Feel your next holiday destination with Junaio! – An Example for an Augmented Reality Tourism Catalog

October 8, 2014

A guestpost by Vanessa Oswald


‘Mein Urlaub 2015′ – Scan all pages and get further information

Have you ever heard of a place called Probstei? No? What a shame! Let me give you a quick impression of one of the most beautiful places in Germany, right at the shore of the Baltic Sea – the real north, as they call it (That’s right, George RR Martin would be jealous, for sure). It has been a sanctuary for German farmers and fellow countrymen for nearly 800 years and is now capturing the attention of countless tourists every year. Still, not many people know about the full potential and possibilities the very north of Germany offers.

Nevertheless, the ide stampe agency certainly found a cool way to attract people’s attention. By using augmented reality and Metaio’s Junaio browser, they introduced the ‘Mein Urlaub 2015′ catalogue (My Holiday 2015) this year, which features a whole set of varied augmented reality applications, taking your mind off the looming winter and back to sunny days at the Baltic Sea. Discover the beautiful coastal landscape, while sitting at home in your comfy pajamas!

How to Leverage AR in Tourism

Almost every single one of the 115 pages has been augmented with useful content to make preparing your trip easier and to give you a better understanding of local culture, countryside and can-do’s. The features are as amazing as they are diverse: You’re interested in surfing? Then take a look at the wind and weather forecast for the following days with a simple tap on the corresponding page.


Oh, you’re more of a hiking person? No problem! The catalogue offers you different scenic routes to explore, just by scanning the matching page. Which one would you like? Tough choice, huh? No worries, each route has detailed information embedded, to make your selection easier. The range of features doesn’t stop there, of course. You can watch videos, open slideshows, check opening hours of museums or the local event calendar in general… the list goes on and on.

Many of the ads in the catalogue have been augmented, as well. You no longer need to type in a phone number or link to contact a hotel, a theater or even a restaurant. Simply tap the phone button while hovering over the ad and your device will do the trick without any effort on your part, at all.

The options are endless, making augmented reality one of the most innovative, colorful and valuable tools in touristic advertising today. The ‘Mein Urlaub 2015′ catalogue sets a perfect example on how to leverage AR in touristic use cases combined with a maximum of user comfort.

As always, we prepared a little tidbit for you. Simply open Junaio and scan the image below, to see the workings of the ‘Mein Urlaub 2015′ catalogue for yourself. If you are hungry for more, explore the entire magazine. Enjoy – but brace yourself: we still have to withstand the winter, before it’s vacation time once more.

Scan this image with Junaio to experience the AR catalog

Scan this image with Junaio to experience the AR catalog


InsideAR Speaker Spotlight: Valerie Riffaud Cangelosi of Epson Europe

October 6, 2014

InsideAR Munich 2014

Meet Valerie Riffaud Cangelosi of Epson Europe!

Meet Valerie Riffaud Cangelosi of Epson Europe!

Welcome to our ninth edition of our InsideAR Speaker Spotlight series!

For our ninth edition of the InsideAR Speaker Spotlight, we are happy to introduce Valerie Riffaud Cangelosi, New Market Development Manager of Epson Europe. Valerie focuses on Head Mounted Displays and Sensing technologies, but her long history at Epson Group has brought her from her early work as a Product Manager for the French subsidiary in 2002. Before that she served as a Marketing Manager for the French startup, Future Sound Technologies. There she worked with the team that developed the first connected HIFI device aimed at streaming music.

What are you going to present at InsideAR 2014?

Valerie Riffaud Cangelosi: This Spring, Epson introduced the first Android–based see-through, binocular augmented reality glasses – the Moverio BT-200. We will use the event as an opportunity to explain how Epson developed this advanced device and why we feel it will unlock the potential AR has to change the way companies work.


Real "see-through" AR on the Epson Moverio BT-200

Real “see-through” AR on the Epson Moverio BT-200

Have you ever attended InsideAR before and what was the most exciting part for you at previous events?

VRC: Last year I attended InsideAR for the first time and was impressed by the profile and know-how of the attendees; they worked in a multitude of major industries and are already taking their first steps into the world of AR.

