Buckle Your Seatbelts – InsideAR Munich Has Taken Off!

October 29, 2014

It’s October 29th and you know what that means! InsideAR has begun and we have the pleasure of giving you the first peek of the proceedings at the world’s largest AR conference.

InsideAR Munich 2014

The latest 3D edge-based tracking demonstration.

The latest 3D edge-based tracking demonstration.

Merely an hour ago, hundreds of people gathered at the Kleine Olympiahalle waiting patiently for InsideAR to begin. We were thrilled to see the huge interest in our (not so) humble gathering and welcomed over 1,000 people at InsideAR in the very heart of Bavaria.

To start the day, Metaio’s CEO Thomas Alt opened the conference with his keynote “Augmented Reality 2014: Teaching Devices to understand Reality!” giving the audience fascinating insights in this year’s new developments in the field of AR. He announced the new Metaio 6, featuring the improved technology behind edge-based tracking, the Metaio Creator, hybrid-tracking, SLAM, the Excel POI creation Plugin for Junaio, 3D reconstruction and occlusion, and coherent illumination. Many of these technologies are available with today’s Metaio 6 release, or will be coming soon in the next few months.

IMG_0186That’s not all! Intel’s Milena Marinova just left the stage. Milena’s keynote revealed the latest Intel RealSense™ technology and camera. She showcased some of the powerful potential use cases for the technology coming in a vast range of form factors. We’re incredibly excited to see where the RealSense™ technology goes and how developers will begin to change the world with Intel’s technology.

Below you’ll find some of the snapshots we’ve taken up until now! The atmosphere here is amazing and the motivation of all people involved is downright contagious. The mood will certainly not die down any time soon, considering all the tidbits and treats we have in store for the attendees in the following hours. . . .

We will keep you up to date on our Twitter (@twitt_AR and @metaioDE) and Facebook (English and German) channels.

IMG_0171IMG_0172IMG_0180 IMG_0182

Couldn’t make it to the AR event of the year? Don’t worry, we have taken care of everything! All keynotes – including Thomas Alt’s and Milena Marinova’s– will be available on our YouTube Channel soon. You can also watch our Live Stream on Bloggercamp.tv, to get up-to-date informationabout everything going on in the Kleine Olympiahalle.

For everyone living in and around Munich – take this last chance and join us! You can still buy tickets at our reception area and be a part of the world’s biggest and most exciting Augmented Reality conference.

InsideAR Speaker Spotlight: Gerhard Preslmayer, CEO of SPS Marketing

October 28, 2014

InsideAR starts tomorrow and we’ll finally get to see all of our speakers in action. This will be the last Speaker Spotlight for this InsideAR. If you want to learn about the rest of our check out of InsideAR Speaker page or (better yet) come and see them LIVE at InsideAR Munich tomorrow! 

Without further ado. . . .

InsideAR Munich 2014

Meet Gerhard Presmayer of SPS Marketing!

Meet Gerhard Presmayer of SPS Marketing!

Welcome to our seventeenth (and last) edition of our InsideAR Speaker Spotlight series!

For our seventeenth edition of the InsideAR Speaker Spotlight, we are happy to introduce Gerhard Preslmayer, CEO of SPS Marketing. Gerhard has over 20 years of experience in industrial marketing, with 14 years in automotive, iron, and steel industry. He’s also an active member of the international agency network, E3, and spent two years as a member of the Executive Board.

What are you going to present at InsideAR 2014?

Gerhard Preslmayer: Augmented reality as part of an integrated communications concept.

How does one create useful augmented reality apps? How to develop successful communication mix around? Where are the ideal interface between the real and digital product experience and the borders are fluid. We will show you in our presentation using a current example of the Geneva Motor Show 2014 how to meaningfully integrate augmented reality into an effective overall communication concept and what accompanying measures can lead to success.

Have you ever attended InsideAR before and what was the most exciting part for you at previous events?

GPNo, it’s my first time visiting.

What is the next challenge in AR that you would like to see overcome?

GPMore and more integreation into the overall marketing strategy. Change of mindset of how and why. AR is an additional communication channel with lots of perspectives, be brave!

What is your personal vision of the future of AR? What Application do you wish you had today?

