Working For Metaio: Gülcan Ucbek

In something that will probably happen more often than it has in the past, we will be regularly interviewing Metaio team members and sharing some insight as to what it’s like to work here (spoiler alert: it’s awesome). So next up is the newest member of our Industrial Team, Gülcan Ucbek!


Gülcan, how did you get to Metaio

In June this year I received a contact E-Mail from Metaio explaining what the company is doing and that there are some open positions which I might be interested in.

Firstly I made the quick search on Metaio’s website and then I started to read more about Augmented Reality. I got so excited while I was reading that I just grabbed the telephone and called Metaio to find out more. We exchanged some information and met each other couple of times. And now here I am :)


What do you like most about working for Metaio?

I really enjoy getting to know the whole metaio team with so many different people and their interesting backgrounds. I can truly say that Metaio has a great and rich “culture”.

woman standing on a hill with mountains in the background


What do you do when you’re not Augmenting Reality?

As I am a person who gets easily inspired, I always want to do many things at the same time but end up doing the same things in the end ;)

I love the nature! So I go hiking (even in the winter), mountain biking, walking etc.


Tell us a secret.

Ok, now you know it all: I love my Snoopy Slippers.


Aaaand we have a shot of that: 

Thanks again to Gülcan for being such a good sport, and once again a huge welcome to her as one of our newest members. Want to join up? Visit and maybe we’ll see your face up here.

Catch you on the flipside…..

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