What is the next challenge in AR that you would like to see overcome?

VRCAR represents one of the largest opportunities to completely change the way companies work. With the emergence of smart glasses, it’s time to rethink how information is provided and accessed. The Moverio BT -200 projects an image centered in the user’s field of view, and using them turely demonstrates how devices such as this can unlock the huge possibilities inherent in AR applications.

In the case of AR applications, less is more. It’s about reshaping the entire way we design apps to remove unnecessary information and display only the most crucial content, while at the same time making the information accessible in the most natural and efficient way.

What is your personal vision of the future of AR? What Application do you wish you had today?

VRCI envision a future where smart glasses will allow the integration of and interaction with AR all around us, without us even noticing. My vision is a future where AR blends with the real world and is integrated into aspects of our personal and work lives, effortlessly providing us with the right information at the right time, without hassle.

As Valerie said, her talk “Hands free Augmented Reality Merging the Real and Digital Worlds” will explore the Moverio BT-200 (which is super exciting) and how Augmented Reality will work in the future with the Moverio and other futuristic devices.

That’s it from us for this week – be sure to visit our previous spotlight and if you’d like to watch some of the presentations from last year’s InsideAR event, check out our InsideAR YouTube playlist.


 InsideAR Munich takes place on October 29th and 30th, 2014 at the Kleine Olympiahalle in Munich. Learn more at http://www.insidear2014.com/

Need a ticket? Register here: http://www.insidear2014.com/register

 Interested in becoming a speaker? Get in touch with our team via: insidear@metaio.com

Want to join us as a journalist or become a media partner? Send us an email: press@metaio.com.

Calling all 3D buffs! Metaio Teams up with Pinshape for a Halloween 3D Printed Model Competition

October 5, 2014
Sumbit your best 3D model!

Submit your best 3D model!

3D Printing is a hot topic these days, and over here at Metaio we are big fans of the technology. Since Augmented Reality is heavily tied to 3D, we can’t help but get excited when digital 3D modelling and printing gets thrown into the mix. This is why when 3D model & printing site Pinshape approached us to support their latest competition we jumped at the chance. We’ll be awarding a free Creator license to the winner, and that’s on top of other great prizes like the newest Kast 3D printer, six months of Loot Crates and more! How do you participate in this exciting competition? See below:

The Competition:

Seeing as Halloween is almost upon us, the theme for this competition is – you guessed it – spooky creatures. To enter, just upload your own 3D creation (it can’t be one already on Pinshape) fitting the creatures theme, and check the box saying “Submit this model to the Creature Design Contest.” Once your design is entered make sure to share it on your social accounts get people voting for it! The designs with the most likes (top 10%) will be put into the final evaluation round. Once your design reaches the final evaluation round, judges will evaluate the entries based on:

  1. Design: Overall quality, novelty, innovation, detail.
  2. Ease of Printing: Compatibility with the Kast 3D Printer, description of settings needed to print included and accurate.
  3. Presentation: Design description (What is it? What is the backstory? What inspired it?), high quality design pictures (Get bonus points for including photos of real printed items!), inclusion of tags.


The Rules

  1. Entries must be submitted before 23:59:59 PST, October 31, 2014
  2. Entries cannot have been previously submitted to Pinshape
  3. Entries must comply with Pinshape’s content policy
  4. Entrants must be registered with Pinshape to enter
  5. There is no fee to enter the challenge
  6. Entrants can submit as many unique entries as they would like
  7. Object must be deemed 3D printable by Pinshape
  8. Design should fit in 20cm x 15.4cm x 30cm (X,Y,Z) build area
  9. Contest open worldwide

So what are you waiting for? Get creating and enter the competition now!

As we lead up to the competition deadline, don’t forget to join our special edition webinar featuring Pinshape which will cover not only how to use AR to preview your 3D models, but how to augment them once printed too! The webinar takes place on October 23rd. Learn more at: http://dev.metaio.com/webinars/.


InsideAR Speaker Spotlight: John Puterbaugh, Ph.D., of Nellymoser

October 3, 2014

InsideAR Munich 2014

Welcome to our eighth edition of our InsideAR Speaker Spotlight series!

