Metaio releases newest version of Junaio AR Browser with new design, real-time POI visualization and browser interoperability

March 24, 2014

It’s a release, yeah! 

Last week we released the long expected, newest version of Junaio for Android and iOS devices with an updated user interface that features an all-new visualization of nearby points-of-interest (POIs). With Junaio it is now possible to access GPS and location-based information from almost anywhere in the world.

“The more natural we make AR, the more mobile users will see value and return to the experience,” CTO Metaio, Peter Meier said. “It’s clear that the next step for mobile AR is location-based information in devices like Google Glass, and we’re looking to the near future in our R&D.”

Junaio has been optimized and available for wearable devices like Glass since Metaio’s InsideAR conference in October of 2013, but as of today it’s equipped with an even friendlier interface and a more contemporary style familiar to today’s app users. The brand new visualization scheme ensures that the user sees only the most relevant information to his or her surroundings, like geo-tagged Instagram photos or tweets; the best places to catch a Taxi; the nearest entertainment locations like movie theatres or concerts; or even the real-time positioning of public buses and trains.


Junaio combines GPS, image recognition, visual search and a robust cloud-based architecture to recognize and attach digital information to nearly any object or environment in real-time. Now even non-developers can create their own Augmented Reality “channels” and even applications with the latest Metaio Creator tool, a drag-and-drop and easy-to-use content management system for AR.


For developers who want to create mobile AR experiences utilizing location data, Junaio is now compatible with other browsers like Layar and Wikitude. Now over 20,000 Junaio developers will have access to the entire mobile AR audience and will be able to push their content directly to other applications.

Download Junaio today at

Learn more about the Metaio Creator at


Weekest Links: Mid February

February 18, 2014

Even the Simpsons are getting their AR on. 

Image from

Image from

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Pick of the Week

There isn’t anything as fun as hanging out with the guys from BBC Click. Check out Dan Simmons’s trip to Audi’s research headquarters here and at 14 minutes in the video below.

Weekest Links: February 10th

February 10, 2014

Love is in the AR.


Wicked Slopes Bro.

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Upcoming Events

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Sorry folks, no webinar this week. Hopefully this will make up for it.

Pick of the Week

I’m pretty sure Indiana Jones was really looking for this Ark. An awesome Augmented Reality projection-mapping project in Oaxaca by AntiVJ. They’ve done some amazing work so be sure to check out their website.

A new way to communicate sustainability: Metaio & McDonald’s launch mobile augmented reality experience

August 27, 2013

The “McMission” App makes corporate commitment education playful and interactive.


The new augmented reality app, “McMission” McDonald’s Germany, is a playful approach educate McDonald’s visitors and mobile users on the company’s commitment to sustainability. Coinciding with the publishing of McDonald’s third Corporate Responsibility Report, the app is now available on Google Play and the German iTunes App Store for download. Through four interactive mini-games, visitors learn about the societal and environmental initiatives in which McDonald’s and its franchisees are involved.

Screen_RGB_Menue“With McMission we want to bring our guests closer though playful central aspects of sustainability,” says Philipp Wachholz, Director of Corporate Affairs at McDonald’s Germany. “We have chosen Augmented Reality as a technology because it brings together the real restaurant experience with fascinating virtual animation.”

The app consists of four “missions” that not only educate users on McDonald’s, but also encourage them to interact with the app itself. From learning about renewable energy in  “Eco-Spinning“, users can experience “Origin Puzzle”, “Recycling Crash Course” and “Waste-dunking” where they learn about proper waste disposal. Each mission concludes with a mini-quiz on the information already presented. Screen_RGB_AR

The games can be launched through scanning things in McDonald’s like a box of French Fries or images in the Sustainability Report, available at certain locations. Through the integration of social media, guests can share their game achievements via Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Metaio developed the augmented reality portion of the app in conjunction with communications agency LessingvonKlenze, and in cooperation with creative digital agency Heye, all based in Munich.

For downloading the game “triggers”, please visit

To find out more about great AR projects from Metaio see here the Audi eKurzinfo application and the new IKEA Catalog app!

Image courtesy McDonald’s

Metaio & Audi AG Release Interactive Augmented Reality Manual for Audi A3

August 12, 2013

Today we are happy to announce together with our partner, the Audi AG, global leader in luxury vehicles, the release of the Audi A3 eKurzinfo augmented reality mobile application, available for free download on iOS devices.

After the amazing success of the Audi eKurzinfo app for the Audi A1, which was nominated for the 2013 GSMA Global Mobile Awards for Best Mobile Solution for the Automotive Industry, Audi AG has extended the availability to the new Audi A3.

