team of Q:marketing  has developed this Augmented Reality app with the help of the Metaio SDK.

“With augmented reality applications we offer our clients a new and innovative approach to a more intense and sustainable dialogue with their customers. Our main intention is to deliver digital added value. Metaio and its AR SDK are providing us with the technical framework for bringing our ideas to live.”, says Sascha Wenning, Q:marketing, Head of Department Screendesign & Mobile Development. 

The app is intended to strengthen the brand of BUSCH-JAEGER with an innovative approach to product presentation. The app is available for iOS and Android free of charge. The marker can be downloaded via link within the app or on the BUSCH-JAEGER website.

The application enjoys increasing popularity due to the added value it provides. It will receive further updates and new functions in the future. Up next is a tablet version for iOS.  BUSCH-JAEGER will certainly expand the AR features even further.


We’re so excited and just can’t hide it! – The new IKEA Catalog App 2014 has Metaio inside

August 7, 2013

We are very proud to be part of this very great project!

Update: The new Catalog and the App 2014 are now available in Germany! 

Image courtesy IKEA

Image courtesy IKEA

Amazing media coverage!

““Our customers want to be able to test out whether the products they’ve been inspired by in our catalog will work in their own homes – particularly when it comes to larger pieces of furniture. Offering a way of using mobile technology to enable to test products means the technology has a practical purpose and really helps customers visualize the way their homes could look.” says Peter Wright, Country Marketing Manager, IKEA UK and Ireland.

With the help of cutting-edge software, IKEA is looking to make interior decorating more fun, efficient, and less wasteful. By cutting down on returns, the company can potentially save money and energy in shipping and production costs. Sadly, you still have to go to the store in person to visit the cafeteria.” 

(Quote taken from Inhabitant.com)

“By any measure IKEA is an innovative brand and when they team up with Metaio, one of the leading Augmented Reality(AR) technology companies something interesting is bound to happen.

The 2014 IKEA Catalogue app for Android and iOS will let you place, move and share over 100 pieces of furniture in 3D AR. IKEA’s internal research showed that 14% of their customers have in the past purchased furniture of the wrong size and 70% do not know the size of their own rooms. Hence the app was created to allow consumers to visualize the size, shape, colour and positioning in situ (video below). At its worst an AR app that allows customers to see how IKEA’s products would fit into their own homes should reduce the returns of ill-fitting furniture and at best it could provide a significant increase in online sales.”

(Quote taken from 2dcode.co.uk)

“Ikea has developed a killer app for AR”

(Quote taken from fastcodesign.com)

Further articles on the Augmentedblog:  

Thank you IKEA for this amazing video! 

Xenium paves the way for Augmented Reality to India

May 23, 2013

Xenium‘s latest AR app Close up with Stars was delivered in quick time for Dharma production’s movie “Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani” in association with Mindshare, OMD and Hindustan Unilever. Closeup, India’s Market leader in gel toothpaste segment for over three decades, is collaborating as the partner of Dharma Production’s upcoming Bollywood movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. Closeup has launched a limited edition of a toothpaste pack. Each pack includes a Closeup friendship band autographed by Ranbir Kapoor & Deepika Padukone. Due to our Indian Metaio-colleague, Sudhanshu Kapoor, they are both “currently the biggest heart-throbs in India”!

Sudhanshu Kapoor, Business Development Manager OEMs, with Naina in the perfect CloseUp moment! :-)

Sudhanshu Kapoor, Business Development Manager OEMs at metaio, with Naina in the perfect CloseUp moment! :-)

The occasion witnessed the launch of a Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – centric Closeup TV commercial introducing the special Closeup packs with autographed friendship bands. In addition, with a live demo, the lead pair of the movie – Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone also announced the launch of a unique Closeup with Stars Augmented Reality application, now available on Google play store and soon for iOS. The stars also publicized an online event on May 28, wherein they would host an exclusive webchat on http://www.facebook.com/closeupindia


Get up close with Badtameez Bunny and Nerdy Naina in a whole new way! Customers could watch the stars of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (YJHD) rock to Badtameez Dil on the special new Closeup pack. All people have to do is download the Closeup With Stars app on your phone and scan the crazy duo’s pic on the pack. And voilá, the pic comes alive on the phone. What’s more is that you can enjoy exclusive access to music and videos from the movie and even get a pic clicked with Ranbir and Deepika!