For our eighth edition of the InsideAR Speaker Spotlight, we are happy to introduce John Puterbaugh EVP, Chief Digital Officer, and Co-Founder of Nellymoser. An entrepreneur and technologist, John co-founded Nellymoser in March of 2000, where he and they company provide strategy, planning, development, and management of cross-media mobile and digital solutions.

Meet John Puterbaugh of Nellymoser!

Meet John Puterbaugh of Nellymoser!

What are you going to present at InsideAR 2014?

John Puterbaugh: The focus will be on mobile activated media and publishing. I will briefly review the history of mobile activated print in the U.S. and then focus on how AR is being used by print advertisers, publishes and at events. Examples, from U.S. consumer magazines such as esquire,  Marie Claire, The New Yorker, Seventeen will be shown.

Have you ever attended InsideAR before and what was the most exciting part for you at previous events?

JP: No, this is my first time. I’m looking forward to the event and being in Munich.

What is the next challenge in AR that you would like to see overcome?

JP: We are interested in tackling workflow and scale issues. Our parent company is a printer that works with thousands of retailers and publishers. We want all the pirnt media to be activated so as to be both shareable (social) and shoppable.

What is your personal vision of the future of AR? What Application do you wish you had today?

JP: We are quite interested in self-describable media and what we call actant networks and brand activation networks.

John’s talk, “Full Issue Activation of Magazines using Augmented Reality,” will cover how Augmented Reality and mobile activated print have grown in terms of scaling and monetization across a variety of print mediums. If you’re a publisher or interested in how augmented print media as changed, this is a talk you’ll not want to miss!

That’s it from us for this week – be sure to visit our previous spotlight and if you’d like to watch some of the presentations from last year’s InsideAR event, check out our InsideAR YouTube playlist.


 InsideAR Munich takes place on October 29th and 30th, 2014 at the Kleine Olympiahalle in Munich. Learn more at http://www.insidear2014.com/

Need a ticket? Register here: http://www.insidear2014.com/register

 Interested in becoming a speaker? Get in touch with our team via: insidear@metaio.com

Want to join us as a journalist or become a media partner? Send us an email: press@metaio.com.

As Easy as Coloring by Numbers – Metaio AR Creator InDesign Plugin

October 2, 2014

Guest post by Vanessa Oswald

indesignAttention, Creative Cats!

Metaio has been striving to make Augmented Reality (AR) more accessible to more content creating communities – designers, programmers, artists, publishers, etc. As a part of that mission, Metaio has created the perfect solution for all you creative geniuses out there: the Metaio AR Creator Plugin for Adobe’s InDesign. By bringing AR authoring tools to familiar software, Metaio opens up the AR community to those who might not have previously known about the tools to make AR. As SVP of Metaio’s Product Development team, Michael Kuhn, said, “By providing easy-to-learn AR functionality right inside Adobe InDesign, we are giving millions of creative professionals the ability to create original Augmented Reality experiences.”

The plugin rundown is fairly simple: it allows you to insert 2-D augmented content into your very own professional work with just a few clicks. All you have to do is open your project, analyze if your project is suitable for being properly tracked by smart devices, and create an additional AR-layer to add the content you want to be augmented. If you’ve used the Metaio Creator you’ll notice a familiar ranking system that will indicate how well your pages will track, allowing you to apply small changes on the spot.The plugin then allows you to export your project into the Creator, where you can make additional changes and position the content exactly the way you want it to appear. The options are virtually endless: Include videos, photos, graphics or a simple hyperlink and enhance your new and old projects with augmented, multidimensional craziness.

Watch the video below for a quick demonstration of the InDesign plugin.

It’s easy, it’s fast and it definitely looks cool, what more is there to say? Well actually. . . did I mention it’s free!  Yes, I’m not kidding. You can download the plugin in the Adobe Exchange Store, as well as in the Metaio Store.

You can count on Metaio not to stop here! As these new open community-accessible tools become stronger and more common, expect to see AR become more and more common among creative types everywhere!

