InsideAR and What’s so amazing about it – Highlights of this Year’s Most Exciting AR Conference

October 21, 2014

InsideAR Munich 2014 is just around the corner! If you haven’t read anything about it yet, you’ve come to the right place. Let me give you the grand tour of everything this conference has to offer:

insideAR2013-7First and foremost, let’s cover the basics! InsideAR was founded eight years ago as a small company event by Metaio. The fundamental goal of the event was informing customers and employees about ongoing projects and the current standards of Augmented Reality. Nobody would have guessed that not even ten years later, InsideAR would evolve into the world’s most exciting AR conference. After two very successful conferences in Beijing and Tokyo this year, we are expecting more than 1000 attendees at InsideAR Munich.

Now let me blow you away!

Highlights at InsideAR Munich:

Never before have we had so many renowned companies speaking at InsideAR: Volkswagen, Audi, Daimler, Cisco, DHL, Intel, NVIDIA, Vectorform and BMW are just a few of our valued partners who will be joining us. Famous speakers (this year almost 60!!), fascinating topics, captivating workshops and mind blowing demos will all be waiting for you on two fully dedicated stages.

One thing is certain – you won’t be bored in those two days.

Emerging Technologies, New Sensors, Smart Homes, Hyper Reality and Privacy

On the morning of Day 1, Metaio’s Thomas Alt and Peter Meier will kick off the event by giving you the newest information on teaching devices to understand reality. A big part of this year’s focus will be on wearables and their importance for AR. Wearable technologies made a huge step forward this year, and AR has grown in popularity and use in the last couple of months (just take a look at the Gartner Hype Cycle) because of that.  Be the first to know how to use those hands-free technologies in your favor by attending Annette Zimmermann’s  speech about wearables and the new business opportunities they provide. Additionally, Cisco’s Dirk Schlesinger will talk about the ‘Internet of Things’ as a stepping stone for future innovation.

Our keynotes will give answers to questions regarding diverse industries,including AR in medicine, Industry 4.0, retail, advertising, logistics, education and more. For example: Jaguar’s Artur Grzybowski will be presenting one of the most exciting AR innovations for the automotive industry, and you’ll have to be at InsideAR Munich to see it!

If you ever wondered, what exactly the word ‘Hyper Reality’ contains, be sure to attend Keiichi Matsuda’s speech about “Hyper Reality and the Future of Information Environments.”  Be part of Dorothea Martin’s workshop on AR Storytelling and learn what it takes to turn any AR application into something unique and engaging. Or learn “How to build the ultimate shopping scanner” in our workshop on Wednsday.

Since a theoretical approach always needs a practical follow-up, we are proud to present over 30 different AR demos in our exhibition area. Key among them will be an original BMW i8 with an AR application on Google Glass. Yes that’s right, a BMW i8 and Google Glass.We know it as the BMW i8 INNOVATION LIVE case study by Vectorform, and you can experience it first hand at InsideAR Munich.


The future is now: What’s next for Augmented Reality?

What is the status quo of AR? What will AR look like 5, 10, even 20 years from now? Will Augmented Reality be the user interface of our everyday life? Mary Lynne Nielsen and Christine Perey will present their answers to these questions at InsideAR Munich. Joining them is Fast Future’s Rohit Talwar, who will also address the future of AR in his keynote about emerging technologies and their impact on Augmented Reality.

Let’s not forget Ronald Azuma presentation about Intel’s famous flying whale, Leviathan, or how Tim Last got aliens to attack a London bus shelters not too long ago.

For those who have an appetite for classical musics, we have something special in store for you. The FH Düsseldorf will present their PavARotti project, which enables you to experience the music of the virtuoso in a whole new way. How exactly? Well, you’ll need to be there, to find out! Additionally, Professor Geiger and his students will show you what happens when you augment a beer brewery. To answer the question on your mind right now: yes, you will be able to drink it. After all, what would Munich be without its famous beer?

