Elecnor-Deimos releases Argos 3D AR & VR with Metaio SDK

A guest post by Jack Dashwood 

One of the hallmarks of Sci-Fi films such as Minority Report and Star Trek is the inclusion of a high-tech gadgets and wildly creative computer user interfaces – doing away with the boring computer mouse and keyboard entirely. These kind of fancy UIs are expected in the latest summer blockbuster, but what if you could build one in real life?

Elecnor-Deimos has done exactly that with their Argos platform.  Argos incorporates the Metaio SDK, Virtual reality and gesture-based controls all into a single user interface and as you can see from the video above, the results are pretty spectacular. Combining Metaio augmented reality with a whole host of cutting edge technologies into one package, Elecnor-Deimos has created something that would look right at home in the latest Sci-Fi movie or – perhaps in the near future – our own living rooms!

Visit Argos’ Website here!

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