Weekest Links 10/15 – 10/22

We’re doing what week can. 

metaio | junaio recap

Metaio Scales Augmented Reality, Releases New Research And Technology To Community [press release] [blog post]

Metaio’s New SDK Allows SLAM Mapping From 1,000 Feet (see picture above) [article]

Metaio Opens Up Augmented Reality Tools to Non-Developers [article]

Metaio unveils programming language for building augmented guide apps [article]

(Coverage from InsideAR 2012) Scaling the Metaio City! [article]

Metaio announces new SDK to enable AR on anything, anywhere [article]

Photo Finish for Junaio Augmented Reality & Concepteers [blog post]

Experience the new Ford Figo with Junaio App [video]

upcoming events

Metaio will deliver the keynote at this year’s M3 Conference – Columbus, OH Oct 25-26 [event site]

Metaio will present at the 2012 Constellation Research Connected Enterprise – Orange County, CA [event site]

there are things that are happening

Augmented Reality Glasses: What’s (Literally) On The Horizon [article]

Yihaodian, Chinese E-Grocer, To Open Augmented Reality Markets Where Users Shop With Phones [article]

pick of the week: klangkarussell, “sonnentanz”

I discovered this little gem while I was in Munich. Enjoy.

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