Two Weeks of Weekest Links

April 16, 2012

Something weekest this way comes. 

“The Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge”, Anon., ca. 1937, last known giant Ubermensch pictured. After installing the bridge, he sank back into the ocean, never to be seen again except for Oktoberfest every year.

In the world of metaio and junaio:

junaio 3.6 is now available for iOS and Android! [post]

MEDIA Magazine, “Augmented Reality Comes to Mobile”, by Trak Lord [article]

Circa – The Evolution of Image (a Kickstarter Project built with the metaio Mobile SDK) [kickstarter page]

Steve Bull is debuting a new Art Installation powered by junaio [blog]

We welcomed Digital Delta Design as junaio Certified Developer [post]

CityView AR mobile app preserves past and present of quake-afflicted Christchurch, NZ [blog]

Certified Developer Augmented Minds covered in gizmag, “Augmented reality brings jigsaw puzzles to life” [article]

Learn more about metaio and junaio’s affiliation with the VENTURI project [post 1] [post 2]

Business 2 Community, “10 Mind-Blowing Augmented Reality Campaigns” [article]

junaio used for Location-based NYC Documentary [video]

Media & Entertainment Technologies, “Metaio 3D Augmented Reality” [article]

If you want to check out the best Augmented Reality conference in the US, register for ARE 2012 with this nifty discount code (on us!): METAIO375 [event site]

Google’s Project Glass Recap

As you all know, Google released its “Augmented Reality” Project Glass concept video: 

What followed was total internet chaos. Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together- mass hysteria. Amid the internet detritus, blog flotsam and various OMG WTF’s, I have curated a list of well-written and (mostly) educated responses. 

Gene Becker, “Google’s Project Glass Is A New Model For Personal Computing” [blog post]

Christine Perey,”Project Glass: The Tortoise and The Hare” [blog post]

Blair MacIntyre, “Oh no, Google, why that video?” [blog post]

Sally Applin, “Google Glasses? Heads up!” [post]

Wired, “Google Glasses Face Serious Hurdles, Augmented-Reality Experts Say” [article]

L.A. Times, “Google’s Project Glass: Feedback rolls in … ouch!” [article]

The Atlantic, “Google Glasses and the Myth of Augmented Reality” [article]

Search Engine Watch, “6 Funny Google Project Glass Parody Videos [article]

Semantically Augmented Reality Pick of the Week

Let’s not split hairs, but this is definitely one way to go about A-ing the R. Hats off to TNT for being so creative in launching their Belgian channel.


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