Give Thanks for Weekest Links

This is what makes us week. 

I’m afraid I can’t let you do that, Dave.


metaio | junaio recap

IKEA Awarded Best Augmented Reality App of 2013 [article]

The folks over at SCARLET are doing some great education work with Junaio and Augmented Reality- learn more at their blog

A “neu” app review for Junaio from Smartphone Mania [article]

Great Android App Review of Junaio from AppEggs [article]

The University of Southern California has launched a great print media campaign featuring Junaio to activate and augment their USC Dornsife Magazine [video]

Blast from the past: controlling an augmented reality robotic arm with gesture-based interactions [video]


there are things that are happening

Ray Kurzweil predicts that “brains will move to the cloud” at DEMO conference. Wacky. [video]

Orbotix releases Sphero and lets you play with Augmented Reality beavers. Seriously. [video]


but let’s be serious- the internet really only cares that Google did something

Google releases “Ingress” an Augmented Reality / Alternate Reality MMORPG to a private beta. Yes, all of our emails are on that list, and so should yours be.



Happy Thanksgiving and/or enjoy the rest of your week!


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