The new app can recognize over 300 individual elements of the Audi A3 – from the insignia on the windshield wipers and entertainment system to actual engine components under the hood – in order to return relevant how-to information or even virtual overlays of maintenance instructions, animated in real-time and in 3-D. Metaio’s cloud-based architecture pushes digital information directly to the device, meaning the user will never have to update the app.

The new design of the Audi A3 eKurzinfo app brings the most intuitive user experience with it: using Metaio’s latest 2-D and 3-D augmented reality tracking technology, the user positions the camera of the mobile device directly over the individual vehicle elements, instantly detecting and returning information on the desired subject. For example, after scanning the engine compartment the app would return information and an animated overlay showing how to locate the engine coolant and refill it to the appropriate level.


The Audi eKurzinfo app is available in English, German and Japanese, but at the moment not in the US and not in the Chinese App Store.

In the future, Metaio sees visualization technology decreasing the need for lengthy, costly and complex user manuals. Car owners should be able to access information instantly and directly from the car itself.

„After the remarkable success of the first version of the eKurzinfo application, we are very glad to continue our partnership with the Audi AG. We see a very high potential in the field of interactive service applications. For the future it will be possible to retrieve the information which are relevant in a certain situation”, Dr. Thomas Alt, CEO of Metaio.

Download the app here



IKEA 2014 Catalog Has Augmented Reality [Part II]

July 30, 2013

[Part I: Innovative Product Catalog has Augmented Reality

It’s been a little more than a year, and the 2013 IKEA Catalog App, the most downloaded app of 2012, is back for 2014 with first-of-its-kind augmented reality features.  The 2014 IKEA Catalog app for Android and iOS will let you actually place furniture in 3-D directly from your phone into your home or office. No printouts required. No gigantic app download required. This is truly a different dimension of augmented reality (but not the fourth dimension, because that would just be silly).

If you remember last time, there were 43 pieces of content, augmented or otherwise activated. The activations are back again this year, highlighting slideshows, special videos, stop-motion animation and other exclusive digital content provided by IKEA.

And better than ever, catalog readers can place, move and share over 100 pieces of furniture in 3-D Augmented Reality. 

In-app screenshot, courtesy of Venturebeat

No marker or annoying printout necessary- this is top-of-the-line SLAM AR technology to visualize content in nearly any environment, and it serves all that content through a beautifully optimized cloud delivery system so you can spend less time downloading (and loading….and loading) and more time checking out which BESTA chair you’re going to put in your pad. Or whatever.

We’re not the only ones excited about it – check out some of the great press around the IKEA 2014 Catalog App:

  • Today’s Most Innovative Company: IKEA Uses Augmented Reality To Show How Furniture Fits In A Room [Fast Company]
  • IKEA’s new augmented reality app lets you preview digital furniture in your physical house [VentureBeat]
  • IKEA entices potential consumers with augmented reality [Mobile Commerce Daily]
  • IKEA Tries Out Augmented Reality With 2014 Print Catalog [FierceMobileRetail]

This year IKEA put out of one the most entertaining promotional videos for an augmented reality experience we’ve seen since the Bulmer’s Cider guys. Make sure to take a look here:

Really important, kids: do not try to jump on virtual furniture, it does not exist. 

Grab a catalog today, download the app and check it out for yourself!


Ikea’s new augmented reality app lets you preview digital furniture in your physical house

July 26, 2013


The IKEA 2014 Catalog is out! Powered by Metaio and featuring in-home augmented reality placement of furniture, this is a huge step in retail building engagement and driving commerce through mobile visualization technology.

Originally posted on VentureBeat:

Augmented reality may be the most interesting thing ever to happen to the Ikea catalog.

With the 2014 Ikea catalog app, not only can you preview Ikea’s furniture in 3D, but for the first time you’ll be able to use your smartphones to see exactly how the digital items will look in your home.

The appeal of something like this should be pretty clear. Rather than imagine how an object will look in a space, Ikea shoppers can display it in real time. It’s the sort of thing that only augmented reality can let you do, and something that few furniture retailers besides Ikea would have the clout to attempt.


It works!

While the feature does work largely as Ikea advertises, using it takes a bit of getting used to. Likewise the augmented reality portion of the catalog had a habit of crashing the app when I tested it…

View original 48 more words

Press Release: Metaio & Vuzix to Showcase AR-Ready Smart Glasses at the 2013 Augmented World Expo

May 30, 2013

Apps built on world’s first software developer kit for wearable computing from Metaio to run on Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses

San Francisco, CA – 30 May 2013: Metaio, the world leader in augmented reality (AR) software and solutions and Vuzix Corporation, (OTCBB:VUZI) a leading developer and supplier of smart glasses, will join forces to showcase AR experiences built on the powerful Metaio SDK running on the AR-Ready Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses, at one of the largest gathering of AR professionals, the 2013 Augmented World Expo (AWE), June 4-5 in Santa Clara, CA.

