Join us for the 2nd edition of InsideAR Tokyo!

March 18, 2014

Hanami celebrations are just about to begin and Japan comes into bloom: Time to get your Early Bird Tickets! 


For the 2nd time we will host an InsideAR in Tokyo for you (2014, July 8th) and we are now calling for speakers, exhibitors and sponsors!  Join us by giving a keynote or presentation to the ever growing audience of attendees and AR enthusiasts and submit your speaker proposal by visiting our website or via Email to:

Meet again Dr. Thomas Alt, CEO Metaio, Dr. Irina Gusakova and Matthias Greiner from the Metaio team who will speak about the future of Augmented Reality, the AR Product Lifecycle and use cases for Wearables.  

And here are the topics for 2014 InsideAR Tokyo:

  • The Wearable Computing Forecast
  • The Next Generation of Wearable Experiences
  • Better, Faster, Stronger: Accelerating Hardware for Augmented Reality
  • Optimizing Content for Applications and Development
  • AR Product Lifecycle: from Engineering to Sales
  • Augmented Reality in the Public Sector
  • AR Brings Print & Packaging Alive

For further information on what happened already at 2013 InsideAR, please visit our website: link and order your Early Bird tickets  here.


Weekest Links – Mid March

March 17, 2014

Let’s find four-leaf AR clover

Gearing up to present at the AEC Hackathon. So many cool projects!

Metaio | Junaio Recap

An SAP Warehouse Concept for Error Detection in Warehouse Picking Processes [Augmented Blog]

SunHub – Explore the Sun’s Trajectory [Augmented Blog]

Augmented Reality Software Developer Takes B2B Sales Globally [Internet Retailer]

Augmented Reality Across the World

[AR]e We There Yet? [Storyboard]

Winnipeg Game Developers Creating a New Reality [CBC News]

Skully AR Helmets Win the Wearable Tech Award at SXSW 2014 [Augmented Reality Trends]

Augmented Reality is Blurring the Line Between Mobile Gaming and Reading [Mobile Commerce Press]

Make Friends with a Brazilian, Via Coke’s World Cup Mini-Bottles [Creativity Online]

Epson Showcases Its Augmented Reality Smart Glasses [MCAD Café]

This Is the Future of Retail: Robotic Fitting Rooms and Magic Augmented Reality Mirrors [TheNextWeb]

Measuring Human Motion with a Soft, Wearable Sensors Kit [Digital Journal]

Upcoming Events

Metaio at Laval Virtual [Laval Virtual]

InsideAR Tokyo, Register Today! [InsideAR]

Webinar- Junaio 5.3: The Basics [Register Here]

Pick of the Week

Coca-cola has all sorts of ways to make people smile. In preparation for this year’s World Cup, Coca-cola Brazil has released an app to help you make friends in Brazil using their Coke Minibottles. Create your own personal augmented reality avatar and share with the world. For more information check out the video below.

Augmented Cars: An Interview with Markus Hammori

February 28, 2014

AR helps us to provide drivers quickly with the right information they need in a certain situation.”

Last autumn, Mercedes-Benz presented a world premiere at InsideAR in Munich: the first fully-functional prototype of an In-Vehicle Infotainment System using augmented reality. In his keynote, Markus Hammori, HMI Architecture and Instrument Cluster at Daimler AG, explained why augmented reality and cars work great together and why now is the time to implement those systems.

What was your main target in working on this experimental trial?

Markus Hammori: In this first step of our project we wanted to build a prototype showing augmented video in the car using widely available hardware. The ultimate goal was on one hand to assess which use cases will work and give a benefit to our customers and on the other to gather information on target architecture for implementing this technology. At  the moment we are building a technology demonstrator putting to use all sensor data available to current Mercedes-Benz models.


How long did it take from the very first idea to the realization of the In-Vehicle Infotainment navigation system?

MH: At Mercedes-Benz Group Research we always monitor innovative technologies. When it became clear in 2011 that AR could become a key innovation for in-vehicle HMI we decided to have a deeper look at it.

In 2012 our team at Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America developed the “Dice” (Dynamic & Intuitive Control Experience) study and showed it at CES 2012. The concept is to represent information from the environment to the driver on the windshield visually and create a network. The study gives an outlook on how telematics and infotainment systems in the car of the future might look. After this visionary approach we wanted to show what is possible today.

But we still have a few things to do. There are some tricky obstructions such as street canyons with insufficient GPS reception or high speed maneuvers with a car, which mark big challenges for us.