We’ll give live demonstrations of the plugin next week at Adobe Max – the largest Adobe conference of the year, held in Los Angeles October 4th through 8th.

And of course, don’t forget to visit us at InsideAR on October 29th & 30th in Munich.

Enjoy the plugin! We are looking forward to seeing your augmented pieces of art!

Junaio: From rustical farmer fair to rollercoaster beer festival – The Oktoberfest 1910 – 2014

October 1, 2014

A guestpost by Vanessa Oswald

It’s the time of the year again, when all of Munich is flooded by millions of people, streaming in from all over the world, to get a glimpse of the most famous public festival of all time: The Oktoberfest. With this new Junaio channel, however, you don’t even need to get off your sofa to experience the rich history of the Wies’n yourself!

In the scope of a joint semester workshop of LMU Munich and Metaio, Jens Fakesch and Maximilian Hackenschmied bundled their creativity and skills under the watchful eye of Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Höhl, and created the ingenious Junaio channel Oktoberfest 1910. Among other things, it gives deep insights into the roots and history of the Wies’n – as native Bavarians call the Oktoberfest.

Breathing life into an old map


Scan the map to experience the Oktoberfest channel in Junaio

Ever wondered which one is the oldest festive tent or what the heck a Toboggan is? By scanning the map shown above, you are not only able to see a 3-D model of the historic festival area, but you can also get additional info and fun facts about each individual building by simply tapping on them. The developers used the Metaio Creator and Junaio platform to realize their brilliant vision of breathing life into an old map of the fair ground with amazing results. 140922_Oktoberfest_1910_03

Oktoberfest 1910 is planned to include another amazing feature in the future: For this one, you have to get outside and pay Oktoberfest a visit, though. Standing at the foot of the famous Bavaria statue, you will be able to scan the present Oktoberfest area (including a stunning view over Munich – for free) and receive an exact replica of what the landscape used to look like back in 1910. Past and present will collide forcefully and will leave you standing absolutely fascinated. Cool, huh? We think so, too!

140922_Instructions_02So, take a break from the hectic and crowded daily routine of 2014 and use Junaio to follow us to the year 1910! To access the channel and subsequently time travel 100 years into the past, simply scan this QR-Code or search for Oktoberfest 1910 in the Junaio Browser or even scan the map above.

Good Job, guys! You really deserve a beer now. Prost!


Experience Munich in 360°

However, if you want to explore the present-day Wies’n and are not able to visit Munich yourself, we have a special treat for you. We created a Junaio channel, which will allow you to follow our Metaio team to the Hofbräu Festzelt at Oktoberfest and experience the incredible atmosphere via 360° view. Simply scan the pictures below in Junaio and voilà! Have lots of fun – as much as we did when these pictures were taken!


Metaio Top

Scan the 360° images to meet the Metaio team on the Oktoberfest


Metaio Zoom

AR Weekly – End of September

September 29, 2014

Today’s Weather: cloudy with a chance of thund-AR

Step 1: Insert Brain Step 2: Augment (Image Courtesy of Gizmag)

Step 1: Insert Brain Step 2: Augment Step 3: ???? Step 4: Profit! (Image Courtesy of Gizmag)

Metaio | Junaio Recap

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Augmented Reality News

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Windshield could be the display screen [Automotive News]

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Microsoft’s Kinect aids in ‘augmented reality sand’ mapping tool for Marines, Army [Marine Corps Times]

Why does Augmented Reality boost sales? [AR Blog]

Why Samsung’s Google Glass Rival “Gear Blink” Is a Terrible Idea [The Motley Fool]

Upcoming Events

Adobe MAX, October 4th – 8th [Info Here]

InsideAR Munich, October 29th – 30th [InsideAR 2014]

Pick of the Week

Recently, Yahoo! released a FutureVision video covering the Tesla Suit (here it is again). The Tesla Suit is being created by a UK company called Tesla Studios (no association with that one Elon Musk company), and, in concept, looks pretty cool. The ability to feel virtual interactions will create an even more immersive experience, so we’ll have to see how this turns out. You’ll find their video below, but be warned, it is a little. . . strange to say the least.


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