Weekest Links – End of June

June 23, 2014

Tensions are high in the San Francisco office as USMNT pits off against Germany this week. Tears will shed, blood will boil, and friendships will break as the future of Group G will be decided this fateful Thursday.

Courtesy of Bloomberg TV

Courtesy of Bloomberg TV

Metaio | Junaio recap

See Asbury Park through augmented reality [App.com]

ARchive LAPL – Augmented Education [Augmented Blog]

Featured Channel: Aiguamolls Emporà – Mira què s’amage by DaH! [Junaio Blog]

Wearables Get a New Interface [EE Times]

Augmented Reality Usage – Student Survey [Augmented Blog]

Metaio is Bringing Interactivity to Every Surface [The Gadget Flow]

Augmented Reality News

Podcast Episode 40: AWE2014 Recap with Ori Inbar [AR Dirt]

Wiless Controls Inc. Acquires Next Galaxy [The Wall Street Journal]

How Technologies are Likely to Fare this Year [DataQuest]

Toronto Condo Project Uses Augmented Reality To Reach Global Buyers [Opp Connect]

Revenue generation through AR on a positive rise [Exchange 4 Media]

Google Glass goes on sale in the UK for £1,000 [Engadget]

The CNN10 Inventions: Skully [KSPR]

The Future As We See It [U of T Magazine]

Artist Turns Mondrian Works into Augmented Reality Paintings [Artnet News]

Virtual Surgery: The Operating Room Goes High-Tech [Bloomberg TV]

Wearable Technology Will Be Big In The Business World, Says Salesforce [Mobile Commerce Press]

Testing Technology: How Augmented Reality Helps Museum Visitors Appreciate Paintings [University of Chicago]

Augmented Reality Tablet Enables Designers To Sketch In 3D [Mobile Commerce Press]

Wearable Tech Is Bigger Among Developers Than Consumers [Mobile Commerce Press]

Epson’s smart glasses do AR better than Google Glass [ITBusiness.ca]

Augmented reality application released to App Store [Solid Thinking Interactive]

Upcoming Events

Webinar - Location Based Channels [Register Here]

Wearable Technologies Conference 2014, July 8 – 9 [Register Here]

InsideAR Tokyo, July 8th [Register Here]

Pick of the Week

When it comes to surgery, future wearable devices paired with augmented reality could change the way operating rooms are managed. Recently, Bloomberg interviewed Dr. Selene Parekh, one of the earliest adopters of Google Glass in surgery, who gives his thoughts about how Google Glass can be used in hospitals. Check out the video below to see what he thinks the future of health care could be with Google Glass.

ARchive LAPL – Augmented Education

June 20, 2014

ARchive LAPL

You may have seen the Junaio blog post about Professor Robert Hernandez’s class “Augmented Reality and Journalism.” The class successfully created a Junaio channel for the Los Angeles Public Library to make visits to the library more interactive. But once they were done, the students wanted to do more.

That’s when they brought in design firm Neon Roots. Neon Roots worked together with the students to transform the Junaio channel into a standalone iOS app. The end result app, ARchive LAPL, has all of the original content from the Junaio channel, plus a few added touches to give the app a little more flavor. You can use it in the library to participate in a scavenger hunt as you solve riddles and search for various augmented treasures hidden throughout the library.

ARchive LAPL is available on the App Store and you can visit the AR Journalism website for images to test out the app but to get the best experience you’ll have to visit the Los Angeles Public Library. Hopefully we’ll see you there!

neon roots banner

Augmented Reality Usage – Student Survey

June 18, 2014

The questionnaire

Five students from Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, Munich are working in conjunction with Metaio to learn as much about the augmented reality industry as possible. With augmented reality become a more prominent tool in various application fields such as Sales, Marketing, and Engineering, the students hope to learn how augmented reality is growing as a technology and where it will go in the future. We all would appreciate it if you could fill out this survey to help them in their research. Thanks!