What about head-up displays? Will we use them in the near future while driving a car?

MH: Of course we are also working on use cases for head-up displays; however, for several reasons we think that at the moment augmented video is the better option. Two short reasons: first, the field of view of the current and also the next generation of HUD will only allow augmenting a relatively small area when you aim for contact precise augmentation. More importantly however we will want to reduce the information shown on the HUD to top priority information e.g. speed, navigation and driver assistance in order to keep the distraction for the driver as low as possible. When aiming at a broader AR experience and especially for reaching the passengers we therefore need to look at the other display areas. Thanks to our split-view display we are also able to show the co-driver a different picture on the central screen than the driver. In vehicles with rear seat entertainment we thus can provide each passenger with an individual view.

Why do you think AR makes sense for In-Vehicle Infotainment?

MH: The technology helps us tremendously to provide drivers quickly with the right information they need in a certain situation. It is simply much faster to be presented with the name of the street you are currently looking at or the number of the house that you are just passing compared to zooming into your navigation map until you find that information. And speed in this case means less distraction and therefore more safety and comfort.

Also we want to provide new entertainment use cases to the co-drivers. That starts with touristic information such as panorama images or geo caches. We want to offer a motivation to stop sightseeing or just to explore new areas while driving around. Nevertheless, the technology still needs a final touch until we can offer it on any Mercedez-Benz vehicle.

AR and Automotive Love – A Review from InsideAR 2013

November 12, 2013

You may call me “K.I.T.T.”

Years ago the automotive industry basically gave birth to augmented reality, and ever since the two have gone together like Foxes and Norwegian comedy. At InsideAR 2013 their bond was proven to be as strong as ever as Professor Doctor Werner Schreiber of VW, Markus Hammori of Mercedes Benz, Sebastian Schillinger of Audi, and Sergiu Ardelean of Card-Emotion each gave their insight to the future of AR and the automotive industry.

Professor Doctor Werner Schreiber, Volkswagen Group, presenting MARTA: AR in Vehicle Service – Past, Present and Future

Prof. Dr. Werner Schreiber, born 1957, is head of Research Virtual technologies at Volkswagen Group. He has a background in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Production Engineering and Interchangeability. Moreover, Dr. Schreiber is the leader of AVILUS, the world’s most ambitious Augmented Reality research project. At InsideAR he presented MARTA, a collaboration project between Metaio and Volkswagen and a service maintenance tool for the concept car XL1.

Markus Hammori, Mercedes Benz: Cruising the Augmented City

Having studied computer science at the University of Ulm, Markus joined Daimler in 2004 and worked on process and IT-projects throughout the organization. However times are a-changin’ and these days you get the feeling that cars mainly run on bits and bytes, making computer science an essential part of automotive innovation. At Daimler Group Research and Advanced Engineering Telematics Markus and his team develop new architecture that help making user interface in the car even more intuitive is part of the task and AR does definitely fit this bill. He strongly believes that Augmented Reality can help make the user interface in cars easier to understand and thus safer and more comfortable to use.

Sebastian Schillinger, Audi: Fast, Easy, Intuitive – Audi eKurzinfo Application

Sebastian Schillinger studied Digital Media at the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern. At AUDI AG he works in the owner’s literature department and is responsible for interactive and multimedia-based manuals. In 2010 he drafted the first version of an augmented reality manual called Audi Bordbunch 2.0. Since that time he has become the project manager for the succeeding App Audi eKurzinfo.

Sergiu Ardelean, card-emotion: Volkswagen seeMore Application

After graduating from University of Applied Science of Hagenberg, Media technology and design, Sergiu Ardelean became an important member of card-emotion to help develop the company from the very start. Together with the CEO he developed the company’s products and had a constant drive to find new solutions for interactive marketing. Now he is responsible for the creation department and concepts of each project. Sergiu and his colleague Roman presented the Volkswagen seeMore application at InsideAR 2013, In 2010 the first seeMore application was implemented for Volkswagen Germany. In the last 3 years card-emotion has enhanced the design and developed new features which are now used worldwide. They started off with Germany and now have nearly signed 20 countries.

Makes you wish you had gone to insideAR right? Well there’s always next year! Stay tuned for additional reviews and presentations from insideAR 2013 or watch them all on our Youtube channel.

Using AR with Wearable Tech – From InsideAR 2013

November 6, 2013

Heading for always on, always augmented.