Be the first…

Metaio6-700x525v2You will be the very first to get deep insight into Metaio 6. With brand-new features and state-of-the-art technologies, you don’t want miss the chance to explore the alterations and innovations yourself before everyone else. And only at InsideAR Munich!

We will also exhibit our visionary Thermal Touch, our award-winning edge-based tracking, and our improved face recognition. You will be able to try it all yourself – No strings attached.

The list goes on and on. If you need any additional reason to join us for InsideAR, visit our webpage and take a look at the full program.

InsideAR will be on a whole different level of AWESOME this year and you’d seriously miss out if you miss this opportunity!  Get your tickets here and hurry – there are only a few more days left!

We’ll see you at InsideAR Munich on 29th and 30th October!


insideAR2013-2 insideAR2013-28 insideAR2013-23

Here are the winners of the ‘AR Toys Competition’: Once upon an AR time…

October 14, 2014

Today’s the day!! After long discussions and considerations amongst the chosen jury, the two winners of our AR Toys Competition – initiated by Toywheel and Metaio - were finally picked. The competition consisted of two different challenges, with two different rewards.


AR Toymaker Award

The AR Toymaker Award asked for the best ideas and concepts for an Augmented Reality Toy, based on today´s already existing technology. The prizes for this category – a commercial license of a Metaio SDK or a Metaio Cloud subscription and free consulting considering game design and implementation – will enable the winner to implement the idea together with Toywheel and Metaio, bringing the concept to life. All submissions were assessed by their excitement value, the uniqueness of concept, user friendliness and their technical feasibility, setting the bar quite high for every participant.

CaptureFront and center in this category took Maria Neureither, a game design student, with her ‘myARtale’ concept; an augmented reality app for iOS and Android which enables kids aged six to twelve years to create their own storybook with AR fairytale objects. The scene can be arranged with up to five AR objects and can be captured via camera afterwards. You can unite the pictures to a storybook and add text blocks to tell your very own fairytale.

Her concept shows three different types of AR objects to create your very own storybook: characters, items and scenery sets. All 3D Models are generated via image-based tracking. The printable AR cards are to be offered online for free.

“The game encourages to be creative and artistic. Inventing a new fairytale and setting the stage can be a short or a time-consuming experience depending on the child’s interest and motivation.” says Maria.  

The camera of your mobile device captures the AR cards, which will be translated to 3D models appearing live on the screen. Two cards laid on top of each other, enable characters to hold items or appear in different settings. They will also be able to change their facial appearance and posture to make the game experience even more creative and versatile. Children will also be able to choose different-sized and shaped text boxes to describe what happens in the scene with a few sentences.

Involving the existing environment to the game as background and scenery motivates to reinvent the setting by adding toys as further characters. An endless number of stories can be told using Maria’s ‘myARtale’, giving you and your child the possibility to rewrite common fairytales however you’d like to.


What a fascinating idea, huh?! The little characters are as cute as it gets and we are absolutely thrilled to announce Maria as the winner of the AR Toymaker Award. Her idea convinced us in every aspect of the chosen criteria.  So naturally, congratulations are in order!

We are very much looking forward to help you develop your idea further in the scope of the promised consulting days with Metaio and Toywheel.  Great job!

AR Junior Award

The AR Junior Award was targeting ‘ideas by kids for kids’. Respectively, this category asked for submissions from children and youths and  questioned how kids want to play in the future (using AR). As such it was not necessary that the idea was fully realizable from a technical standpoint. Fantasy and creativity  were keywords! Once again, the most important criteria for assessment were the uniqueness of the idea and the excitement guarantee.

MillieWe are so very glad to announce young Millie Powell as the winner of our AR Junior Award! Among all the other fantastic submissions, her exceptional concept and idea of miniature characters, accompanying you in your everyday life thrilled the jury the most. Of course, these little figures can only be seen with the help of a little bit augmented magic.