Metaio’s AR software is currently used by over 30 million consumers and 50,000 developers, powering more than 1,000 apps for enterprise, marketing, retail, publishing and industrial markets. Vuzix’ products, including its smart glasses, have won 14 Consumer Electronics Show Innovations Awards. With its origins in defense research and development for next generation display solutions, Vuzix is a technology leader and early entrant in the Smart Glasses field

Metaio, an AWE Silver Sponsor, will be demonstrating the latest in next-generation AR at its booth at AWE, including numerous apps built with the Metaio SDK, the first SDK ready for wearable computing- as shown by its compatibility with the powerful and lightweight Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses.

“Wearable computing is the next step for natural, useful Augmented Reality,” said Metaio CTO Peter Meier. “In order to realize the dream of an always on, always augmented world, it is important to have software for developers ready, today, for smart glasses like the Vuzix M100.”

“Metaio has always been at the cutting-edge of the AR industry,” said Vuzix CEO Paul Travers. “The fact that their software and apps run on this hardware out-of-the-box is further proof that the M100 Smart Glasses are already primed to deliver real-time, hands-free instant augmentations of a user’s reality.”

Metaio will conduct extensive R&D to continue to adapt its powerful augmented reality SDK to be compatible with the next generation of wearable computing devices. To download the newest version of the Metaio SDK, visit

To learn more about the Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses, visit


About Metaio

The worldwide leader in Augmented Reality (AR) research and technology, Metaio develops software products for visually interactive solutions between the real and the virtual world. Based on the Metaio Augmented Reality platform, digital and 3-D content can be integrated seamlessly into the user’s camera view looking upon the real world. Serving over 50.000 developers and powering over 1,000 apps for enterprise, marketing, retail, publishing and industrial cases, over 30 Million consumers use Metaio’s AR software. Learn more at

About Vuzix Corporation

Vuzix is a leading supplier of video and cloud connected video eyewear products in the consumer, industrial, media and entertainment markets. The company’s personal display products offer users a portable high quality viewing experience for industrial wearable displays, consumer digital content viewing as well as 3D, virtual and augmented reality experiences. Vuzix also provides developer software and support to enable the growth and development of AR applications for its mobile devices. With its origins in defense research and development for next generation display solutions, Vuzix holds over 44 patents and patents pending in the video eyewear field. The company has won 14 Consumer Electronics Show Innovations Awards, the RetailVision Best New Product and several wireless technology innovation awards, among others. Founded in 1997, Vuzix is a public company (TSX-V:VZX – News, OTC:BB: VUZI, FMB: V7X) with offices in Rochester, NY, Oxford, UK and Tokyo, Japan. For more information visit

Innovative Product Catalog Has Augmented Reality

July 24, 2012

And then some.

Everyone’s talking about the new 2013 IKEA Catalog featuring image recognition and Augmented Reality for the first time ever. With a 211 million-strong subscription base, we’re pretty excited about it too! We wanted to thank McCann Erickson for mentioning our part in the creation of the app, which was developed using metaio’s powerful mobile software, available for free download on our website.

Both iOS and Android users can download the amazing IKEA Catalogue app for free(!) to discover all 43 pieces of augmented and activated content when the publication finally hits mail and IKEA stores around the world.

Check out all the great press around this innovative product catalog:

And of course, don’t forget to watch this great video of the experience:

Brand New Pricing Model For The metaio Web SDK

July 11, 2012

Try out the new free full version today. 

metaio software web sdk augmented reality AR

Offering Augmented Reality technology to the masses, metaio is changing its pricing model for the metaio Web SDK. Now available , the metaio Web SDK allows developers to create amazing Flash and Shockwave based Augmented Reality applications.

Deploy with the best price/performance ratio

Completely free for development, the deployment cost of only 3.000€ (3,750$) per application allows for the integration of Augmented Reality applications even in websites of small companies with tight budgets. Developers and service providers can promote their services to new and interesting target groups, who may not have wanted to invest in AR technology previously.

Ready for e-commerce and the social web

The metaio Web SDK delivers the necessary technology to create online Augmented Reality applications for e-commerce which can also be integrated with social platforms like Facebook, allowing websites to benefit from the power of the word-of-mouth recommendations of their users.

Enjoy using the metaio Web SDK!

- The metaio Team


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