If you checked out last week’s post you saw our review of wearable computing from InsideAR 2013. Now we’ve branched out to AR on wearable tech with talks from SAP’s Nick Brown, SITA’s Kevin O’Sullivan, Vuzix’s Dan C. Cui,  and Metaio’s very own Stefan Misslinger.

Here are their keynotes:

Nick Brown, SAP: Augmented Reality in the Enterprise

Nick Brown is senior vice president of strategy and solution management for SAP‘s mobile applications and mobile platforms. In this global role he is responsible for driving SAP’s mobile platform strategy for MEAP, MCAP, and MDM, and managing the portfolio of mobile B2E & B2C applications across all SAP LoB and Industry focus areas. Nick and his team are responsible for delivery of mobile roadmaps and market requirements for all aspects for SAP Mobile business. In addition he is responsible for strategic market development, mobile strategy and overall business planning. His team supports SAP partners and customers become better-run mobile enterprises. He explores how you can embrace emerging technologies to improve employee productivity, reduce safety incidents, reduce training and on boarding, and improve overall operational efficiency within your warehouse or on your shop floor – regardless of your industry.

Kevin O’Sullivan, SITA Lab: Smart Glasses in Aviation Industry

Kevin O’Sullivan is a Lead Engineer at SITA Lab, the technology research laboratory of SITA, the world’s leading specialist in air transport communication and information technology (IT) solutions. At the SITA Lab, Kevin investigates disruptive technologies that will impact the airline & transport industry in the near and mid-term future. Areas of research include consumer & workforce mobility, wearable computing & augmented reality, big data, NFC, indoor location and context driven systems. Kevin’s previous augmented reality projects include the Copenhagen Airport indoor AR app and the Malaysia Airlines AR booking application. SITA Lab will present the result of a six month research project into the use of smart glasses in an airport environment. The talk includes an assessment of “Smart Glasses” technology on the marketplace, comparisons between the capabilities of this technology, background on the aims & goals, development process and lessons learned.

Dan C. Cui, Vuzix: Serving and Creating a Great Experience for the Consumer

Dan C. Cui’s career as a sales, marketing and business development professional has focused on introducing leading edge technology and products into new markets on a global basis. Dan has held senior positions in consumer electronics, e-commerce, semi-conductor, system, and electronic design automation (EDA) industries. Prior to joining Vuzix, Dan held the position of Sr. Vice President of Sale & Marketing at Myvu (formely MicroOptical) Corporation, one of the early HMD market leaders. He was instrumental in creating brand name recognition and consumer demand for Myvu’s award winning, wearable video displays around the world.

Stefan Misslinger, Metaio: World’s First AR Browser on Google Glass

Stefan Misslinger is one of the lead develoeprs for Metaio and is responsible for the development of the augmented reality browser, Junaio.

We’ll keep you posted for more summaries and presentations from this year’s InsideAR or check them all out on our YouTube page!

November 4, 2013: Weekest Links

November 4, 2013

Remember remember the fourth of November. 

I remember this from that one night in college.

Metaio | Junaio Recap

  • Augmented Reality: Ikea Catalogue and beyond [Econsultancy]
  • New Webinar: Learn all about the new features in the Metaio Creator 3.0 [video]
  • CastAR: A future in Augmented Reality and Videogames [blog]
  • InsideAR 2013: The Future of Wearable Computing [blog]
  • AR Dirt Podcast: InsideAR Recap [AR Dirt]

There are things that are happening

  • Google gesture patent would let Glass wearers “heart” real-world objects [engadget]
  • Virtual Reality: All you need to know about input devices for the bright new future of gaming [Gamasutra]
  • The rise of Augmented Reality in gaming [IQ Intel Blog]
  • Peering into the future of Augmented Reality Gaming [Gamasutra]


  • Trak Lord will present at this year’s Visual Media Alliance in San Francisco, “How to: Augment Reality into a Real Thing”, November 6 [event site]
  • Brendan Scully will participate in a panel on AR at the 7th GeoWeb Summit, November 7 in New York City [50% discount]
  • All the InsideAR presentations from Day 1 and Day 2 are available on Metaio’s YouTube page []

Pick of the week: Pixelstick – Light Painting Evolved

For those of you who don’t know about light painting, it’s basically twirling around gigantic light-saber type things to slow-capture large digital impressions on reality. Maybe not computer vision, but extremely creative and visually stimulating. Enjoy the video- more on their Kickstarter page.

