The World’s First Reverse Vending Machine

Last week, Mayors from around the United States gathered for the 79th United States Mayor Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. Unlike the last 78 USCM’s, the mayors this year got to experience a device that is the first of its kind: Recyclable Planet‘s Augmented Reality Reverse Vending Machine, powered by metaio’s Unifeye Platform and with the help of German vending firm trautwein sb technik.

Reverse vending machine? Yes! It rewards you for using it, and most importantly, for doing your part to help the environment. The concept is simple, much like redemption machines that already exist around the US where you can redeem recyclables for a small bonus, usually around 0.05 per item, depending on state regulations. This new “Green Machine” is universal- users can be rewarded with prizes and discounts at local retailers, just for recycling. Even better, these impressive devices come equipped with interactive augmented reality. Check out the video below to see how it works:

This is a major step for urban connectivity, commerce, and especially the environment. I’ve traveled through over 85% of the United States, and I can’t tell you how many places I came across where recycling was a foreign concept. I even stopped at cafeteria-style restaurants that sold bottled and canned beverages, only to be met with blank stares when I asked for the nearest recycling bin at the end of my meal. These machines could be a large move to educating people on the value of recycling through reward-based incentives and progressive-minded, interactive technology.

Attention Mayors of major US cities: Recycling just got gamified- let’s play “Save the Planet”.

10 Responses to The World’s First Reverse Vending Machine

  1. Gehad says:

    plz , can you upload video again???

  2. Scott says:

    Innovative use of AR, I wonder what other types of kiosks can make similar use of the technology.

  3. Steve says:

    Its difficult enough keeping students attention in class and around the campus, do we really need this is our Education Buildings???

    Let Disney World have them and lets concentrate on educating our children

  4. Steve says:

    How ironic, the German manufacturer of these machines sell cigarette machines , They now want to advertise in Schools and Sports Stadiums through this USA start up company “Recyclable Planet” ?
    How many of these machines are installed in America, less than 5, and how many years will they last before breaking down? thats why Tomra are the market leaders

    • Jan says:

      Hey Steve, as the technology provider for the AR feature of the vending machines I cannnot comment on the mentioned points. I do not have any insights to the vending machines market nor do have I have knowledge about the strategy of Tomra (did not know the company until now) or Trautwein. But thanks for your reaction anyway, Cheers, Jan.

  5. Holly2463 says:

    This cool idea for having your place a vending machine we hope here in Philippines we can have vending machine too. Thanks for sharing this site with us.

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  7. Matt says:

    This is pretty cool! I’m wondering though how it could be used in other areas, especially online. With there being several different ways to incorporate augmented reality and eCommerce (good overview: I think this technology could go a long way in cutting down on product returns. Could you imagine how cool it would be to get something online and just return it at a kiosk and get another item shipped back to you immediately? Pretty amazing…

  8. Isaiah Genthner says:

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