GP: AR is a common part of our life, at home, shopping, business – R&D, Sales, Marketing etc. We could easily use it with all mobile devices on different points of interest. And we could navigate through voice command.

Gerhard’s talk “Augmented reality as part of the integrated communications concept” will give us some deep insight into the future of Augmented Reality as a part of communications. Will Augmented Realty shape the way we communicate? Join the talk to find out!

That’s it from us for this year’s InsideAR Munich. We’d like to thank all of our Speakers and we can’t way to see what they have in store for the next couple of days. Be sure to visit our previous spotlight or read all of our spotlights. If you’d like to watch some of the presentations from last year’s InsideAR event, check out our InsideAR YouTube playlist.


 InsideAR Munich takes place on October 29th and 30th, 2014 at the Kleine Olympiahalle in Munich. Learn more at http://www.insidear2014.com/

Need a ticket? Register here: http://www.insidear2014.com/register

 Interested in becoming a speaker? Get in touch with our team via: insidear@metaio.com

Want to join us as a journalist or become a media partner? Send us an email: press@metaio.com.

AR Weekly – End of October

October 27, 2014

InsideAR Munich is this week! 

Welcome to Munich!

Welcome to Munich!

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Upcoming Events

InsideAR Munich, October 29th-30th – RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! [Register Here]

Pick of the Week

You may or may not have heard about this stealth start up that recently finished a very well-funded investment round with some very big name investors. Well, that company is called Magic Leap. From what we know about the company – they’re working on a type of HMD that projects images directly onto your eye. Sounds like some pretty cool stuff, right? Keep those Google Alerts pinned on Magic Leap, they’re definitely going to make some impacts in the future.

InsideAR Speaker Spotlight: Christine Perey of Perey Research and Consulting

October 27, 2014

InsideAR Munich 2014

Welcome to our sixteenth edition of our InsideAR Speaker Spotlight series!

Meet Christine Perey of !

Meet Christine Perey!

For our sixteenth edition of the InsideAR Speaker Spotlight, we are happy to introduce Christine Perey of Perey Research and Consulting. Christine has been one of the leading members of the Augmented Reality interoperability community – which is focused on bringing Augmented Reality experiences to all users, regardless of their platform.

What are you going to present at InsideAR 2014?

Christine Perey: During the closing plenary session, I will introduce to the InsideAR audience an exciting project I’m doing with the support of the IEEE Standards Association. The purpose of this project is to help many organizations – those who know of AR and attend InsideAR as well as those who have not yet discovered it – to prepare for the widespread adaptation of Augmented Reality.

The challenge is that we really can’t travel into the future so we don’t know what it holds.

The IEEE Scenarios for AR in 2020 project explores four of the many possible futures.

Have you ever attended InsideAR before and what was the most exciting part for you at previous events?

CPThis is the fourth InsideAR I’ve attended and I look forward to it each year. The InsideAR team reaches deeply into the Metaio network as well as outward to neighboring domains and industries for an exciting, highly curated program. It’s difficult to say which part is most exciting because each year there are so many valuable conversations and discoveries. I look forward to learning what Peter and the engineering team reveal about their research. I also really benefit from catching up with experts who are working in the field and meeting so many new people each year.

What is the next challenge in AR that you would like to see overcome?

CPIt’s clear there are many barriers to our using AR every day. We are working on many of them incrementally. 

A critical engineering challenge is integration of AR technologies with existing IT systems. In order for more people to build upon AR capabilities and to really see the potential to use their data natively, without compromises or risk. This will become easier when there are open interfaces and companies that supply technologies and achieve interoperability within a modular architecture. 

By having their digital assets visible in the real world, people and companies will adapt and optimize themselves. For consumers, it’s about behavior changes. For enterprise, the workflows will evolve to include more real time data and AR will improve operational efficiencies. 

What is your personal vision of the future of AR? What Application do you wish you had today?

CP: There’s no doubt in my mind that Augmented Reality will become ubiquitous as a way to see, use, share and generate knowledge. It is the natural evolution of everything in human communication that has emerged since the telephone  when, for the first time, the distance between people and the objects about which they wanted to communicate declined in importance.

In the future, people won’t even remember there was such an odd things as Augmented Reality. Visualizing information in context will just be part of what we do all the time and everywhere.