Millie’s idea is as simple as it is genius: Create your very own imaginary friend with the help of modern day technology, namely AR. By being able to customize the miniature sized creature inside the tablet or smartphone at your heart’s desire, the child would already set the basis of a long-lasting, close relationship between it and themselves.

“While the character would have an element of freewill, the user would still be able to control it and interact with it. By tapping the screen, the character would move, for example climbing stairs or running along a bookshelf.”

By capturing the surrounding area with your device’s camera, your little friend could practically do anything. Sit on your nightstand to tell you good night, for example.

Millie also suggested to introduce additional markers for the character, enabling you to extend its animations and features. Such markers could be used in many ways. They could be printable or in the form of physical toys that can be purchased and lets your character interact with them on your smart device. You could add furniture, cars, pets or even houses!

By caring for and playing with your little companion, you would be able to collect experience points (XP), which would allow your friend to level up and unlock rewards or new interactions. The possibilities are vast and extensive. Special mini games could be implemented, other players could combine their little friends on screen and the characters could even function as some kind of tutors for the child, introducing them to educational topics and tasks. One thing’s for sure – with a little creature like that in your living room, you won’t be bored anytime soon!

Thank you, Millie, for sharing this wonderful idea! Enjoy your well-earned iPad mini and commercial Metaio Creator license. And who knows – with the license, perhaps we will be able to show your finished AR-app here in the near future.

At this point, we’d like to thank everybody who participated and shared their magnificent concepts with us. We’ve seen so many extraordinary visions and ideas in the last couple of months, from AR generated Bubbles to an augmented history tour through Turkey. Unfortunately though, there can only be one winner in each category. Nevertheless, great job, everybody!

Matthias-Evgeni-5652 (1)

Join us for the most exciting AR conference!

Since both of our winners receive free tickets to InsideAR Munich – the world’s most exciting Augmented Reality Conference, we hope to see you there as well! Join us October 29th/30th at the Kleine Olympiahalle Munich! Get your tickets here:

Here’s a little sneak peak of what you can expect:

IKEA Catalog App 2015: Where the evARryday begins

October 10, 2014

catalog2015_cvr_enAn IKEA Home Story by Vanessa Oswald

It is 2014 and I am looking at the brand-new 2015 IKEA catalogue right in front of me. I finally get to experience the AR-features of this printed treasure chest myself. I never understood what all the fuss was about – up until now.

Two years ago, the IKEA Catalog App 2013 turned out to be the overall most downloaded app of 2012, creating a never before seen awareness of augmented reality among the population.

So naturally,  IKEA once more collaborated with Metaio to bring life to many pages of their famous catalogue, enabling me and you to get a whole new understanding of the term ‘augmented reality’.

There is more to see! Scan this page with the Ikea Catalog app and reveal more interactive content

There is more to see! Scan this page with the Ikea Catalog app and reveal more interactive content

The much talked-about bookbookTM lies neatly in front of me. My tablet rests in my lap and I am about to start the free IKEA Catalogue App 2015, which will empower me to unlock the concealed wonders between the sheets of paper. Just by skimming through the pages, I already see many orange little plus signs – the markers. These will be my guide to all the pages that unveil content, once I slide my tablet over them.

The App starts and my fingers tickle in anticipation. I tap the scan&discover button.

Chosing a cosy chair for our lounge in the Metaio offices in Munich

Chosing a cosy chair for our lounge in the Metaio offices in Munich

Oh, and scan and discover I will! I unlock videos, additional pictures, and I’m even able to see a 360° view of various bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms, which recognizes my movements and adapts to the correct angle of view, creating an illusion of being inside the room. Another feature offers up to seven different decorating styles – for all those, who need a visual incentive to turn their apartment into a cozy sanctuary.

Beer shelf next to the kicker?

Beer shelf next to the kicker?