Weekest Links – Late June

June 16, 2014

Germany won today’s match 4-0! And best of luck to team USA playing later today!

augmented reality gamers

Courtesy of The Star Online


Metaio | Junaio Recap

Thermal Camera Turns Many Things into Interactive Surfaces [MIT Technology Review]

AR Toy Competition – Extended Deadline and Meet the Judges [Augmented Blog]

Metaio Reaches 100,000 Developers [Augmented Blog]

Free Historic Augmented Reality Tour of the Asbury Boardwalk Launches June 29 [New Jersey Stage]

#ARToys: Extended Deadline + Introducing Michaela Haberlander [Toywheel]

Meet the AR Toys Competition Jury No. 1: Csongor Baranyai [Toywheel]

Metaio’s Thermal Touch and the Future of Wearable AR Input Methods [Brainberry Global]

Augmented Reality News

Microsoft rumored to have put Project Fortaleza augmented reality glasses on hold [Mobile Nations]

Augmented reality puts players into videogame action [The Star Online]

Does Wearable Technology Have a Future? [Mobile Commerce News]

Hello, Google Glass: Microsoft tries to patent touch input for eyeglass frames [Geek Wire]

Augmented Reality Signs Could Overlay Personal Maps On The Road Ahead [psfk]

Augmented reality puts players into video game action [Yahoo 7 News]

Finding 3D pose with a monocular camera [IMV Europe]

Augmented Australia 1914-2014 has a great opening in Venice [InfoLink]

Wearable Augmented-Reality Solution for Color Blindness [UCSD Computer Science and Engineering]

Google begins testing new feature for its augmented reality glasses [Mobile Commerce News]

Augmented reality road markings and signage “could be applied as a digital layer” [Dezeen and MINI Frontiers]

Upcoming Events

Webinar – TBD

SFAMA – Print & Digital Unite! How To Create Integrated Campaigns That Get Results [Register Here]

Pre-I/O Google Glass Hackathon [Register Here]

Wearable Technologies Conference 2014, July 8-9 | USA [Register Here]

Meetup – The Today and Tomorrow of Augmented Reality, June 18 [Register Here]

InsideAR Tokyo, July 8th [Register Here]

Pick of the Week

Lowe’s has created a augmented reality room dubbed the “Holoroom” to help customers visualize home improvements using digital technology. Using a series of markers places throughout a room, Lowe’s Holoroom hopes to bring the Star Trek holodeck one step closer to reality. The Holoroom will be installed in various Lowe’s stores in Toronto this year. Read more about it here.

Courtesy of CNBC

Courtesy of CNBC

AR Toys Competition – Extended Deadline and Meet the Judges

June 13, 2014

AR Toys Competition

Summer is starting to kick in and to get the ball rolling on your augmented summer, we’d like remind everyone about the AR Toy Competition currently underway! The competition is open to everyone including developers, non-developers, parents, AND children all over the world. The competition features two categories: the “AR Toymaker Award” which is specifically targeted towards adults and the “AR Junior Award” is open to children and entrants under the age of 18. Each category requires the participant to submit a concept of an augmented reality game or toy. Prizes for the winners are aimed to help bring the winning concepts into fruition.

AR Toy Game

Originally, the deadline for the competition was June 16th, but seeing as how the summer holiday has just begun, the deadline for the AR Toy Competition has been extended to June 30th. This gives more time for everyone, including kids just beginning their summer holiday.

Submitting an entry is easy: simply visit the Metaio AR Toys Competition page or the Toywheel AR Toys Competition page and follow the on screen instructions. The entries will be reviewed by a panel of judges including:

Csongor BaranyaiCsongor Baranyai – Independent Game & Narrative Designer

Michaela Haberlander

Michaela Haberlander – Funding Advisor for FilmFerneshFonds Bayern


We will update our post with the remaining judges once they have been announced by Toywheel.

Be sure to visit the Toywheel homepage and our previous post for more information about the AR Toys Competition. We look forward to seeing all the creative designs submitted by people of all ages from around the world!

AR Toys Competition logo

Metaio Reaches 100,000 Developers

June 11, 2014


That’s a big Twinkie

In 2011 Metaio’s CEO Thomas Alt dubbed 2014 to be the year that augmented reality would exist on every smartphone, and so far it has been an incredibly exciting year turning that statement into a reality. Between wearable-ready augmented reality softwareAR browser interoperability, and new technologies such as 3-D Spacial Occlusion and Thermal Touch, Metaio has been making waves in all aspects of the augmented reality industry. Today, we’re happy to share a new milestone: the Metaio developer community has grown to over 100,000 developers! We’re incredibly grateful to our community for being such an integral part in pushing us toward our dream of always on, always augmented.