Perey logo

Christine’s talk “AR in 2020: Scenarios for the Future” will  give some great insight into how Augmented Reality will transform in the near future (Hint: we think it will be everywhere!). We’re excited to have such an influential member of the Augmented Reality community at InsideAR Munich 2014!

That’s it from us for this week – be sure to visit our previous spotlight and if you’d like to watch some of the presentations from last year’s InsideAR event, check out our InsideAR YouTube playlist.


 InsideAR Munich takes place on October 29th and 30th, 2014 at the Kleine Olympiahalle in Munich. Learn more at http://www.insidear2014.com/

Need a ticket? Register here: http://www.insidear2014.com/register

 Interested in becoming a speaker? Get in touch with our team via: insidear@metaio.com

Want to join us as a journalist or become a media partner? Send us an email: press@metaio.com.

Augmenting Augmented Reality: Metaio Reveals 3D Depth Sensor Support for SDK 6

October 23, 2014

metaio depth sensing capabilities

Yesterday turned out to be a very big day for the world of Augmented Reality. Why? Because Metaio unveiled a few new details about the Metaio SDK 6 – support for 3D depth-sensing camera systems.

project tango and metaioFor those of you who didn’t hear the latest news about depth-sensing cameras and the enormous improvement they pose for AR technology, we’ll kindly nudge you in the direction of our previous blog post. With that refresher you’ll see why yesterday’s news is an important stepping-stone for the future of Augmented Reality.

According to Metaio CTO and co-founder, Peter Meier, “Smartphones and tablets have historically made use of single, ‘2D’ cameras primarily intended for image capture, but as smart devices have become more powerful, we are demanding more and more from the optics of these devices.With the ability to understand depth information, mobile devices will become significantly more powerful when it comes to Augmented Reality and computer vision tasks.”

With giants like Google and Intel announcing new generations of high-tech devices that are able to “see” the world in 3D via RGB-D (Red, Green, Blue, Depth) sensors, it seems natural for Metaio to support this technology on the Metaio SDK.

The video below illustrates how added 3D sensors in both a Windows tablet and an iPad make Augmented Reality much more powerful by virtually eliminating the need for markers in many use cases, and even more importantly,, solving the occlusion problem – where virtual data is incorrectly rendered into the environment.

occiptial and ipadOccipital’s Structure Sensor is one of the first devices to be supported in the Metaio SDK. According to Occipital CEO and co-founder, Jeff Powers, “We share a common goal with Metaio of allowing developers to create powerful and convincing 3D and AR experiences. It’s why we created the Structure Sensor. Metaio’s support of the Structure Sensor and SDK will bring added realism to AR experiences with real world scale and occlusion.”

This brings new possibilities in Augmented Reality gaming by enabling digital objects to react and interact with physical environments. Indoor navigation that does not require a GPS signal will be possible and precise, and scanners that can extract 3D models from the environment will no longer be a vision of the future.

Metaio’s flagship SDK will be updated to version 6.0 during InsideAR Munich, and will support depth sensor input from devices including Occipital Structure sensor and others to come in early 2015.

“Knowing that the likes of Google and Intel are heavily investing in depth-sensing camera devices, we made sure our SDK is prepared for the next big surge of of innovation that this hardware provides developers,” says Peter Meier. With development options for iOS, Android, and Windows PC, and the most advanced tracking technology available, the Metaio SDK is the most powerful Augmented Reality developer tool on the market.

There will be a  live demonstration highlighting the important benefits of RGB-D devices  during InsideAR Munich on October 29th and 30th. Just one of the many reasons to attend this year’s most exciting Augmented Reality conference. But hurry, there are only a few days left for you to secure your ticket. Don’t miss out and join us now!

Learn more at: http://www.insidear2014.com/

Phun&Dunn – Agencies Get To Work

October 22, 2014

We’ve always enjoyed working with companies to produce some amazing Augmented Reality projects. Last year, San Francisco-based agency Phun&Dunn released an app in association with Chouffe USA called “Summon the Chouffe.” You can read about it here.

Recently, we got to chat with Phun&Dunn’s team – Trevor Oldershaw (Creative Director), Tommy Giovagnoli (Creative Director), Pamela Gonzalez (Designer), and Leslie Edelman (Production) – about the Summon the Chouffe app. They were happy to share some details.



