3 Weeks of Weekest Links

The week shall inherit the internet. 

This is probably the coolest thing I have ever seen.


Mobile World Congress 2012 Recap

A Letter From CEO & Co-Founder Dr. Thomas Alt [blog]

metaio Introduces Augmented City Platform at Mobile World Congress [press release]

Texas Instruments Continues AR research for OMAP Platform at MWC [press release]

Arsalan and Trak talk to ARMdevices.net about next-gen AR software [video]

The 2012 Augmented City with 3-D Object Tracking [video]

Augmented Reality for an entire city (German) [article]

metaio at Mobile World Congress 2012: Unleashes Augmented City Platform [article]

metaio Unveils Augmented City Platform at MWC in Barcelona [article]

We had a party in Barcelona- TechCrunch came to it [article]


Game Developer Conference 2012 Recap

ARM provides developers with Optimization Platform for Mobile Gaming [press release]

Trak talks to ARM about the Augmented City and ARM Mali processors [video]


South By Southwest Interactive Recap

3M Curates Innovation Conversation during SXSW Interactive with AR App [press release]

3M develops augmented reality post-it note app [article]

3M to introduce Augmented Reality Post-It app [article]

App Lets You Pin Virtual Post-It Notes to a Real Wall [article]


Other cool stuff

Sappi Releases ‘The Standard Vol. 5, Special Effects’, which metaio augmented [press release]

Lisa Murphy & Kit Hinrichs of Studio Hinrichs talk about augmented print [video]

Junaio content partner Valpak launched an iPad native app [article]

Great post from Helen Papagiannis – add your voice to the conversation [blog]

Register for the Augmented Reality Event (ARE) May 8-9 in Santa Clara, CA [website]

(Here’s a discount code courtesy of metaio: METAIO375)


Non AR Pick(s) of the Last Three Weeks

Honestly, not a damn clue. But luckily I have people that send me stuff!

Vermeer Interactive Display from Microsoft



Finally- LEGO Transformer Game Boy Tetris in no particular order [article]



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