And then, there are the 3-D models. Yes, 3-D life-sized furniture pieces, which can be easily placed in my own room. A plush little chair, for example. All I have to do now is place the catalogue where I want the chair to appear, and …voilà.  I can walk around the image, taking in every angle – it’s absolutely fascinating.

This year’s IKEA Catalog app even enables me to look at the 3-D models without placing the catalogue in the room first or having to scan the pages at all. I tap on the 3-D symbol, select ‘I don’t have a catalogue’ and the chair still appears in my living room. Moreover, I can adjust the model’s size by simply using the pinch-to-zoom motion.. I’ve been sitting in my living room for a solid 2 hours now, browsing the catalogue, and I’m not even close to being bored.

So, there you have it. Try it and enjoy all the features of the bookbookTM! I’ll be here, trying to figure out where exactly this cute little lamp would look best in my room. On a quick side note, though: you won’t be able to stop browsing for quite some time. Don’t say, I didn’t warn you.

It’s absolutely fascinating.

The IKEA Catalog Application is also presented at InsideAR Munich on October 29th/30th in the Kleine Olympiahalle.  For more information about the most exciting Augmented Reality conference visit our website:

InsideAR Munich 2014

Maria Ekberg Brännström took the challenge three and a half years ago to become Global Catalogue Manager for the IKEA catalogue. Previously she was leading various positions within IKEA in Sweden and Spain as Sales and Commercial Manager. She loves the challenge of finding new ways of developing the IKEA catalogue to be even better and more relevant to consumers. She’s daring and demanding, and completely convinced that most things remain to be done.

She spoke at InsideAR Munich 2013 last year. Watch the video to find out more interesting details about the IKEA App:

InsideAR Speaker Spotlight: Dr. Stephan Erlenkämper of Mayersche Book Stores

October 9, 2014

InsideAR Munich 2014


Dr. Stephan Erlenkämper speaking about brick & mortar solutions with AR

Welcome to our tenth edition of our InsideAR Speaker Spotlight series!

For our tenth edition of the InsideAR Speaker Spotlight, we are happy to introduce Dr. Stephan Erlenkämper. As the CTO at the  Mayersche Book Stores he is responsible for all issues touching IT, technology and organization of the retail-chain operating 40 stationary stores in North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany) plus a growing online business.

What are you going to present at InsideAR 2014?

I am going to present the brandnew Mayersche application as the result of a project between Metaio and the Mayersche Buchhandlung KG, – a German mid-sized business in book trade, operating 40 stationary stores. Key function of that app is the recognition of our products and offering linked activities based on the product recognized. As those appeals might either be book covers or any other kind of image, the app transfers eCommerce technology to stationary business: Whenever a customer rummages through one of our stores, flips through our catalogue or simply comes across one of our city-lights, the app will recognize that appeal and offer options for interaction. By that app we augment stationary brick & mortar business and shift customer experience to the next level.

Have you ever attended InsideAR before and what was the most exciting part for you at previous events?

Unfortunately we never attended InsideAR before. Honestly speaking: I always assumed that the use of AR primarily was with engineering and I only recently realized that AR offers fantastic opportunities even for a stationary, hands-on brick & mortar business as book trade. In the recent years we spent time and resources arguing against online competition. AR gives us the chance to strike back and enrich customer experiences in-store by combining both on- and offline.


Augmented Reality – A real chance for brick and mortar retailers

IMG_1941What is the next challenge in AR that you would like to see overcome?

In case of our business, the next challenge will actually be threefold: First, our current AR-approach is actually 2D-based, recognizing book covers, posters and pictures. I would love that technology being able to understand 3D-situations. Second is that I would like AR to actually recognize situations from moving images – such as movies. As we offer multimedia content, it would be fantastic, if our approach recognized the movie watched and gave background information and cross-related recommendations. Last but not least we are striving to identify further opportunities to integrate on- and offline businesses.

What is your personal vision of the future of AR? What Application do you wish you had today?