What was the overall goal of the project?

chouffe family backgroundIn the world of import craft beers, it’s about connecting more deeply with a very small group of enthusiasts, rather than making a play for broad awareness. After all, a beer like Chouffe will only be distributing in relatively small quantities to a particular set of bars and restaurants that focus on better beers. So the primary goal here was to excite the brand’s entire ecosystem of distributors, accounts, and customers – enthusiasts, one and all, by giving them a very special view into the magical and legendary world of the Chouffe gnomes.

Why did you decide to use Augmented Reality?

Seeing things that aren’t really there? Somehow, AR just seems like a natural choice in context of strong Belgian beer brewed by community of 6,000 year-old forest gnomes.

StickersHow long has the project been online?

We dipped our toes into the AR water back in 2012, and then took a huge leap forward with new artwork and new technical capabilities thanks to Metaio. 

How long did development take?

The app took nearly four months to create, but that was driven as much by the creation of the original artwork and animations as the pure dev involved. Creating the app itself, including versions for iOS and Android, took roughly three months.

What resources were already available? What resources need to be created?

This was a real storytelling effort, and a real team adventure. Phun&Dunn designed all the campaign elements – copy, art, animations and fundamental app planning and design. This history and legend of Chouffe beer was a story there to be told, but it required all-new illustrations, and required us to create whole new chapters. 

Chouffe USA, experts themselves in the production of beer collateral, handled the printing of all the collateral with triggers: posters, coasters, table tents and stickers.

Technically, we based the structure from an earlier version, but rebuilt everything from the ground up with our developer-partners, Apptitude Digital. They were able to include not only the AR component that made our stories spring to life from the various triggers, but also a fun and engaging “Gnome Thyself” module that allowed users to put their own faces into the illustrated world of Chouffe. 

Master illustrator Michael Dziekan rendered the world for us, giving more detail and backstory than before. coaster part 1

What tools did you use?

Other than native platform SDK’s and standard backend management, we used Metaio’s SDK to create fast and awesome AR experience.

What were some difficulties in development? How were they handled?

Our biggest single hurdle was handling the video performance across legacy device issues in the Android ecosystem. iOS was really no problem, but Android did create some challenges as we set about supporting a number or prior releases and less robust processors on early smart phones.

choufee app uiHow was the app received?

Again, this was not a game of going viral for us. It was more about exciting and energizing a rabid core. So while a number like 1,600 downloads might not seem like a major victory, the impact felt throughout the sales channel and on premise with key accounts can’t be underestimated. The app became a true “wow” moment for everyone involved. And those who engaged did stay within the app for nearly five minutes as they enjoyed many tiny revelations while watching our small tall tales.

Was this released in conjunction with other campaigns?

Yes, this release was actually a key brand-building component for the launch of our “Summon the Chouffe” campaign. The tag line was a three-fold meaning: Summon the light-hearted spirit of the Chouffe beer within yourself; Summon a delicious Chouffe by signaling the bartender right now; and, of course, bring the gnomes of Chouffe to life before your eyes by summoning them with our AR app on your smart phone. 

Did you notice any trends?

Chouffe is still a brand that markets based on events and promotions. The brew itself is revered, and the model is to build word-of-mouth excitement. So, rest assured, usage and additional downloads spike with each new event or promotion.

cheers to chouffe


Thanks Phun&Dunn! We can’t wait to see what you guys develop in the future!

For any of you SF locals out there, Chouffe Fest is just around the corner. Check it out!



AR Weekly – Late October

October 20, 2014

Excited for InsideAR? We certainly are!

Image Courtesy of Augmented Marketing and YouTube.

Image Courtesy of Augmented Marketing and YouTube.

Metaio | Junaio Recap

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Augmented Reality News

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‘The Walking Dead’ Campaign take Vienna with augmented reality-digital signage campaign [Digital Signage Today]

Upcoming Events

InsideAR Munich, October 29th, 30th [Register Here - There's still time!]

Pick of the Week

While we’re excited to see Technical Illusions come to Silicon Valley, this week’s Pick of the Week goes to the Walking Dead campaign that occurred in Vienna not too long ago. It’s very reminiscent of the Pepsi MAX campaign and brings a little more excitement to an otherwise dead part of town. With Halloween just around the corner, maybe we’ll get some more Augmented Reality scares.


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