metaio Knows What’s in Store for the future of Augmented Reality and The Sky’s the Limit!

San Francisco- Goodbye 2010 Hello 2011! Augmented Reality has been bubbling under the radar for years and has only recently begun to garner consumer interest within the mainstream sphere. International Augmented Reality software company metaio, set the standard for  the most advanced AR computing in 2010 and will continue to lead the pack in the 2011 AR revolution.

metaio has launched a plethora of projects with the likes of Time Out New York, JC Penny’s,  Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), GSMA, Black Eyed Peas, Popular Science, Lego and adidas Originals to name a few.  Will it be hard for metaio to top all their 2010 success?  metaio CEO Thomas Alt thinks not. According to Alt, “AR is in high demand for the New Year and the world is ready and waiting for what metaio has in store.”

The ever popular subset of metaio called junaio, is the world’s latest and most advanced augmented reality browser. Growing daily with more interesting content, junaio enables viewers to point their smartphones at any objects relevant to their current locations, and trigger information about places, events, bargains and more. According to metaio’s CTO Peter Meier: “More and more things and objects will become junaio-enabled. junaio will not only be the most advanced augmented reality browser, but also the most used AR browser and the junaio API will become the standard to do real AR browsing including real-time image recognition.”

Projective augmented reality will be hip in 2011 especially for industrial and architectural purposes says  Director of Content Development Ben Blachnitzky.  Projective AR is a system that visualizes 3D design data directly onto the exterior surface of a vehicle for example. Combine this technology with so called pico-projectors- miniature components that will soon be embedded into your mobile phones- and you got the perfect AR-projector to share enhanced visions of the world even with your friends.

Everyone will be on the AR bandwagon in 2011 “Even industrial companies and the military will use mobile AR applications, especially for improving workflows and security,” says metaio.

More AR Predictions 2011

What’s to come in 2011? According to metaio, using real-time image recognition will become more and more important to differentiate in mobile AR – while there are hundreds of POI-only based applications. Mobile AR will become even more popular in gaming, (indoor) guidance and mobile advertising.

In 2011, watch out for smart tracking algorithms that will adopt/learn features in unknown environments in first applications. metaio ultimately strives to enable scenarios such as a walk through the ‘Augmented City’ using modern but standard smartphones. AR applications need to become even more context aware, intelligent and adoptable to daily user situations.

As for devices, the arrival of the next generation of the ipad and other tablets will boost AR especially for guided tours in museums/exhibitions and for sales presentations. Also the next generation of Adobe3D in Flash will allow hundreds of AR-web-games and campaigns on PC/MAC.

Real-time AR-shopping windows and kiosks using 3D tracking/reconstruction from Kinect and multiple cameras using Kinect in general will be a huge driver for AR.

metaio is looking forward to more creative games, effective and innovative industrial scenarios and cutting-edge mobile applications in the markets of retail, advertising, research, and industries, just to name a few. This has been an extremely productive year for metaio and as the pioneer in augmented reality it has only just begun!

“We are enthusiastic to kick off the New Year with lots of great new projects. Augmented reality is undoubtedly one of the world’s most exciting new technologies and metaio is proud to be at the forefront of this revolutionary movement,” Meier said.

2 Responses to metaio Knows What’s in Store for the future of Augmented Reality and The Sky’s the Limit!

  1. I’m hoping for more AR myself. Check out this demo I did using QR codes to turn my phone into an AR marker:

  2. Augmented Reality is really going to change the way we interact with the world.

    All of our handheld electronics, will be replaced by a single, augmenting, head mounted display, and our larger electronics will surely be able to interface with such a device.

    Check out some of these augmented reality concept images I’ve made to share my vision of an Augmented world:

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