How much will we grow in the future?

When Metaio released a free version of the Mobile SDK at the end of 2011, it was a major turn for the developer community. Suddenly, anyone could use Metaio’s augmented reality platform. Less than a year later, we deployed the Augmented Reality Experience Language to make the SDK available for development on multiple platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows PC. The combination of a cross-platform, free for everyone SDK was ground-breaking and by June of 2013 we had over 50,000 developers using the Metaio platform, and now, within one year, Metaio doubled its developer community. Such growth in a community stands as a testament to the technology behind the Metaio platform and the growing innovation that powers the augmented reality industry. With companies such as Facebook and Google making major purchases to get ahead in the computer vision race, augmented reality stands as an industry that will help shape the future.

Thomas AWE Big Visions

Thomas Alt presenting Big Visions at AWE 2014

Here at Metaio we like to pursue augmented reality technologies and advancements not just for augmented reality’s sake, but to make augmented reality an indispensable tool that developers can leverage for their solutions, as Thomas Alt said at the closing of this year’s AWE, “don’t promote apps as augmented reality apps, do useful apps which leverage augmented reality.” This is one of the reasons why the Metaio platform is the most diverse, multi-functional augmented reality platform available. With the newest augmented reality R&D pushed straight out to the developer community (after some polishing of course) and a constantly evolving technology platform that encompasses both hardware and software, the Metaio platform has the widest variety of tools available for developers. As the only platform to offer edge-based tracking, point cloud tracking, an internal renderer, gravity alignment, and extended tracking along with support for Unity and other proprietary rendering engines, SLAM tracking, and several additional features available on the SDK and other supporting and/or independent software solutions such as the Metaio Creator and Continuous Visual Search, Metaio is the true innovative leader in augmented reality.

But this milestone could not have been achieved without the some of the most important people in the AR community: our developers. We’d like to extend our thanks and congratulations to our entire community; we couldn’t have reached this milestone without your dedication to make the Metaio community the most diverse, successful AR community in the world. Thanks everyone! We look forward to pushing the boundaries of augmented reality technology!



Weekest Links – Mid June

June 9, 2014

When I met you in the summer, to my heARtbeat sound

A rendering of Amazon's new phone - Courtesy of BGR

A rendering of Amazon’s new phone – Courtesy of BGR

Metaio | Junaio Recap

Festo and the Bionic Learning Network [Augmented Blog]

Metaio at the Augmented World Expo 2014 [Augmented Blog]

Thermal Touch: The Future of Wearable User Interfaces [Augmented Blog]

Metaio’s Thermal Touchscreen [Stylus]

AR prototype uses infrared cameras and thermal imprints [Electronics Weekly]

Augmented Reality News

Link’spiration June 9th – Augmented Reality [Allen Communication Blog]

Augmented Reality Car Dashboards [CarTrade]

3D display could make Google Glass easier on the eyes [Gizmag]

Take A Tour Of Meta, The Company That Wants The World To Be Like An ‘Iron Man’ Movie [Business Insider]

Valve shows off their own VR headset [Decrypted Tech]

Amazon’s new phone is a shopping powerhouse with 3D browsing, augmented reality, and indoor GPS [VentureBeat]

Google’s secretive 3D-mapping project now has a tablet: here it is [Engadget]

Virtual reality training for rescuers may save your life in a crisis [Engadget]

An Alternate (Augmented) Reality [Second Story]

Stereovision and augmented reality for closed-loop control of grasping in hand prostheses [IOP Science]

Augmented Reality – Revolutionizing Medicine and Healthcare [WhaTech]

Augmented Reality Device Can Prevent Eye Strain [Mobile Commerce Press]

Upcoming Events

Webinar: Metaio and the Vuzix M-100 [Register Here]

InsideAR Tokyo, July, 9th [Register Here]

Pick of the Week

With a massive amount of hype behind it, Amazon’s latest launch event has a lot of people speculating about the new device they plan on unveiling. Most signs point a new phone. You can register to go to the launch event (today is the last day!) next week on the 18th in Seattle and check out the video below and let us know what you think.


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