Actually there are two applications and both of them sound like science-fiction: First is that I would love AR to deliver an impression of what actually hides inside a book – visualizing its content according to the very personal imagination of each customer. Second – and this actually is more a matter of 1984 than of technical restrictions – I would love being able to serve customers with an ultimate personal service: it would be fantastic to actually re-identify a returning customer simply by recognizing their faces when entering one of our stores and thereby being able to deliver ultimate personal recommendations and services.

That’s it from us for this week – be sure to visit our previous spotlight and if you’d like to watch some of the presentations from last year’s InsideAR event, check out our InsideAR YouTube playlist.


  InsideAR Munich takes place on October 29th and 30th, 2014 at the Kleine Olympiahalle in Munich. Learn more at

Need a ticket? Register here:

 Interested in becoming a speaker? Get in touch with our team via:

Want to join us as a journalist or become a media partner? Send us an email:


Feel your next holiday destination with Junaio! – An Example for an Augmented Reality Tourism Catalog

October 8, 2014

A guestpost by Vanessa Oswald


‘Mein Urlaub 2015′ – Scan all pages and get further information

Have you ever heard of a place called Probstei? No? What a shame! Let me give you a quick impression of one of the most beautiful places in Germany, right at the shore of the Baltic Sea – the real north, as they call it (That’s right, George RR Martin would be jealous, for sure). It has been a sanctuary for German farmers and fellow countrymen for nearly 800 years and is now capturing the attention of countless tourists every year. Still, not many people know about the full potential and possibilities the very north of Germany offers.

Nevertheless, the ide stampe agency certainly found a cool way to attract people’s attention. By using augmented reality and Metaio’s Junaio browser, they introduced the ‘Mein Urlaub 2015′ catalogue (My Holiday 2015) this year, which features a whole set of varied augmented reality applications, taking your mind off the looming winter and back to sunny days at the Baltic Sea. Discover the beautiful coastal landscape, while sitting at home in your comfy pajamas!

How to Leverage AR in Tourism

Almost every single one of the 115 pages has been augmented with useful content to make preparing your trip easier and to give you a better understanding of local culture, countryside and can-do’s. The features are as amazing as they are diverse: You’re interested in surfing? Then take a look at the wind and weather forecast for the following days with a simple tap on the corresponding page.


Oh, you’re more of a hiking person? No problem! The catalogue offers you different scenic routes to explore, just by scanning the matching page. Which one would you like? Tough choice, huh? No worries, each route has detailed information embedded, to make your selection easier. The range of features doesn’t stop there, of course. You can watch videos, open slideshows, check opening hours of museums or the local event calendar in general… the list goes on and on.

Many of the ads in the catalogue have been augmented, as well. You no longer need to type in a phone number or link to contact a hotel, a theater or even a restaurant. Simply tap the phone button while hovering over the ad and your device will do the trick without any effort on your part, at all.

The options are endless, making augmented reality one of the most innovative, colorful and valuable tools in touristic advertising today. The ‘Mein Urlaub 2015′ catalogue sets a perfect example on how to leverage AR in touristic use cases combined with a maximum of user comfort.

As always, we prepared a little tidbit for you. Simply open Junaio and scan the image below, to see the workings of the ‘Mein Urlaub 2015′ catalogue for yourself. If you are hungry for more, explore the entire magazine. Enjoy – but brace yourself: we still have to withstand the winter, before it’s vacation time once more.

Scan this image with Junaio to experience the AR catalog

Scan this image with Junaio to experience the AR catalog


Junaio: From rustical farmer fair to rollercoaster beer festival – The Oktoberfest 1910 – 2014

October 1, 2014

A guestpost by Vanessa Oswald

It’s the time of the year again, when all of Munich is flooded by millions of people, streaming in from all over the world, to get a glimpse of the most famous public festival of all time: The Oktoberfest. With this new Junaio channel, however, you don’t even need to get off your sofa to experience the rich history of the Wies’n yourself!

