Weekest Links 11/20 – 11/26

We separate the chaff from the week. 


metaio | junaio recap

Latest Junaio Newsletter – more channels, more projects and more exciting mobile augmented reality updates [article]

Prototyping with Metaio Engineer 5.0 and the FARO Camera Arm [blog]

Certified Developer AVK Terwey has got a pretty cool new Junaio channel for Gitterstar involving some Soccer [link]

Junaio Augmented Reality exhibition and developer Sander Veenhof use Graffiti as a marker [article]

Augmented Reality Portal, by developer LiveViewStudio [video]


there are things that are happening

Augmented Reality Lawyer Brian Wassom writes of the looming issues of pornography, perspective and anonymity with regard to augmented reality eyewear [blog]

Microsoft appears to be working on a Google Glass type project of its own, according to new patent [article]

Four perspectives on Augmented Reality and its future [article]


there’s a juNYAN cat, and god help us, it’s live. 



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