Augmented Reality and Security – 5 Fascinating Use Cases

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Augmented Reality has nearly infinite possible fields of application: Education, gaming, mobile commerce, product presentation, art, and so much more. Using AR technology to increase security effectiveness is a great example of the versatility of the technology. Here are some examples of creative uses of Augmented Reality in security:


Image via TU Wien, Copyright: Patrycja Bosowski, Universität Aachen

1. Firefighter helmet equipped with Smart Glasses – TU Vienna

As part of the project PROFITEX, an EU project to increase work safety for fire fighting interventions,  Researchers at the TU Vienna have developed a concept for a fire fighting helmet with smart glasses.  The glasses are equipped with 3-D and infrared cameras to provide better orientation, visibility, and safety for firefighters. Infrared sensors can pinpoint unseen hotspots in a fire, and 3-D modeling can map a building as the firefighters make their way through, sending information outside to additional helpers as a guide. Researchers hope to make use of Infrared Laser technology to enable firefighters to locate people trapped in a fire even when smoky conditions make normal vision impossible.  A promising, fascinating use of AR technology.

Visit the Website of the  TU Wien.

2. CrowdOptic Security – Enhanced Security Vision

crowdoptic cluster

CrowdOptic’s clustering technology, visualized

CrowdOptic has specialized in apps that use sensor data from smartphones, augmented reality glasses and archival media file metadata to calculate user sightlines and sightline intersections – highlighting so-called “crowd hot-spots”. Using this technology, CrowdOptic then “applies complex algorithms to detect sudden shifts and anomalies in crowd attention patterns that could potentially signal disruptions or threats – alerting response personell to security threats.” According to this article, this could also potentially help in disaster response situations. It looks like we are still away from an ideal solution, but this application is a potentially powerful use of crowd sourced data combined with Augmented Reality technology.

3. Metz XS 180° Firetruck Ariel

Scan this picture with Junaio

Scan this picture with Junaio

Metz has created a junaio channel to present the amazing functionality of its brandnew 180° rotatable firetruck ariel. “What’s special about the Metz XS is its innovative articulated boom: The pivot point on the ladder moves inward, like a jack knife. The ladder sections open to a distance of three rungs. That enables the articulated section to be lowered at an angle, achieving a new dimension on maneuverability despite the additional 900 mm length of the cage boom.”

The AR channel showcases great range of the XS ariel boom on even very narrow streets.  A great way to visualize technology that would otherwise be difficult to present. Developed by Otterbach.

4. Improving Construction Safety – Michigan Engineering University

Professor Vineet Kamat of Michigan Engineering University is developing an augmented reality technology for visualizing construction sites, enabling contractors to make changes in plans and to test various scenarios before they actually start building. Not only would this technology prevent wasted resources, it would also increase safety for both workers and future occupants by avoiding potential errors before construction even begins.

5. Augmented Government – the Deloitte Report

deloitte airport security

an example of AR being used for airport security

A recently published report by Deloitte – GovLab details the ways in which Augmented Reality is used by the government, and envisions future scenarios where AR could improve efficiency and offer new opportunities in areas such as airport security, border protection, emergency management, and government training, among others. This video summarizes the report’s fascinating (and occasionally chilling) vision for the future. The report can be downloaded here – or watch the summary video here.

P.S.: Read the Forbes article by John Nosta: “‘OK Glass, Save A Life.’ The Application Of Google Glass In Sudden Cardiac Death” to see how Google Glass could help saving lives.


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