The future of wearable computing – a keynote wrap up from InsideAR 2013

October 29, 2013

Courtesy of Augmented.Org

In the Welcome Keynote of InsideAR 2013 Metaio Co-founders CEO Dr. Thomas Alt and CTO Peter Meier stressed the importance of enabling “always on, always augmented” experiences while exploring new form factors like wearable computing. And analysts such as R “Ray” Wang of Constellation, Joshua Flood of ABI Research, and futurist & academic Luke Robert Mason as well as Jay Kim of APX Labs gave their own outlooks into the future of digital business and wearable devices.

In case you missed their keynotes, here they are:

Luke Robert Mason, Virtual Futures: “New Narratives for the future of AR”

Luke Robert Mason is a researcher in emerging technology, performance practitioner and journalist based between London and Birmingham. His work is largely focused on the role that media art can fill as a tool for understanding one of the most important intellectual and cultural developments of our times – the technological extension of the human condition. Currently, he is working as the sole-researcher on innovative digital book project.

Jay Kim, APX Labs: The business of smart glass

Jay Kim is the Director of Research & Development at APX Labs, a Virginia-based company focused on the adaption of smart glasses in enterprise and industrial environments. Using Skylight, APX’s enterprise smart glasses platform, Jay leads the large scale implementation of wearable computing and display technology for customers’ worldwide operations. Jay’s APX R&D efforts include the user-centric convergence of wearable devices for consumer and industrial applications, mobile biometric devices, and healthcare applications of smart glasses. As a globally recognized expert on wearable display hardware and device implementation matters, he is frequently consulted by research organizations, systems integrators, and mobile device manufacturers. An electrical and systems engineer with a concentration in mobile and wireless technology.

Joshua Flood, ABI Research: AR will be the magic key for smart glasses

Based in the UK, Josh Flood is a senior analyst for ABI Research‘s mobile devices, applications and content team. Josh focuses on mobile device enabling technologies, functionality, user interfaces, and form factors used in handsets, such as smartphones, enhanced feature phones, and low-cost phones. He also covers mobile software, security, and other services. Josh is an experienced market analyst with strong analytical and relationship-building skills. Prior to joining ABI Research he worked for Harris Interactive as a research account manager for its business, industrial, and consumer sectors on custom research projects. Previous to his work at Harris Interactive, Josh served as a market analyst at IMS Research, producing in-depth reports on the power management and power supply markets.

Stay tuned to our blog, as we’ll be rolling out even more summaries and presentations from this year’s InsideAR, including talks on Enterprise, Aviation, Automotive and more.

Or if you’re the impatient sort, just check them all out at our YouTube page!

Metaio celebrated the biggest InsideAR ever!

October 16, 2013

These were crazy days, friends! We were planning this year’s InsideAR more than half a year to make it a huge success. The whole Metaio team dedicated its time to show the coolest AR demos, to invite the world’s best AR experts, to bring as many people from the AR ecosystem to the conference as possible.

This InsideAR was one of the most exciting tech events of 2013! More than 800 attendees from more than 45 nations came to Munich to celebrate 10 years Metaio with us. Thank you all for coming!

InsideAR 2013 has become the world’s largest AR industry event. Augmented Reality experts from all over the world met for two days at the event in Munich’s Olympic Park. Sponsored by internationally renowned brands like Intel, Mercedes-Benz and SAP, InsideAR saw presentations tackling the latest AR in enterprise, wearable computing and consumer facing projects from companies like Volkswagen, Audi, IKEA, McDonald’s and Vuzix.

Metaio Co-founders CEO Dr. Thomas Alt and CTO Peter Meier stressed the importance of enabling “always on, always augmented” experiences, exploring new form factors like wearable computing while continuing to research enabling technologies like new algorithms and hardware acceleration. All of this in order to move beyond passive one-off experiences to driving value in more enterprise-focused examples.

We also announced usage benchmarks along with new updates in our core technology. With more then 5.000 apps registered and 65.000 developers, Metaio added compatibility for wearable devices and a never-before-seen form of 3-D object tracking based on CAD data- in addition to overall performance increases and enhanced 3-D content pipeline management.


Metaio focused on the exciting advances in mobile technology and use-cases while looking also to the future. In this regard, Metaio released the first-ever AR browser for Google Glass and showcased numerous examples of AR in wearable computing, including assisted car maintenance and entertainment.

We graciously acknowledge all of our sponsors, exhibitors, media partners, speakers and attendees who made the 2013 InsideAR an overwhelming success! The next conference will be scheduled for Fall 2014. Additionally, we are again planning InsideARs in the US and Asia again. Stay tuned!

All of the speaking sessions from InsideAR are now available in our YouTube channel: Day 1 and Day 2.