In the scope of a joint semester workshop of LMU Munich and Metaio, Jens Fakesch and Maximilian Hackenschmied bundled their creativity and skills under the watchful eye of Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Höhl, and created the ingenious Junaio channel Oktoberfest 1910. Among other things, it gives deep insights into the roots and history of the Wies’n – as native Bavarians call the Oktoberfest.

Breathing life into an old map


Scan the map to experience the Oktoberfest channel in Junaio

Ever wondered which one is the oldest festive tent or what the heck a Toboggan is? By scanning the map shown above, you are not only able to see a 3-D model of the historic festival area, but you can also get additional info and fun facts about each individual building by simply tapping on them. The developers used the Metaio Creator and Junaio platform to realize their brilliant vision of breathing life into an old map of the fair ground with amazing results. 140922_Oktoberfest_1910_03

Oktoberfest 1910 is planned to include another amazing feature in the future: For this one, you have to get outside and pay Oktoberfest a visit, though. Standing at the foot of the famous Bavaria statue, you will be able to scan the present Oktoberfest area (including a stunning view over Munich – for free) and receive an exact replica of what the landscape used to look like back in 1910. Past and present will collide forcefully and will leave you standing absolutely fascinated. Cool, huh? We think so, too!

140922_Instructions_02So, take a break from the hectic and crowded daily routine of 2014 and use Junaio to follow us to the year 1910! To access the channel and subsequently time travel 100 years into the past, simply scan this QR-Code or search for Oktoberfest 1910 in the Junaio Browser or even scan the map above.

Good Job, guys! You really deserve a beer now. Prost!


Experience Munich in 360°

However, if you want to explore the present-day Wies’n and are not able to visit Munich yourself, we have a special treat for you. We created a Junaio channel, which will allow you to follow our Metaio team to the Hofbräu Festzelt at Oktoberfest and experience the incredible atmosphere via 360° view. Simply scan the pictures below in Junaio and voilà! Have lots of fun – as much as we did when these pictures were taken!


Metaio Top

Scan the 360° images to meet the Metaio team on the Oktoberfest


Metaio Zoom

Augmented Reality Provides Window into the Past with Berlin Wall Timetraveler App

September 22, 2014


How do you explain to a child where the Berlin Wall once stood? Or how it felt to live in its shadow? For those who did not live during the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall it is hard to imagine what it must have been like; yet the crowds still gather around the Wall Memorial to this day, and tales of the “death strip” still command the attention of curious visitors.

To commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall, Metaio and Timetraveler Augmented Ltd. are presenting the Timetraveler application. Using cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) technology from Metaio, the history of the Berlin Wall can be experienced like never before. Users of the Timetraveler app can witness hidden film footage, reconstructions of long demolished sites, and explanatory tales of the division that the nation of Germany experienced in the shadow of the Berlin Wall. Metaio Certified Developer mCrumbs was also included in the development of the application.

The Timetraveler app turns any smartphone (Android & iOS) into a window to the past, providing a completely new way to dive into the history of Berlin. The app guides the user through a GPS-based tour of eleven major historical sites along the Berlin Wall at the Berlin Wall Memorial on Bernauer Street. Once guided to the appropriate locations by GPS, the application switches to optical tracking mode where it recognizes sites and then displays stories of events that happened over five decades ago. Witness firsthand the dramatic escape of Frida Schulze from her apartment window, see the demolition of the Church of Reconciliation, and watch as the border guard Conrad Schuman jumps the barbed wire barrier between East and West Berlin. With smartphone in hand, anyone can now become an eyewitness to historical events right where they took place.


The Timetraveler App will be presented at InsideAR – the world’s leading Augmented Reality Conference – on October 29th/30th. Join us there, Early Bird tickets are still available.

InsideAR Munich 2014

Download the free Lite version of the Timetraveler App here and try it on the website: Android or iOS.

Become an eyewitness to history!


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