Survive THE THING in New App from Universal and metaio

Mobile devices are evidently the warmest place to hide.

metaio had the opportunity to develop this very cool mobile application with Universal Pictures to promote the highly-anticipated prequel to the 1982 John Carpenter cult-classic of the same name, out in theaters October 14th. We wanted to create a game that drew on the same suspense, horror, and isolation of the film while generating excitement for its release.

After downloading and launching the free THE THING: Flamethrower application for Android or iOS, players assume the role of one of the surviving Antarctic scientists, trapped in a virtual laboratory and assailed from all sides by creepy alien hybrid versions of their former colleagues.

Sounds like fun, right?

We really mean all sides, because this game is played in 360 degrees- players will have to move their mobile device in real life to defend themselves from the attacking aliens. FYI- it’s dark, the lighting quality is very poor, and you only have a limited amount of flamethrower fuel.

Try to hold out as long as you can, but as fans and people familiar with the film know- it’s very difficult to survive THE THING.

After playing, check out the INFECT YOURSELF feature that uses our advanced Facial Recognition AR capability. Watch as THE THING literally rips your face apart. Even Danika of @twitt_AR fame succumbed to the crafty invasive life form:

This game utilized metaio’s advanced Mobile SDK, the most comprehensive solution to create Augmented Reality applications for iOS and Android. Featuring a high-level API and the latest image recognition technologies, it allows developers to produce high-quality applications with low effort. And best of all: we’re releasing a free version in the near future.

Once again- the film hits theaters this Friday, October 14, so get out to your local cinema and happily cringe to this great horror thriller that more than does justice to the 1982 film.

For more info, check out the press release and don’t forget to download  this amazing game.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

13 Responses to Survive THE THING in New App from Universal and metaio

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  2. Matt Ramirez says:

    When is the App going to be available in the UK app store?

    • metaio says:

      Hi Matt,

      Right now the app is only available in the US, but there’s talk of optimizing the app for international markets. Stay posted, we’ll update the post if anything changes.


  3. [...] satu contoh aplikasi yang dibuat menggunakan metaio adalah game The Thing. Untuk mencoba game ini anda bisa download langsung [...]

  4. [...] satu contoh aplikasi yang dibuat menggunakan metaio adalah game The Thing. Untuk mencoba game ini anda bisa download langsung [...]

  5. Electro Gen says:

    Electro Gen…

    [...]Survive THE THING in New App from Universal and metaio « Augmented Reality Blog[...]…

  6. Amusitronix says:

    the app -INFECT YOURSELF really sounds good.

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