Find more pictures on our English and German Facebook pages.   












ISMAR: Best Poster Award for Metaio

October 8, 2013

An Outdoor Ground Truth Evaluation Dataset for Sensor-Aided Visual Handheld Camera Localization

Say that three times fast. Go on. I’ll wait. 

ISMAR 2013, the International Symposium of Mixed and Augmented Reality, invited us to join them in Adelaide, Australia. We are very proud to receive the Best Poster Award for our research on “An Outdoor Ground Truth Evaluation Dataset for Sensor-Aided Visual Handheld Camera Localization” and congratulate the authors from Metaio: Daniel Kurz, Peter Georg Meier as well as Alexander Plopski and Gudrun Klinker!

Hey- we’ve won something at ISMAR before…


What does this all mean?

We introduced the first publicly available test dataset for outdoor handheld camera localization comprising over 45,000 real camera images of an urban environment, captured under natural camera motions and different illumination settings. For all of these images the dataset not only contains readings of the sensors attached to the camera, but also ground truth information on the geometry and texture of the environment and the full “six degrees of freedom” ground truth camera pose. This poster describes the extensive process of creating this comprehensive dataset that we have made available to the public. We hope this not only enables researchers to evaluate their camera localization, tracking algorithms and frameworks on realistic data objectively, but also to stimulate further research. Check out the video below:


On our Research page we offer download links to our evaluation dataset consisting of an environment model, intrinsic camera parameters, and 125 camera sequences with corresponding sensor readings. Furthermore, we provide the ground truth poses of selected sequences and offer the evaluation of localization results against ground truth for the remaining sequences.


If there are any questions concerning this study or the dataset and its interpretation, please contact us via our R&D contact form. And don’t forget- you can see exciting R&D like this at InsideAR in just two days!


We wish to thank Darko Stanimirovic for his help on the recovery of ground truth camera orientations, and FARO Europe for providing us with the laser scans. This work was supported in part by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi, reference number 01MS11020A, CRUMBS).

Brandwatch will measure the Social Buzz at InsideAR

October 7, 2013

A guest post by Joel Windels, Marketing Manager EMEA at Brandwatch 

Brandwatch-RGB-Tab-Logo-StandaloneSocial media is no longer simply “a part” of our lives, it’s gradually becoming who we are, embedding itself firmly in our daily routine. We’ve all heard that “if you’re not on social media, you don’t exist”, but from a business perspective, what’s the point in investing time and money in a competitive online presence if you do not keep track of what people say about you?

The role of social media monitoring is essential, as information means power in this modern economy, and keeping an eye on what your customers/readers think or say about your brand and products can help understand and improve your overall reputation.

At Brandwatch, we monitor and analyse conversations from all over the web. Every day, we crawl over 70 million sources in 25 languages, then offering users the chance to search this data for mentions of their brand, industry or even just a keyword, using a sophisticated and powerful query creation process. We’ve recently changed our user interface and introduced hundreds of new features and bits of functionality, launched a new version of our website and released Vizia – a second generation command center that tells the story of your social data in a beautiful and engaging way.

For the first time InsideAR has an official Social Media Monitoring Partner

This year, we are the official monitoring partners of the InsideAR conference, taking place on the 10th and 11th of October 2013 in Munich, and we’ll be tracking all the online buzz surrounding it before, during and after the event.

To do this, we began by creating a query based on the name of the conference, including alternative spellings, context terms and potential typos, to ensure we capture all relevant data about the event. As the conference will be held in Germany, we decided to analyse mentions in both English and German. We then manipulated and presented all this data in a dashboard, in order to get a better insight into general opinions, feelings and thoughts about InsideAR.

So far, the data has revealed that the number of mentions increased considerably in the last 2 weeks, peaking on the 18th of September, and it will probably keep rising as the conference date approaches.

Curious to find out what are people actually saying about InsideAR, we took a look at the main topics of discussion, which showed that there’s a lot of buzz surrounding Metaio, Audi, Epson, Google Glass and other brands.

We’re just getting our feet wet: this is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you can uncover using social media monitoring. We’d love to hear your thoughts on how social listening can be used to find interesting things in online conversation, particularly about InsideAR, and any predictions you may have for the event.

We’re certain that there will be a plethora of conversation about the InsideAR event in the following days, and that within it will be a wealth of insights ready to glean from the data. Get tweeting, Facebooking and blogging to ensure that you’re involved in one of the biggest AR events ever, and that your content will form part of the analysis conducted.


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