Xenium provides comprehensive solutions for mobile AR apps. For this special case, the programming team used the most advanced AR software tools from Metaio and the design team optimized the video and animation content to create this very special AR experience. N. Md. Parveez, CEO of Xenium, says: “After overcoming all challenges and successfully launching the Closeup with Stars-App, new doors and opportunities are opened for video AR technology on mobile devices.”

Toshiba & Concepteers Augment Living Rooms

May 7, 2013

Meanwhile, in Germany.

Metaio and Junaio partner Concepteers GmbH has released yet another very cool project. This time, they worked with Toshiba Germany to place Toshiba products directly into the mobile user’s living room using Augmented Reality. Or office, or car, or basically anywhere you could use a phone!

The Toshiba Digital Living Room app works together with Toshiba’s Product Catalog to allow mobile users in the DACH region to visualize reduced-scale products like  L4, M6, L7, M8 and M9 Televisons or the Qosmio X870, Satellite P870 and Satellite U920t notebooks.

Michael Mathieu, Managing Director of Concepteers, says: “We went with Metaio as the AR provider since it is widespread and offers an advanced AR feature set that allows us to develop the best possible AR experience for our customers.”

Concepteers is a valued partner of Metaio, and continues to deliver amazing augmented reality projects with our technology. Check them out on Facebook or visit their website to learn more about the company and the projects they release.

The app is available today for both Google Play and iOS devices. You can visit Toshiba’s website to learn more about the augmented reality app at http://toshiba.de/ar or just scan this convenient QR code with your device (hopefully using Junaio!) to be directed automatically to the experience.

Metaio adds 3-D object tracking to Augmented City Platform

March 14, 2012



Since we announced the release a few weeks ago, we’ve been ranting and raving about how amazing it is from the magical fountains of Barcelona at Mobile World Congress to the foggy and hilly streets of San Francisco at the Game Developers Conference (turns out SF and Barcelona are sister cities. Who knew?!).

Less than six months ago we set out with the mission of becoming the leading Augmented Reality platform for mobile developers, and this latest release marks the continuation of providing the most advanced, most convenient and most cost-effective solutions for mobile developers to create rich, robust mobile AR applications.

This is not your average, everyday 2-D image and surface recognition. We’ve been doing that for years. And thanks to a kick-ass R&D team and our patented Gravity Aligned Feature Descriptors (GAFD), we now do it better than almost anyone else. In addition, we now offer complete 3-D object tracking and recognition. That’s right- the ability to overlay entire complex real-world objects with digital and 3-D information.  Other AR softwares may promise “3-D Object Tracking”, but 2-D image recognition and tracking on a single surface of a 3-D object (like a box) is still just 2-D. Trust me. We know what we’re talking about.

We called our first foray into this kind of technology the “Augmented City”; we’ve since expanded that idea into an entire platform that will empower and enable the next-generation of user interfaces. The best part? It comes at essentially no charge. Develop and deploy unlimited Android and iOS apps without the hassle of server encryption; import your own content management system; recognize and track ID Markers, images, 2-D surfaces and real-world 3-D objects; take advantage of our existing, powerful 3-D rendering engine and- oh, did I mention we’re compatible with Unity? Yep. You can now develop games that allow your users to interact in real-time with the real world. Pretty cool, right?

Apps developed with our software get deployed with a brief metaio splash screen during startup and an almost imperceptible “powered by metaio” watermark in the camera view. Does this cause you to lose sleep at night? Then grab a Custom Branding Option and go crazy. And if you want to be part of a growing industry in dire need of more creatively-driven content and full of business opportunities, contact us to enroll in our Certified Developer program. Fans of metaio will recall that we have a very similar (and very successful) program for junaio Developers; all you have to do is demonstrate your prowess and competence with the technology and we’ll add you to our network of trusted partners where we’ll provide support and (most importantly) business opportunities. We just welcomed our first Mobile SDK Certified Developer yesterday, and look what they’ve already accomplished with our software.

For 10 years, we’ve been devoted exclusively to computer-vision technology- whether it was mobile, web, offline, or customized industrial installations.

This is metaio, The Augmented Reality Company. And we’re making the digital a more natural experience every day.


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