Double Down on Developer Certification

You always double down. Always

The storied and accomplished Augmented Minds have become the first junaio Certified Developer to additionally become a Certified Developer for the metaio Mobile Software Development Kit.

Yes! We now have two (count them) Certified Developer programs, both rife with opportunities for mobile AR developers. See you projects promoted here on this blog, on our Facebook page and on Twitter, and in some cases we’ll even contact you to assist us or takeover on special projects. Whether you’re working with our brand-new mobile software capable of three-dimensional object tracking and recognition, or our mobile content platform junaio, it’s a great way to get your work out there and into the hands of our user-base.

If you haven’t heard of Augmented Minds, shame on you! We’ve recently listed them on our website under “Success Stories”  due to the number of projects they’ve launched using our software. Make sure to check out all the links above and learn more about how you can become our newest CD.

Did I mention that all of our mobile software is free to develop and deploy? Don’t say we never gave you anything!




See you on Monday for Weekest Links. 

3 Responses to Double Down on Developer Certification

  1. kawaiiras says:

    Welcome to the Wild West!
    AR Wild West is a new and exciting shooting game that you’ve never experienced before!
    Your real surroundings will become the wild west, so put on your cowboy hat and boots and start shooting the bad guys!
    Good luck Sheriff!

  2. [...] Augmented Minds becomes the first junaio Certified Developer to become a metaio Mobile SDK Certified Developer [blog] [...]

  3. Rainer Lonau says:

    Thanks once more for another great post. We’re happy to have metaio as technology partner!

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